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Welcome to the Forum!

This is a place for you to discuss any general art topics, and to find fellow sketchers to work alongside. Please say hello in the Introduce Yourself thread below.

Please do not post any homework sketches or any comments specific to the lessons into this fourm. Please post your homework into the Assignment Galleries for each lesson.

You can post images into the forum but it is best if you use smaller size images – approx max1200 pixel wide. A simple way to reduce the size if you are using a ipad is to email the image to yourself and choose the large size (rather than original)

All comments and replies must be kind and supportive. Any provocative comments will be deleted.

If you have an issue with any comments or anything else relating to the course please contact me directly so I can look into it privately.

Can I request… please do not use any bad language or “OMG”,”God” or “Christ” in a way that is disrespectful – thanks!

Please refer to more detailed instructions in the PDF guide in the support section.


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