SketchingNow courses form a comprehensive programme for you

to develop your own style

and sketch with confidence out on location.


I want you to enjoy sketching your life as much as I do!




SketchingNow courses have been designed to build on each other

so you’ll see the most progress in your own sketching

by working through them in a logical order.




There are two 3-course bundles designed to help you do that and save money at the same time!


Sketch your Life – Beginner

Urban Sketching – Intermediate



All SketchingNow courses include lifetime access to all lessons and future Group Run-throughs
inside the custom-designed SketchingNow classroom



Sketch your Life Bundle

for beginners and self-taught sketchers who are frustrated at their lack of progress


This bundle contains all the fundamental concepts that you need for sketching in ink and wash and keeping a sketchbook. The three courses cover a range of subject subjects and techniques for sketching at home and out on location.

Foundations — 13 week course

Build a solid foundation of sketching skills (drawing and adding colour) with subjects at home and simple scenes on location
$199USD if purchased individually – Find out more.


Watercolour —11 week course

Learn to control the amount and pigment and water in your washes so that you can create more lively watercolour sketches
$199USD if purchased individually – Find out more.


Sketchbook Design — 9 week course

Create beautiful sketchbook pages of your everyday adventures and build a unique visual narrative of your life
$199USD if purchased individually – Find out more.



Buy Foundations, Watercolour & Sketchbook Design together and save $120USD

Enroll Sketch your Life Bundle $597USD $477USD



Urban Sketching Bundle

for sketchers with some experience who want to improve their sketching on location


This bundle builds on the fundamental skills of Foundations and Watercolour (including sketching with edges, shapes and volumes) and applies them to more complex scenes. There are some indoor exercises, but the main focus is sketching on location including individual buildings, street scenes, cityscapes and landscapes.


Edges — 8 week course

Create more depth and better focus in your ink and wash sketches
$199USD if purchased individually – Find out more.


Buildings — 12 week course

Sketch any building with confidence without stressing about perspective or drawing every brick
$249USD if purchased individually – Find out more.


Watercolour On Location —13 week course

Improve your urban sketching – tell stories with your sketch, create stronger values and develop your own way to sketch different elements (skies, trees, water etc)
$249USD if purchased individually – Find out more.


Buy Edges, Buildings & Watercolour On Location together and save $140USD

Enroll Urban Sketching Bundle $679USD $557USD



Your courses have been such wonderful learning experiences for me.
The way you have designed them allows students freedom to work at their own pace, yet have structure and support.


Being involved in Group Run-Throughs, has been the best because in sharing our reflections and our work
we learn more about our own skills, and from others’ practices, as well.


The bonus live streams has been fabulous. You’re giving us feedback to concerns and

questions with demos live, and we can chat about them live!


Really powerful…and that’s built community among us, pupils & teacher!

Sandie, USA


Group Run-throughs – featured course with livestreams

2021: Edges (Jun-Jul) – Sketchbook Design (Aug-Sept) – Buildings (starting 13 Oct)

2022: Foundations – Watercolour – Watercolour On Location (Dates TBA)

Frequently Asked Questions


I’m a beginner, which course should I start with?

The Foundations course is the best place to start and will guide you systematically through the important skills you need to sketch your life (both at home and out on location).

  • The main emphasis of Foundations is to build solid observational skills and it covers both drawing and adding colour.
  • The Watercolour course specifically focuses on understanding watercolour and it is the logical next step after Foundations.
  • Sketchbook Design can be done at any time and is suited to anyone who has a little sketching experience.


I’ve been sketching for a while… will Foundations be too basic for me?

Even though it’s a course designed for beginners there is a lot of content for more seasoned sketchers. Many of the things we struggle with when sketching complex scenes can be solved by sharpening our foundational observational skills. I have found that many self-taught sketchers are missing a few of these fundamental skills – such as the ability to see shapes.

In the past 12 months I’ve added over 5 hours of bonus material to the course showing how to use the core Foundations concepts in more advanced sketches and this is something that I often discuss in livestreams during Group Run-throughs.


Am I ready to do Edges, Buildings and Watercolour On Location?

The three core concepts of the Foundations – seeing edges, shapes and volumes – form the basis for these intermediate courses. So it’s recommended that you have a working knowledge of these and in addition you should be able to sight measure and feel some degree of comfort sketching scenes outside.

But having said that, beginners have done all three courses successfully and have been greatly encouraged by the support of the SketchingNow community. Many of them have afterwards gone through Foundations so that they properly develop those fundamental skills.

All SketchingNow courses have been designed to be revisited numerous times as you build your skills.


How are SketchingNow courses different from other art courses?

There are always some common themes and techniques in any art course but SketchingNow courses are specifically aimed at helping you develop your own style of sketching.

Rather than simply ‘copy-me’ type demos, SketchingNow courses teach concepts (not just techniques) and encourage you to develop your own preferences. There is also a strong focus on building solid core skills in order to create spontaneous sketches.

SketchingNow courses combine the benefits of both live and on-demand content. They contain in-depth prerecorded videos and detailed downloadable PDF handouts so that you can access the content at any time that suits you. During Group Run-throughs there are additional bonus livestreams and a strong community formed inside the specially designed classroom.


Do I have lifetime access?

Yes! of course! You have lifetime access to all existing and future content inside the classroom of the courses you sign up for.


What about Group Run-throughs?

Group Run-throughs are special events when I go through a featured course with a group – following a schedule for working through the lessons and offering regular bonus livestreams during the period.