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SketchingNow Teacups: Materials



Download PDF File: SketchingNowTeacups Materials List

General Requirements


Like other SketchingNow courses there are no specific requirements for Teacups. It is best that you use materials that you already have and currently use.


Basic Requirements:

  • a pencil HB or B
  • permanent fineliner or fountain pen with permanent ink
  • watercolour paints  – use your normal palette. The only colour that is recommended is Quinacridone Gold for gold trims (any brand will do)
  • watercolour pencils in colours to match your teacups
  • a few markers (these are optional and used for one exercise)
  • average size brush (#6 or #8 round) and a smaller brush (#2 or #4 round)
  • sketchbook with paper suitable for watercolour – use whatever sketchbook you normally use.



Detailed Listing of materials that Liz uses in Teacups


Link to related articles on Liz’s blog: https://www.lizsteel.com/tag/teacupsmaterials/


Fountain Pens

Lamy Joy pen (white) with a gold M nib with De Atramentis Document Ink black

Sailor Fude de Mannen with 55 degree fude nib filled with De Atramentis Document Ink Black.

Sailor Fude de Mannen with 40 degree fude nib filled with De Atramentis Document Ink Urban Grey.


Watercolour Paints

Liz uses her recommended 12 colour palette (2023 version) for the Theory videos.

Other demos are done with her expanded everyday palette.

Refer to the link above for more about Quinacridone Gold


Watercolour Pencils

These are used throughout the course – used in Theory 1 (week 1) and for two demos in the Watercolour Pencil Teacup section.

Liz uses her recommended basic selection of Faber Castell Albrecht Durer watercolour pencils (included in link above), plus a few extras to suit the specific cups she sketches. (These extras are Albrecht Durer: 109,113,154,171,167,168, 232)



These are used for one exercise during the first week for a shape exercise and are optional. Watercolour pencils can be used instead. Tombows N75, N55, 992, 026, 620, 555.



Liz does most of the demos in the course using dagger brushes Series 772 by Rosemary Brushes – most with 1/2 inch but also used 3/8 and 1/4 for details

Liz also uses a #2 pointed round brush for a few demos



Liz does most of the sketches in the course on Alpha paper (by Stillman and Birn) as it allows her to create a lot of variation of edges.




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