How does SketchingNow Watercolour work?

How this course works


The course will start on Wednesday 10 January 2018.
The lessons will be posted on Wednesdays at 8pm (Sydney Australia time). Depending on where you live this time might be still Tuesday evening!


You will receive an email notification with links when a lesson has become available.


Ask your questions relating to the course content in the Questions Section of each lesson.


For general discussion, use the discussion forum.

Where to share your work and discuss among yourselves:

Please share your work in the Assignment Galleries in each lesson.


If you have any general questions (outside of the scope of the lessons) please use the discussion forum.

Review Weeks:


Weeks 3 and 6 will be review weeks – these will come out on Friday (rather than Wednesday).


I plan to choose 5 sketches from the submitted work (see below for details) to review with comments, analytical thumbnails and markups – and possibly my own watercolour version of the original.  The idea is to simulate a wrap-up session such as usually occurs at the end of my face-to-face workshops. Obviously I can’t review everyone’s work but I will choose 5 works that will best explain the broad range of concepts that we have been exploring during this Watercolour course.


To have your work eligible for consideration please post into the assignment galleries and include the following:

1. Photo or scan of your finished sketch.
2. Photo of the view you sketched if different from my example.
3. A brief description explaining what you wanted to record in your sketch and any questions you have or comments on what you were concerned about at the time.



Work must be upload before :
– Wednesday 24 January at 8pm (Sydney time) for Review 1 – Week 3.
– Wednesday 14 Feb at 8pm (Sydney time) for Review 2 – Week 6.


Please note:

  • By submitting your work into the assigment gallieries you are agreeing to its use for a review.
  • You are also acknowledging that due to the size of the class your work will not necessarily be chosen.
  • Works will be chosen because of the concepts that can best be explained by the review and not on the basis of the ‘quality’ of the work. Every work submitted is worthy of a review!
  • First name only will be used for the chosen works.
  • Any comments on the works chosen will be constructive and gentle. The goal is to instruct and learn from each other. I will be reviewing the work, both of beginners and seasoned sketchers.