Are you overwhelmed when you attempt to sketch a complex building?

This 10 week masterclass has been designed to empower you to tackle sketching any building with confidence by

  • learning to see buildings in terms of volumes, in a way that will make them much easier to sketch
  • developing a structured way of working which will mean no building is too hard for you to draw
  • using a value-based way of applying colour that will make your building sketches lively


      Enroll Buildings (Self Directed) Course $179USD


The secret to sketching any building is to use a constructing volumes approach and work systematically from the big elements to the details. Having the ability to see a complex building in terms of its underlying volumes and then the elements that are added to and subtracted from it, will enable you to sketch any building with confidence regardless of its style.

  • 4 in-depth lessons (recommended time for each is 2 weeks)
  • 2 in-depth reviews of selected students work
  • 9 hours of video – 22 different demonstrations
  • over 100 pages of downloadable content
  • private classroom for sharing work and discussions with others
  • lifetime access to all course content and any further updates
  • self-directed course – start at any time and work at your own pace
  • full transcripts for all video lessons