April 11, 2017 at 12:20 PM

Before the Buildings course, I was struggling with seeing and defining tonal values. I didn’t know how to distinguish between shades and shadows nor how to translate them into watercolors on paper. Buildings would often look flat and life-less.
In the course, I also learned how to think in volumes, whereas before I would cling to the outlines hoping to get the angles right.
Obviously, I catch myself slipping back into old patterns, so it is important for me to regularly review and practice the concepts. It’s so much more fun and relaxing to sketch when having a framework.

Thank you for the wonderful course, Liz! I very much enjoy the variety in which the material is presented (handouts: structured theory, videos: virtually accompanying you on the assignments and all the additional information given at the feedback sessions. It’s a treasure box! But most importantly, what shines through every line you write and say is your enthusiasm and energy and your joy for experimenting and for taking your sketching a step further. So motivating!!!

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