SketchingNow 2022 Schedule

Remaining Group Run-throughs for 2022 are Watercolour starting 8 June and Watercolour on Location starting 28 September. Both of these courses can also be purchased and started at anytime of the year and completed at your own pace.

All of the remaining courses are available now and can be purchased and commenced at anytime of the year. They all have the option for you to receive weekly email notifications to help you stay on track. The option is generally available in the Course Welcome email and the Course Classroom homepage (see image below) or email us at for assistance.

Key to Courses

F = Foundations   W = Watercolour   WOL = Watercolour on Location   SBD = Sketchbook Design
E = Edges   B = Buildings

How to sign up for lesson emails – click on the blue button on the course homepage

(Sketchbook Design course shown, but a blue button exists in all courses)