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I’m excited to announce a new course Watercolour On Location coming in early September 2019.


In this new course we will be building on the skills which we developed in SketchingNow Watercolour (controlling water, mixing, layering, working wet, using colour and starting with darks), and focusing on sketching complex scenes on location in ink and watercolour.



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What do you struggle with when sketching on location with watercolour?

This course has been built in response to the real struggles of the participants of SketchingNow courses.

It will address the following issues:

  • knowing how to start sketching a complex scene, how to find a story (a focal point) and how to decide what to leave out
  • improving colour and value (including shadows, temperature, capturing light and more)
  • ways of learning how to sketch various elements such as trees, skies, water
  • how to work out whether to start with line or wash and how to make watercolour decisions as you work
  • the logistics of urban sketching with watercolour – managing your palette and water etc. finding places to sit.

Intermediate course based on previous SketchingNow courses


Watercolour on Location is built upon the concepts, skills and techniques developed in other SketchingNow courses – including Foundations, Edges and Watercolour.


In order to get stuck into some new fun topics such as composition, mastering values, and capturing light, we need to have a working knowledge of how to draw basic scenes, look for important edges, and to know how to use our watercolour palette.

If you need instruction (or a brush-up) on the following topics, I would recommend you check out the Watercolour course before September:

  • knowing how to mix watery, juicy and pasty washes
  • knowing how to layer (glazing) and work wet (wet in wet)
  • understanding basic colour theory and mixing – achieving vibrant mixes and creating watercolour magic
  • having your own palette of colours which suits your sketching at the moment
  • knowing the difference between working from light to dark and starting with the darks.

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