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Beginner Courses – Sketch your Life

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  • Foundations – fundamental concepts for drawing and introduction to adding colour (watercolour and watercolour pencil)
  • Watercolour – in-depth course explaining the fundamental properties and techniques for painting with watercolour – with an emphasis on watercolour sketching
  • Sketchbook Design – Create beautiful sketchbook pages of your everyday adventures and build a unique visual narrative of your life


Buy Foundations, Watercolour & Sketchbook Design together and save $120USD

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Intermediate Courses – Urban Sketching

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  • Edges – how to create depth and focus when creating ink and wash sketches of a variety of subject matter
  • Buildings – specific techniques for understanding buildings in a way that makes them easier to sketch
  • Watercolour On Location – specific techniques for improving urban sketching including telling stories, working with values, ways to sketch different elements (skies, trees, water etc) and making decisions on how to start and what techniques to use.

Buy Edges, Buildings & Watercolour On Location together and save $140USD

Enroll Urban Sketching Bundle $679USD $557USD


Group Run-throughs – featured course with livestreams


2021: Edges (Jun-Jul) – Sketchbook Design (starting 4 Aug) – Buildings (starting 13 Oct)

2022: Foundations – Watercolour – Watercolour On Location (Dates TBA)

Your courses have been such wonderful learning experiences for me.
The way you have designed them allows students freedom to work at their own pace, yet have structure and support.


Being involved in Group Run-Throughs, has been the best because in sharing our reflections and our work
we learn more about our own skills, and from others’ practices, as well.


Then there’s the feedback given and received that helps focus us on the elements we are working on, even more.

It’s a very collaborative way of learning.


The addition of live streams has been fabulous. You’re giving us feedback to concerns and

questions with demos live, and we can chat about them live!


Really powerful…and that’s built community among us, pupils & teacher!

Sandie, USA


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