• Work faster and looser in ink and wash

  • Develop your own style and gain confidence to sketch on location

  • Create more convincing sketches with great colour and just the right amount of detail

  • Become an urban sketcher and start sketching everywhere you go



Are you overwhelmed when you attempt to sketch a complex building?

This course has been designed to empower you to tackle sketching any building with confidence by

  • learning to see buildings in terms of volumes, in a way that will make them much easier to sketch
  • developing a structured way of working which will mean no building is too hard for you to draw
  • using a value-based way of applying colour that will make your building sketches lively
  • basics of perspective and how to use it when sketching buildings.



Enroll Buildings Course $249USD

Buy Buildings with Edges and Watercolour On Location – Urban Sketching Bundle – and save $140USD


Group Run-through starting 13 October 2021

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12 week course $199USD

Build a solid foundation with all the essential skills you need to start sketching.

20 hours of video, over 50 different demonstrations and 160 pages of downloadable PDF handouts.

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7 week course $199USD

Develop foundational skills and techniques for using watercolour in quick and loose sketches.

14 hours of video, lots of demonstrations and over 100 pages of downloadable PDF handouts.

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Sketchbook Design

9 week course $199USD

Create beautiful sketchbook pages of your everyday adventures


20 hours of video – 15 different demos – downloadable PDF handouts – lots of inspiring ideas from the lessons and fellow participants



8 week intermediate course $199USD

Create ink and wash sketches with greater focus and depth.

15 hours of video, 20 different demonstrations and over 70 pages of downloadable PDF handouts.

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12 week intermediate course $249USD

Develop the skills to be able to sketch any building with confidence.

20 hours of video, 40 different demonstrations and over 100 pages of downloadable PDF handouts.

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Watercolour On Location

12 week intermediate course $249USD

Achieve more consistent results when sketching complex scenes out on location

story – composition – colour and value – elements and texture – decide on the best technique – become more comfortable sketching on location

30 hours of video- 15 outdoor demos and many indoor exercises – over 150 pages of downloadable PDF handouts

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Which course should I do first?

SketchingNow courses have been designed to build on each other so ideally Foundations is the best place to start.

Many urban sketchers are self-taught and it’s easy to get in a rut if they don’t have a solid foundation of the most important sketching skills. SketchingNow courses have been designed to give sketchers the skills they need to develop their work in their own unique style.

All courses assume a working knowledge of the Foundations concepts (such as being able to see in edges, shapes and volumes, use sight measuring to determine proportions and understand how to compose a sketch using the rule of thirds). Please check out the Foundations Fridays articles on Liz’s blog for more details of the concepts in Foundations.

Beginner Courses – Sketch your life

  • Foundations – fundamental concepts for drawing and introduction to adding colour (watercolour and watercolour pencil)
  • Watercolour – in-depth course explaining the fundamental properties and techniques for painting with watercolour – with an emphasis on watercolour sketching
  • Sketchbook Design – Create beautiful sketchbook pages of your everyday adventures and build a unique visual narrative of your life

Buy Foundations, Watercolour & Sketchbook Design together and save $120USD

Enroll Sketch your Life Bundle $597USD $477USD


Intermediate Courses – Urban Sketching

  • Edges – how to create depth and focus when creating ink and wash sketches of a variety of subject matter
  • Buildings – specific techniques for understanding buildings in a way that makes them easier to sketch
  • Watercolour On Location – specific techniques for improving urban sketching including telling stories, working with values, ways to sketch different elements (skies, trees, water etc) and making decisions on how to start and what techniques to use.


Buy Edges, Buildings & Watercolour On Location together and save $140USD

Enroll Urban Sketching Bundle $679USD $557USD



Group Run-throughs – featured course with livestreams

2021: Edges (Jun-Jul) – Sketchbook Design (Aug-Sept) – Buildings (starting 13 Oct)

2022: Foundations – Watercolour – Watercolour On Location (Dates TBA)


about the instructor

Liz Steel

Liz is an obsessive sketcher from Sydney Australia who sketches her life and shares the experience.

She helps anyone who want to be an urban sketcher to develop the skills and the confidence to sketch anything at anytime – to tackle complex scenes out on location even when they only have a limited timeframe.

Liz worked as an architect for 20 years but now is a full-time artist, blogger and teacher. She is an Urban Sketcher correspondent, founder of Urban Sketchers Australia and a regular instructor at the annual International Urban Sketchers symposium. She also teaches face-to-face workshops locally in Australia and all around the world and recently published a book called 5 Minute Sketching Architecture.



  • Tabitha

    Thank you Liz for such an excellent course – this has stretched me way beyond what I thought I could achieve! I have learnt to see shadow shapes and to manipulate colour, tone and hue, achieving the focus and effect I want, without getting hung up about the realism of the sketch. I also started working in a looser way, not being afraid to try different tools and techniques in one sketch.

    I have learnt to see shadow shapes and to manipulate colour, tone and hue, achieving the focus and effect I want, without getting hung up about the realism of the sketch. I also started working in a looser way, not being afraid to try different tools and techniques in one sketch.


  • Vivian

    What a great online class Edges was! And I do not say that lightly because I am an online instructional designer by trade. Loved that you had 3 or 4 well defined objectives each week. Loved your transitions between lessons. You were always able to relate the material from the previous week to the current week.

    The videos were fantastic! Your peppy demeanor made them engaging along with additional scenes of people walking in the park etc. It was like a story, not just a tutorial! The over the shoulder shots were a godsend. The handouts were wonderful summaries. (I felt like I got a free book with this class!)

    You were always engaged with the the question and answer area. And finally your feedback was quite detailed. You were truly present and listening. Thank you for such a wonderful class!


  • Jules

    As someone who is entirely self-taught, though; what I valued most of all In Foundations was the way in which you made us stop and think about what we were doing, and why – and to question and consider with each core concept. This helped me understand why some things are not working for me – and enabled me to develop and to change my technique without fear of ‘doing it wrong’. The whole class, content, teaching, flow, pace, homework prompts have been excellent, and so enjoyable.

    Since taking SketchingNow Foundations I have continued to question ‘how’ I am approaching my subject – and to try new techniques and approaches. Previously, I always worked in a very structured, detailed way – but now ‘embrace the wonkiness’ has become my strapline! To add to this, I got the confidence, together with a friend, to start up a new Urban Sketchers Group for Bristol and the South West UK, and we have our second sketch crawl this weekend! So not only did Sketching Now help me – it is also helping other sketchers in the area – which is a pretty good result all round.


  • Larry

    Liz, I love your drawing and you’ve been one of my heroes for some time. But your ability as an instructor is par excellence. I relate so much better to how architects think than those coming from a more ‘pure’ art background.
    You actually analyze why and how to do art and your Foundations class really reflects this. It’s amazing. You have a way of showing people much more than the lesson you’re teaching. What you are teaching are lessons that I could not learn from books, mostly because while the concepts are often presented, the rationales are not, but also because there is more to it than just ‘here’s a blind contour drawing..i it’ll make you gooder at art’. You are filling in those gaps nicely.


  • Chris

    SketchingNow Buildings completely exceeded my expectations!

    The material was organized and presented in a such a beneficial, beautiful way for learning. I now have the confidence to sketch buildings in public – and in low light which we often have in Seattle. Your depth of knowledge of buildings and sketching is so impressive – and your personality shines through the demos and reviews. It was a great privilege to be part of this class.

    Thank you for putting so much heart into this class! I loved it.




I have enrolled in a SketchingNow course. How do I access it?

Go to My Courses and Log In. You will then see all your courses listed. Click on the course you want and it will take you straight into the classroom

How long do I have access to course content?

All SketchingNow courses are offered with lifetime access so you can return to the lessons as many times as you want.

Are the courses self-directed or live?

There are two types of SketchingNow Courses.

1. Weekly Courses

These occur the first time a new course is released. They have a defined start date and a new lesson is posted once a week.

All homework submitted to the course classroom during the designated week for each lesson will be reviewed and the comments collated into a special feedback post. This way any comments and further instruction can be more efficiently shared with the whole group. Please note: every sketch posted is reviewed but there are no individual critiques.

2. Self-Directed Courses

A few months after the first weekly course has been completed, all the lessons will be re-offered in a Self-Directed Course. All lessons will be available after registration meaning that you can work at your own pace. Each lesson includes a feedback section which addresses common queries and trends that come up as a result of the lesson’s exercises. Homework in the classroom will be generally reviewed periodically (no individual critiques) and the FAQ for each lesson will be updated from time to time.

Please note: Each course is clearly noted as either a Self-Directed or a Weekly Course. Please check the individual course descriptions for more details.

Do I need to go outside to sketch? I live in a rural area, do I need urban scenes?

Most of the SketchingNow courses are designed with an outdoor component and with the overall goal to develop skills for sketching on location. However, it is not essential that you complete the outdoor exercises on location in order to apply the concepts as there is also an indoor/object-based exercise for each lesson.

If you live in a rural area there should be plenty of alternative subject matter which you can sketch for the homework. You do not need urban scenes!

Do you offer a 30-day money-back guarantee?

Yes! Please refer to our refund policy for more information!