Watercolour 2018 Breakthrough Gallery

This is the place to celebrate breakthrough moments you have during the course. It’s a place be inspired by the wins of your classmates so make sure you keep an eye on this section, particularly once you have finished a lesson.

What is a breakthrough moment?

  • when you start seeing different and finally grasp an art concept which you have heard but never fully understood before
  • when you work in a different way to normal and are really pleased with your sketch
  • when you achieve a result you have wanted for a long time.

If you have a breakthough doing the assignment please post it into the Lesson Assignment Gallery as well as here.

And also please share with us any great sketches that you do after you have finished the course – where you have used the concepts from Watercolour in your normal sketching. We really want to see how the concepts from this course are really helping to develop your own sketching style! It’s really important that you add a description to your sketch so we all know what we are to celebrate with you!

For more detailed instructions on how to post into the gallery please refer to the PDF guide in the support section.


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