Build your skills,
develop your style
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A comprehensive programme for you to develop your own style and sketch with confidence on location

SketchingNow courses have been designed to build on each other so you’ll see the most progress in your own sketching by working through them in a logical order.

There are two 3-course bundles designed to help you do that and save money at the same time!

Sketch your Life – Beginner
Urban Sketching – Intermediate


All SketchingNow courses include lifetime access to all lessons and future Live Versions and Group Self-Paced Versions inside the custom-designed SketchingNow classroom.

Sketch Your Life Bundle
for beginners and self-taught sketchers who are frustrated at their lack of progress

This bundle contains all the fundamental concepts that you need for sketching in ink and wash and keeping a sketchbook.

The three courses cover a range of subjects and techniques for sketching at home and out on location.


Foundations: Group Self-Paced Version starting 19 June 2024
Sketchbook Design: Group Event Oct-Dec 2024
Watercolour: Live Version completed Mar 2024

In this bundle:
$199 USD of value
Build a solid foundation for your own sketching journey by learning fundamental observational skills and the basics of urban sketching.
$199 USD of value
Create vibrant and lively watercolour sketches by learning how to control your water, create watercolour magic and know when to layer or work wet-in-wet.
$199 USD of value
Sketchbook Design
Design beautiful layouts for every page by learning how to add elements, preserve white space and think about placement before you start sketching.
$477 USD $597 USD
You save $120
Urban Sketching Bundle
for sketchers with some experience who want to improve their sketching on location

This bundle builds on the fundamental skills of Foundations and Watercolour (including sketching with edges, shapes and volumes) and applies them to more complex scenes.

There are some indoor exercises, but the main focus is sketching on location including individual buildings, street scenes, cityscapes and landscapes.


Watercolour On Location: Group Self-Paced Version starting 19 June 2024
Buildings: Group Event 2025
Edges: Group Event completed Apr 2024

In this bundle:
$199 USD of value
Create more depth and focus in your urban sketches by learning how to limit the amount of ink drawing you do and getting more out of your watercolour.
$249 USD of value
Learn a system for sketching buildings on location (no matter how complex) by seeing them as volumes and then working in a structured way.
$249 USD of value
Watercolour On Location
Improve your urban sketches of complex scenes by learning how to tell better stories, create stronger values and develop your own style of painting.
$557 USD $697 USD
You save $140
Become part of the inspiring
worldwide SketchingNow community
“I always thought that sketching was only about getting desired lines with pen on paper. Now I've learnt that a huge percentage of sketching is about seeing properly! I’m only at lesson 3, and I'm already very thankful for this shift in my understanding."
“This course is by far the best course I’ve ever had and I only regret I didn’t know about it sooner when I first started 5 years ago.

Compared to my early work, I’m now using much juicier colors. I also pay attention to values much more than I did in the beginning giving my paintings depth.“

"Because of this class, I have become obsessed with sketching!

I’ve sketched off and on for years - plagued with the anxiety of starting a new sketchbook or facing a blank page. After taking this class, I have been able to let go of perfection, and take each sketch for what it is.

I now have the tools to “save” the page or spread. Even the wonkiest of sketches can turn into a delight with a text block that relates my feelings, frustration and goal for improvement."

Sketchbook Design
" Thank you Liz for such an excellent course – this has stretched me way beyond what I thought I could achieve!

I have learnt to see shadow shapes and to manipulate colour, tone and hue, achieving the focus and effect I want, without getting hung up about the realism of the sketch.

I also started working in a looser way, not being afraid to try different tools and techniques in one sketch."

“In all seriousness Liz, this was a totally transformative course for me, as a beginner.

I’ve struggled to learn to draw my whole life, thinking somehow that drawing was this “mysterious and magical” thing and that if I kept trying, one day it would all “work”. I just didn’t realise that you could learn techniques to enhance your “seeing” which would then improve your drawing.“

“I absolutely loved the course!

I wanted to sketch faster on location, more spontaneous and I think I’ve learned how to do that!

I normally blindly sketch whatever is in front of me that I like, but I never asked myself “why am I sketching this?”

I plan to take a few minutes longer selecting my scene so I can tell a better story.“

Watercolour On Location

Money back guarantee

We offer a money 30-day back guarantee for SketchingNow courses. If you are unhappy with the course for any reason, let us know and we will refund your payment within the first 30 days of the course.

Frequently Asked Questions
I’m a beginner, which course should I start with?
The Foundations course is the best place to start and will guide you systematically through the important skills you need to sketch your life (both at home and out on location).

- The main emphasis of Foundations is to build solid observational skills and it covers both drawing and adding colour.
- The Watercolour course specifically focuses on understanding watercolour and it is the logical next step after Foundations.
- Sketchbook Design can be done at any time and is suited to anyone who has a little sketching experience.
I’ve been sketching for a while… will Foundations be too basic for me?
Even though it’s a course designed for beginners there is a lot of content for more seasoned sketchers.

Many of the things we struggle with when sketching complex scenes can be solved by sharpening our foundational observational skills.

Lots of bonus material has been added to the course showing how to use the core Foundations concepts in more advanced sketches.
Am I ready to do Edges, Buildings and Watercolour On Location?
The three core concepts of the Foundations – seeing edges, shapes and volumes – form the basis for these intermediate courses. So it’s recommended that you have a working knowledge of these and in addition you should be able to sight measure and feel some degree of comfort sketching scenes outside.

But having said that, beginners have done all three courses successfully and have been greatly encouraged by the support of the SketchingNow community. Many of them have afterwards gone through Foundations so that they properly develop those fundamental skills.

All SketchingNow courses have been designed to be revisited numerous times as you build your skills
How are SketchingNow courses different from other art courses?
There are always some common themes and techniques in any art course but SketchingNow courses are specifically aimed at helping you develop your own style of sketching.

Rather than simply ‘copy-me’ type demos, SketchingNow courses teach concepts (not just techniques) and encourage you to develop your own preferences. There is also a strong focus on building solid core skills in order to create spontaneous sketches.

SketchingNow courses combine the benefits of both live and on-demand content. They contain in-depth prerecorded videos and detailed downloadable PDF handouts so that you can access the content at any time that suits you. During Live Versions there are additional bonus livestreams and a strong community formed inside the specially designed classroom.
What is a Group Self-paced version?
Group Self-Paced Versions occur within specific courses each year. There is no extra charge to participate.

- From time to time Liz will suggest a specific course to work through in preparation for an upcoming Live Version.
- She will suggest a start date and a schedule for going through the course. You'll get the benefit of working through the exercises together and getting lots of helpful and supportive comments from the group.
- You can ask Liz questions related to the course in the dedicated question section for each lesson.
- If you have enrolled for the specific course previously, you can join a Group Self-paced version of that course for free.
What is a Live Version?
Live Versions are special events that occur within specific courses each year. There is no extra charge to participate.

- Every year Liz chooses a few SketchingNow courses to go through with a group. Together we work through the lessons and keep each other motivated and inspired!
- You will get the benefit of working through the exercises together and getting lots of helpful and supportive comments from the group.
- Each week you'll be prompted to move on to the next section of the course and participate in bonus live streams where you can ask questions, see reviews of selected work from the classroom and hang out with the group.
- Every livestream will have unique discussions and demonstrations related to the current lesson and there will be lots of opportunities to ask Liz questions in real-time.
- Livestreams will be held at alternating time slots to accommodate people in all time zones and replays will be available in the classroom after the event.
- Liz will be in the classroom regularly looking at the work uploaded and answering questions.
- If you have enrolled for the specific course previously, you can join any Live Version of that course for free
- If you get behind during the Live Version, you can finish off the lessons at any time.
Do I need to have any special social media accounts?
Everything you need to access the lessons, post homework and interact with others is contained within the SketchingNow classroom.

The only exception are the Livestreams (during Live Versions) which will occur on Youtube. A YouTube account is needed to interact with the live chat but without it you can still watch the livestream and send your questions via email. Replays will be available.