About Liz


Liz is a Sydney based artist and architect. She has over 18 years architectural experience – specialising in media projects around Australia. Since discovering watercolour in a field kit in 2006 she has not stopped painting her life in a sketchbook. Liz’s architectural background gives her an analytical and conceptual approach to art.

Liz is passionate about spontaneous sketches in watercolour – but is constantly experimenting and trying new things with ink, pencil and watersoluble media… anything really! Her favourite subjects are complex architecture, urban spaces and local tearooms. Yes, tearooms… she drinks a lot of tea and sketches a lot of teacups! But in essence anything is sketchable and recording daily life wherever it leads her is the goal.

On her blog she sketches her daily life and exciting overseas adventures. In the past seven years she has travelled extensively sketching and recording every moment, including an 11 week trip in 2010.

In recent years Liz has taught many on-location sketching classes and workshops throughout Australia. She is one of the teachers at Sketchbook Skool – teaching in the Seeing course alongside Danny Gregory, Koojse Koene, Brenda Swenson, Cathy Johnson and Andrea Joseph.

Liz has done numerous architectural illustrations for local and international clients – including Redrow London and House of St Barnabas, London.

She is the Sydney correspondent for the international group of Urban Sketchers and the founder and coordinator of Urban Sketchers Australia.

Photo © DomLee