PO Umbria – Getting ready

Materials List

Download PDF: 2019 Palladian Odyssey Umbria Materials List



Further information:



Also refer to bonus videos below about paint, brushes and sketchbooks.

Warmup Exercises



Here is a video with two pre-trip exercises. Enjoy!

Note: This video was created for the Veneto Tour but is still relevant for Umbria. We will be doing some more watercolour exercises on location during the tour specifically related to the Umbrian stone colours, but this palette will give you a good start!


Exercise 1: Sketch your watercolor kit

Draw and paint the watercolour kit which you will be bringing to Italy.


Exercise 2: Create your own Palladian Odyssey Master Palette

Download Handout: Master Palette.pdf


Please feel free to post your palette into the facebook group.



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