SketchingNow Scholarships for Foundations



If you’re experienceing finiancial hardship we want to help and we’ll be giving away up to 5 scholarships in 2023 where SketchingNow will fund 50% of the current course price or new enrollments to Foundations

To apply, please send the following items to us via email:

  • a copy of your homework exercises done from the Foundations Intro Lessons as emailed to you
  • a current sketch showing your typical work at the moment
  • a link or social media account name directing us to where you post your work online (if applicable)
  • a brief written statement explaining how the current situation has affected you (less than 200 words)
  • an approximate estimate of how much time per week you would be able to dedicate to interacting within the classroom discussing other student work (expectation is at least an hour in addition to viewing the course and doing the homework)


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