• Work faster and looser in ink and wash

  • Develop your own style and gain confidence to sketch on location

  • Create more convincing sketches with great colour and just the right amount of detail

  • Become an urban sketcher and start sketching everywhere you go



12 week course$157USD

Do you want to develop your own style and have confidence to sketch on location?

This in-depth 12 week course has been designed to:

  • build a solid foundation with all the essential skills you need to start sketching
  • develop the most effective techniques for sketching out on location regardless of the subject matter
  • help improve your ability to sketch faster and more spontaneously

28 different demonstrations, 50 videos, over 6 hours of video art instruction, 160 pages of downloadable content.


Enroll Foundations Course $157USD




8 week course returning soon

Create ink and wash sketches with greater focus and depth.

5 hours of video, 12 different demonstrations and over 70 pages of downloadable content

Enrollment is currently closed but Edges will be returning soon in May 2017.



10 week course returning 2017

Develop the skills to be able to sketch any building with confidence.

9 hours of video, 22 different demonstrations and over 100 pages of downloadable content.

Enrollment is currently closed but Buildings will be returning later in 2017.


about the instructor

Liz Steel

Liz is an obsessive sketcher from Sydney Australia who sketches her life and shares the experience.

She helps anyone who want to be an urban sketcher to develop the skills and the confidence to sketch anything at anytime – to tackle complex scenes out on location even when they only have a limited timeframe.

Liz worked as an architect for 20 years but now is a full-time artist, blogger and teacher. She is an Urban Sketcher correspondent, founder of Urban Sketchers Australia and a regular instructor at the annual International Urban Sketchers symposium. She also teaches face-to-face workshops locally in Australia and all around the world and recently published a book called 5 Minute Sketching Architecture.




I have enrolled in a SketchingNow course. How do I access it?

Go to My Courses and Log In. You will then see all your courses listed. Click on the course you want and it will take you straight into the classroom

How long do I have access to course content?

All SketchingNow courses are offered with lifetime access so you can return to the lessons as many times as you want.

Are the courses self-directed or live?

Yes, they are both!

There are two types of SketchingNow Courses.

1.Weekly Courses

These occur the first time a new course is released. They have a defined start date and a new lesson is posted once a week.

All homework submitted to the course classroom during the designated week for each lesson will be reviewed and the comments collated into a special feedback post. This way any comments and further instruction can be more efficiently shared with the whole group. Please note: every sketch posted is reviewed but there are no individual critiques.

2. Self-Directed Courses

A few months after the first weekly course has been completed, all the lessons will be re-offered in a Self-Directed Course. All lessons will be available after registration meaning that you can work at your own pace. Each lesson includes a feedback section which addresses common queries and trends that come up as a result of the lesson’s exercises. Homework in the classroom will be generally reviewed periodically (no individual critiques) and the FAQ for each lesson will be updated from time to time.

Do I need to go outside to sketch? I live in a rural area, do I need urban scenes?

Most of the SketchingNow courses are designed with an outdoor component and with the overall goal to develop skills for sketching on location. However, it is not essential that you complete the outdoor exercises on location in order to apply the concepts as there is also an indoor/object-based exercise for each lesson.

If you live in a rural area there should be plenty of alternative subject matter which you can sketch for the homework. You do not need urban scenes!

Do you offer a 30-day money-back guarantee?

Yes! Please refer to our refund policy for more information!