SketchingNow Watercolour: New 6-week course starting Jan 10, 2018

(Enrollment will open in mid-December 2017)


When you sketch with watercolour, do you struggle with water control, murky or flat colours and overworked washes?


Having a solid understanding of how pigment suspended in water behaves and a few specific strategies for using watercolour in a quick and spontaneous way will enable you to paint with more confidence out on location.


The more you understand the unique properties of watercolour the more you can work with it rather that fighting against it! This will liberate your sketching and you’ll find that watercolour will start performing magic on your page.

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Watercolour sketching (and particularly out on location) involves a different approach than traditional watercolour studio painting and this is what we will explore in the course.


The topics will include:

  • how to increase your control of water – whether working with a tight control or working looser and taking risks
  • how to decide when to layer/glaze and when to work wet-in-wet
  • how to create vibrant colours with a limted palette
  • how to be more confident with your use of colour
  • how to apply all these techniques to sketching on location
  • how to develop your own style for watercolour sketching


The course will be aimed at beginners and self-taught urban sketchers who want to fill in the gaps of their understanding of watercolour.


Ten years ago I discovered watercolour in a field kit and instantly fell in love – it was a small box containing endless possibilities for adding colour to my ink sketches. I had no idea how to paint in watercolour and spent years trying to work ot how to get the results I wanted. SketchingNow Watercolour will contain all the concepts and techniques I wish I’d known when I started.


The goal of this course is to develop foundational watercolour skills which will make it much easier to use watercolour with freedom out on location.



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