Watercolour on Location 2019 Support/FAQ

Please review the questions below to see if yours has already been answered.

For any other questions, please use the Contact form above and include a detailed description of your problem/question.


Support emails are addressed in local Sydney Australia time. You should receive a response in between 12-48 hours.

PDF guides

Gallery tips for posting and commenting

Forum tips for comment reply and creating topic


Getting Started

> How do I add a profile thumbnail?

Go to My Account – Profile – My Profile or use Gravatar


> How do I change my password / email address / display name?

Go to the My Profile/Account Details page. Here you can change your password, your email address.


The name you enter into the About Me page will be the name that is displayed publicly. You are encouraged to use your real first name and surname.


Note: Your username cannot be changed however it is only used for login and if you change your name as above, no one will see it.

> Why can’t I play the videos?

SketchingNow videos are hosted through Vimeo and Wistia. Check out their troubleshooting here if you are having issues with playback.

>Why are the Images on my PDF printing as grey boxes?

Occasionally users find their printer prints out grey boxes on larger PDF downloads that contain lots of images, particularly if printing from a Mac or iPad to a home printer. One or a combination of the following usually help to resolve it.

1. Use Google Chrome as your browser

2. Try to ensure your printer memory is cleared – eg no other items in print queue/printer memory.

3. Download the PDF onto your desktop first before sending to printer

4. Print file in batches eg. if six page document try to print pages 1-2, then once printed 3-4, then 5-6.

If you have the option to download the files and print to larger office printer, you might find they print better there.


Managing Email Notifications for Comments

> How do I manage what comment email notifications I receive in the forum?

In the Discussion Forum, for example the “Introduce Yourself ” thread you can subscribe and unsubscribe to email notifications on each topic by opening the topic thread and then clicking on top right hand corner of the original topic/question box where it displays “Subscribe (or Unsubscribe) for notifications of new topics”


> How do I manage what comment email notifications I receive in the classroom?

In the Classroom, for example on the Questions or Takeawys pages, you can unsubscribe to email notifications for individual pages by going to sketchingnow.com/my-account/edit-account/ and clicking Manage my Comment Subscriptions at the bottom of the page

Posting your homework

> How do I post into the image galleries?

Please refer to the PDF guide above.


> How do I find my homework again once I’ve posted it? 

You can review your homework by going to https://sketchingnow.com/my-gallery/


> Why is my image not posting right way up?
When taking a photo of your work raise your sketchbook against something (eg a recipe book holder) so that you will naturally angle the device in a slightly upright way to take the picture. If the sketchbook is sitting flat it’s too easy for you to subtly tilt the device in the wrong one direction which can influence the orientation setting (ie save photo upside down or sideways).


If you are having difficulties with your images posting upside down or sideways to the website, despite displaying correct way up on your phone, please try using an app such as Squaready to save your photo to your album at a reduced size and with the correct orientation. It appears smart phones and tablets have a capacity to rotate the images for your display despite the information recorded on the photo being for a different orientation. Resaving via Squaready (or another photo editing app) should help save the correction to the photo for when it gets uploaded to the website. Also reducing the size of the photo means it should load faster.


We regularly check the galleries to correct the orientation of your photos, so please don’t be worried if it posts the wrong way.


> How do I permanently delete an image I’ve uploaded?

Go to  https://sketchingnow.com/my-gallery/  and click on the cross in the top right corner of the image thumbnail.


> Is there a Facebook Group? Why not?

There is no Facebook Group associated with this course – sorry! It is very important that there is only one place that we share our work. Facebook favours the popular images and beginners sketches are easily completely missed – this is a HUGE issue for me as everyone’s homework should be treated equally, because every single upload IS as important as the next.


The focus of this group is to provide you with in-depth content and to urge you all to put the time in to working on your own drawing skills ie. time away from the computer!


A community will be created if everyone who posts just takes a little time to comment on other people’s work. It is easy when you are part of a very active online community (eg. on Facebook) to get so distracted with the chatter that you never do anything! Facebook is a time trap, so start sketching instead – ok?


We encourage people to share their homework publicly to Instagram or Facebook using the #sketchingnowwatercolour hashtag. Please include the details where you share your work into your Profile Page here.