Watercolour On Location 2019 Materials List

Materials required for the course

There is no set materials list for this course but these are the minimum requirements:

  • your normal watercolour kit
  • your normal brush
  • your normal sketchbook
  • a pen with permanent ink (a fineliner or fountain pen)

Grey markers

The only special recommendation for this course is to have some markers to create a 5 step-value scale. Refer to Introduction Part 5 for more information.

Recommended markers:

  • Pitt Pens: Warm Grey 272, 273, 274 and Black 199.
  • Tombow: N75, N65, N45, N15

Note: A minimal marker option would be to purchase a black marker and a mid-grey water-soluble marker. Tombow N65 or Ecoline 718. You can achieve the 3 greys by layering it to create dark grey and adding water to get light grey


Liz’s Minimal Kit:
Watercolour Palette:

    • DS Buff Titanium PW6
    • WN Naples Yellow PW6,PBr24
    • WN Potter’s Pink PR233
    • DS Sap Green PO48 PG7 PY150
    • DS Monte Amiata Natural Sienna PBr7
    • DS Transparent Red Oxide PR101
    • DS Van Dyke Brown PBr7
    • Steels Grey III (a pre mix of WN Cobalt Deep Blue with a little DS Quin Burnt Orange and a touch of DS Quin Rose)
    • DS Hansa Yellow Medium PY97
    • DS Transparent Pyrrol Orange PO71
    • DS Quinacridone Rose PV19
    • SCH French Ultramarine PB29
    • DS Cerulean Blue Chromium PB36
    • WN Cobalt Turquoise Light PG50
    • DS Indanthrone Blue PB60
    • WN Cobalt Turquoise PB28, PB36
    • DS Cobalt Blue PB28

    DS = Daniel Smith, WN = Winsor Newton, SCH = Schmincke

    • Lamy Joy pen (white) with a gold M nib with De Atramentis Document Ink black
    • Green Sailor fountain pen with 55 degree fude nib filled with De Atramentis Document Ink Black
    • Rosemary & Co Series 772 1/2 inch sable blend dagger
    • Ecoline Brush Pen (water soluble) in Warm Grey #718
    • Pentel Aquash Waterbrush – large.

    Other items in my everyday kit:

    • Rosemary & Co R13 travel sable blend brush
    • Rosemary & Co R4 Pure Kolinsky Sable 1/4 inch One Stroke
    • White Gel Pen – Uniball Signo Broad
    • Sailor fountain pen with 45 degree fude nib filled with De Atramentis Document Ink Urban Grey
    • TWSBI Eco (turquoise) with a F nib filled with J Herbin Diabolo Menthe ink (water soluble)
    • TWSBI Eco (white) with a F nib with De Atramentis Document Ink Black
    • Watercolour pencils: Faber Castell Albrecht Durer. Minimal selection at the moment: Dark Indigo, Cadmium Yellow , Deep Scarlet Red, Ultramarine, Brown Ochre
    • White Chinagraph – Staedtler Lumocolor Permanent White
    • Pitt Pens: Warm Grey 272, 273, 274 and Black 199.


    Further Links

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