Create joyful sketches of everyday moment


Learn how Liz creates her famous teacup sketches and then apply the techniques to sketching teacups in your own style

Does this sound like you?


“I want to know how you get all those amazing watercolour effects in your teacup sketches”

“I don’t have a lot of time to sketch”

“My ellipses are always wonky”

“I want to take my sketching to the next level but don’t know where to start”


Teacups has been designed to address these common struggles




Why learn to sketch teacups?

Teacups will develop your sketching skills!

Plus, the act of sketching a teacup helps you escape the busyness of your day and generates calm.

They have a nicely tricky form (concentric ellipses) and come in an endless variety of patterns—from simple to complex. The more difficult patterns invite play and experimentation so that you can sketch the same cup over and over again.

All the important observational and drawing skills can be learned by sketching teacups, plus you get to use all the colours in your palette!

If you think that fancy teacups are intimidating, this course will break down every step you need to sketch them in your own style!


In this Teacups course you will learn to:

– apply the core concepts drawn from my Foundations and Watercolour courses specifically to teacups
– draw ellipses with confidence but not worry about being too perfect
– increase your control of water – whether using a precise style or working looser and taking risks
– learn how to simplify teacup patterns
– paint them in lively vibrant watercolour washes with lots of pigment parties!


By doing a deep dive into one object (teacups!) you’ll learn skills you can apply to anything you paint.

You’ll love creating beautiful paintings that will fill you with joy — using everyday objects!

Who is the course for?
Teacups is for sketchers of all levels of experience who want to create lively sketches full of watercolour magic.
If you are a beginner, this Teacups course will introduce all the most important drawing and painting skills you need to sketch anything. You’ll understand which skills will help you develop confidence as a sketcher, and can explore those skills in my Foundations and Watercolour courses.
Teacups will be a great way to take your drawing and watercolour skills to the next level as you re-visit core concepts and apply them to an everyday object.
If you are a more experienced sketcher, this course will show you how to work wet-in-wet, take more risks, and create lots of watercolour magic!
The Teacups course is focused just on teacups, but you’ll learn concepts that apply to any sketching. The course is designed to complement Foundations and Watercolours.
How will the course work?

Be part of the founding cohort!

  • Work through the course with an inspiring group of sketchers from around the world – starting on 31 May 2023
  • New lessons will be released weekly through June and then you will have ongoing access to all of the course content.
  • Share your work and interact with other students inside the custom-designed classroom galleries and forum
  • Ask Liz questions related to the course in the dedicated question section for each lesson.
  • Participate in two bonus livestreams during June 2023


Or work through the course at your own pace

  • You have lifetime access to the course so you can work through the lessons at your own pace
  • Share your work and interact with other students inside the custom-designed classroom galleries and forum
  • Ask Liz questions related to the course in the dedicated question section for each lesson.
Ready to build a solid foundation for your sketching?
How you'll learn
Custom-designed classroom
Interactive Livestreams
How you'll learn
  • over 6 hours of step-by-step video lessons, each lesson building on the previous, so you can make steady progress in a systematic way
  • theory sections that clearly explain the essential concepts so that you can apply them to your own style and way of working
  • downloadable PDF handout so you can quickly review the key elements of each lesson when you need it
  • specific assignments designed so that you really understand and know how to use the concepts from the lesson – these can be done from photos of Liz’s teacups or your own.
Custom-designed classroom
  • specially designed private classroom with dedicated assignment galleries and forum so that you can connect with and be inspired by other sketchers from around the world who are working alongside you
  • ability to ask Liz questions about the lessons you are working through so you can get help when you need it
  • 2 livestreams during this first Live Version of the course – which will include reviews of student’s work, mini demos, bonus material and a chance to have your questions answered in real-time
  • full transcripts for all video lessons so you can easily follow along
  • lifetime access to all course content and any future group events
Interactive Livestreams
  • A very special part of SketchingNow courses is the interactive livestreams that are hosted during Live Versions.
  • These live Q&A sessions include a review of work posted in the classroom, additional demos and a chance to get all your sketching questions answered in real-time!


"Liz presents the material in a clear manner in easy to digest quantities. She keeps it simple for beginners, and includes challenges for the more experienced sketchers. Allowing the student to have access to the classes for life, makes it a very worthwhile investment. - "

“My sketches are looser, quicker and yet more adventurous than they were. I hadn’t imagined an online course (or a sketchbook) could be so enlightening.“

“Every time I rewatch Liz’s videos I gain new insights. The courses seem to grow with my skill level taking me on a continuous journey of discovery and improvement. Thank you Liz! ”

"In my many years as an online learner I've come across lots of terrific artists and have taken several others' online courses and am confident that Liz's are the richest in content and usefulness."

"Receiving positive feedback helps boost my confidence, and offering feedback to others helps me think more clearly about the lesson’s objectives. I couldn’t be more grateful for the experience."

"These courses have given me different ways of approaching my sketches, they have improved my observational and drawing skills, and increased my enjoyment and confidence. They have taught me to "see better"! I can't recommend them enough! "

Course Outline
Introduction: Why teacups
- Why I love sketching teacups so much
- My teacup collection
- Teacup selection guide
Part 1: Understanding teacups
1 week
- Feeling Edges
- Abstracting Shapes
- Constructing Volumes
- Measuring
- Adding Patterns
- Teacup Variations

- Exercises
- Questions
- Takeaways
Part 2: Teacups and watercolour
1 week
- Watercolour Components
- My approach to Patterns
- Watercolour Patterns
- Patterns and Shadow shapes
- Watercolour and Edges

- Exercises
- Questions
- Takeaways
Part 2: Teacup Demos
2 weeks
- Ink and Wash: Drawing first and then adding paint
- Ink and Wash: Alternating ink and wash with grey fude
- Watercolour Pencil: Loose sketch with coloured outlines
- Watercolour Pencil: Pencil shapes and minimal watercolour
- Paint Only: Three views with simple details
- Paint Only: Shadow shape and details
- Paint Only: Dark background, watery washes
- Paint Only: Complex Pattern

- Exercises
- Questions
- Takeaways

Join the Teacups Course today!

Teacups course

$79 USD

Money back guarantee

We offer a money 7-day back guarantee for Teacups. If you are unhappy with the course for any reason, let us know and we will refund your payment within the first 7 days of the course.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need a teacup collection to do the course?
While it’s not essential to have your own teacups, you’ll get the most out of the course if you are sketching from life and have a cup that brings you joy!

But you don’t have to buy anything. Maybe you have a family member or friend that you can borrow a few cups from. A fine china teacup is not needed – any plain cup and saucer or patterned vessel can also be used. In addition, inside the course, I’ll be providing photos of the cups I use for the demos and exercises.

Refer to my Teacup Selection Guide for suggestions.
Is the course live or pre-recorded?
Both! Teacups contains pre-recorded videos (released over the 4 weeks of the course) and two bonus livestreams (replays will be available.)
How long does the course go for?
The course will go for four weeks (31 May – 27 June) and the classroom will remain open so that you can return to the lessons and exercises whenever you want.
Will I have lifetime access?
Yes! Once you sign up you have lifetime access to all the Teacups lessons, the classroom (including assignment galleries and forums) and all livestream replays (with chat replays as well).
What materials will I need for the course?
Like other SketchingNow courses there are no specific requirements for Teacups. It is best that you use materials that you already have and currently use.

Basic Requirements:
- a pencil HB or B
- permanent fineliner or fountain pen with permanent ink
- watercolour paints – use your normal palette. The only colour that is recommended is Quinacridone Gold for gold trims (any brand will do)
- watercolour pencils in colours to match your teacups
- a few markers (these are optional and used for one exercise)
- average size brush (#6 or #8 round) and a smaller brush (#2 or #4 round)
- sketchbook with paper suitable for watercolour – use whatever sketchbook you normally use.

Download Materials List for more details.
Do I need to have any special social media accounts?
Everything you need to access the lessons, post homework and interact with others is contained within the SketchingNow classroom.

The only exception are the Livestreams which will occur on Youtube. A YouTube account is needed to interact with the live chat but without it you can still watch the livestream and send your questions via email. Replays will be available.