Which course should I do?


SketchingNow courses have been designed to build on each other so ideally Foundations is the best place to start.


Many urban sketchers are self-taught and it’s easy to get in a rut if they don’t have a solid foundation of the most important sketching skills. SketchingNow courses have been designed to give sketchers the skills they need to develop their work in their own unique style.


All Level 2 and 3 courses assume a working knowledge of the Foundations concepts (such as being able to see in edges, shapes and volumes, use sight measuring to determine proportions and understand how to compose a sketch using the rule of thirds). Please check out the Foundations Fridays articles on Liz’s blog for more details of the concepts in Foundations.


Level 1: suitable for beginners and more seasoned sketchers who want to work faster and looser


  • Foundations – fundamental concepts for drawing and introduction to adding colour (watercolour and watercolour pencil)
  • Watercolour – in-depth course explaining the fundamental properties and techniques for painting with watercolour – with an emphasis on watercolour sketching

Level 2: designed for sketchers with some experience who want to improve their urban sketching skills


  • Edges – how to create depth and focus when creating ink and wash sketches of a variety of subject matter
  • Buildings – specific techniques for understanding buildings in a way that makes them easier to sketch

Level 3: intermediate courses building on the skills developed in Foundations, Watercolour and Edges


  • Watercolour On Location – specific techniques for improving urban sketching including telling stories, working with values, ways to sketch different elements (skies, trees, water etc) and making decisions on how to start and what techniques to use.

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