Watercolour On Location Livestream – Replay and Links

To participate in the YouTube live chat please click on “Watch On YouTube”

Once the livestream is completed a replay of the livestream and the chat will be available (sometimes the chat replay is not available for a few hours)

To see the chat in the Livestream replay open the replay in the Youtube page by clicking on the icon on the screen “Watch on Youtube”. This will open a new window which should display the chat with the video.

PDF file of photos used:

WatercolourOnLocation2022 Livestream Photos

Sketching Tools Links


Liz’s Watercolour Palette

Liz’s brush

Liz’s fountain pens

Other Sketching Tools articles




Watercolour On Location

Achieve compelling results when sketching complex scenes out on location

 Tell better stories, design eye-catching compositions, create sketches with lively colour and values,

and develop your own style of painting.



Enroll Watercolour On Location $249USD

Buy Watercolour On Location with Edges and Buildings – Urban Sketching Bundle – and save $140USD


Live Version of the course started Wednesday 28 September 2022

Work through the course with a group of inspiring sketchers from around the world and

participate in 10 bonus live teaching sessions with Liz


Why learn Watercolour On Location?


Many sketchers feel comfortable sketching isolated objects at home,

but feel overwhelmed when they try sketching on location


The secret is to spend time thinking about story and composition before you start


In this course I’ll share how to:

• simplify and interpret complex scenes

• create lively watercolour sketches with strong values.

• sketch any scene, no matter how complicated,

• create a focus and work in a way that will strengthen it. 


Does this sound like you?

“I’m unsure where to start, what to include and what to leave out”

“I don’t feel comfortable sketching on location and so often sketch from photos afterwards”

“My sketches feel flat and my shadows are often too harsh”

“I need help with skies, trees, water”

“I want to be faster and looser – my watercolour sketches always seem overworked”

Watercolour On Location has been designed to address these common struggles

Find out more

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