Important Notices – Edges

Livestreams on Youtube

As part of the 2021 Group Run-though I’ll be hosting weekly livestreams to recap the main themes of the current lesson and provide mini demos for any issues that arisen during the week.

Please note that when watching a livestream replay you can turn on the automatic closed captioning and even follow along in another language. However, the captions have not yet been edited by us, so they will contain errors but we are working on improving this!  Click HERE  to watch a short YouTube Video on how to turn on closed captions. At this stage we do not have closed captions available for when the video is streaming live – only for the replay. You may need to wait an hour after the live stream for the closed caption option to appear on the replay.

These livestreams will be hosted in YouTube and a link to each livestream will be added to the Classroom homepage few days before the live event.

A 1 hour reminder will be sent via email.

To be able to interact with the chat you will need to be logged into a YouTube account. Note: You can still watch the livestream without logging in.


A few tips for viewing livestreams on YouTube:

1. If you have not used YouTube before you may wish to click the link 10 mins early just to make sure you can connect to the platform okay.
2. if you have any connection issues you may need to refresh your browser (small circle with arrow in or next to your browser bar).
3. if you get an error with the link, try copy and pasting it from the email into your web browser.


Please refer to the Edges Classroom homepage here for the Livestream Schedule.