Introduce Yourself

Where do you live and what do you?
Have you done much sketching before or are you just starting?
What are your other creative pursuits?
Please include a link to your Flickr account, blog, Facebook page, Instagram, Tumblr etc.

So I’ll go first…

I’m Liz (I think you all know that!)
I live in Sydney, Australia. I’m an architect by profession and worked 20 years on a range of residential and commercial developments, specialising in media projects. I’ve always drawn as part of my work but in 2007 discovered watercolour and started my first daily sketchbook. I haven’t stopped sketching since!

I’m very interested in architectural history and theory and drinking tea out of fancy china teacups… but I’m guessing you all know that too!

You can find me on: Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Instagram and Twitter using the buttons under ‘Connect on Social Media’  in the footer of this website.

Now it’s your turn…


  1. Elaine says:

    Hi…I’m Elaine.
    I live in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada and work at Durham College. I look after the processing of new applications.
    Keeping a sketchbook journal is something I have been wanting to do for quite some time. About two years ago, I discovered Danny Gregory and started following his blog, which led me to Sketchbook Skool and Liz Steel.
    I have some environmental health issues which make taking courses in a classroom a challenge so online classes seemed to be the way to go…and am I glad it was.
    Love Sketchbook Skool and looking forwarding to Liz’s classes.

  2. Welcome !!!! Even w/o the Pinky Swear (grin) – you will love this course.

  3. Hannah says:

    Hi, I’m Hannah. Currently living near Seattle, but planning to return soon to the East Coast (D.C.), where I lived for 30 years. I’m a poet/writer ( and knitter ( This year, thanks to Sketchbook Skool, and now this course, I’ve been enjoying rediscovering my passion for sketching and painting.

  4. suzannemc says:

    Hello, I am Suzanne from Washington State, USA. My intention for this class is to actually DO the work. So far, so good. My drawing skills have always held me back in my art journey. I’m late starting and working full time as a college counselor limits my art time, but I plan to follow through with this entire excellent class. I actually pinkie-swore with my husband that we would both spend time each day on our artistic endeavors. Looking forward…

  5. wisecams says:

    I live in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia in the USA. I consider myself an “artist in training” and have been taking some online and in person classes during the past year (including Sketchbook Skool where I “met” Liz).

    My goal is to be able to draw more quickly and accurately, to draw daily and to draw in journals when I travel.

    Over the years I’ve dabbled in calligraphy and Zentangle, and during the past year a small group has met at my home once a week to do something artistic/creative. We have such fun!

  6. Katie K. says:

    Greetings all! I am Katie, and am another late signer upper. Took the plunge when I learned the lessons will be available for a year. Born and raised in Southern California, but residing in Phoenix, Arizona, USA for the last 19 years.

    I do a lot of volunteer work with my church and am trying to grow in my art for pleasure and perhaps for profit someday.

    I have always enjoyed drawing, took drawing/painting classes at the College level, but set it aside while raising our 3 boys. After I graduated my youngest in 2011 (we homeschooled) I taught drawing for other homeschooling children for a few years. This was fun, but so time consuming I didn’t have time to do art for myself. So I’ve stopped teaching and have become the student again. 🙂

    I also love music, reading, gardening, and exploring nature.

    My flickr account is here;

    I hope I can catch up and figure out all the technical aspects of the class!

  7. Hi! I signed up at the last minute so now I’m already 5 weeks behind–YIKES! I’m another 3 semester SBS student and have been loving all the classes. I am really excited about this one and just hope I can keep up. I am trying to get oriented tonight and hopefully tomorrow I can watch the week 1 videos.

  8. kjsilva says:

    Hello everyone!

    Talk about last minute! Phew! But I am so glad I made it in! I am very much a beginner. I only started drawing this past summer because I stumbled upon Sketchbook Skool. I started messing around with pen and watercolors and fell in love. I often feel like I don’t know what I am doing . . . because I don’t know what I am doing. I am so new, that I often don’t know how to care for my watercolors or palette. But despite bumbling through everything, I am having fun. In fact, SKB class was one of the few positive things about a very, very stressful last few months. (I started a new job and I am still in graduate school pursuing a degree in Library and Information Science). Oh, sorry! I forgot to mention that I live in Honolulu, Hawaii with my husband.

    I am on Google+ (KJ Silva), Twitter: @kjlsilva, and Instgram: silvak

    Looking forward to this class and learning from everyone. . . if I ever catch up to you all!


  9. Susan101 says:

    Hi everyone,
    I’m Susan Sutcliffe from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Most of my artwork for many years was in clay, but I have been taking Sketchbook Skool courses since last April and am loving it. I really enjoyed Liz’s teaching and think that I can learn so much more from her. I am semi-retired. I no longer work as an occupational therapist, but am still a full time care provider for my adult foster son.

  10. msytang says:

    Hi everybody

    I am Melissa Tang and I live in Sydney. I chanced upon Liz’s website and was inspired to join. I haven’t sketched very much but would love to learn and this seemed like a great foundational course to help me to do so . I am really looking forward to learning and be inspired from others, although having joined so late, I think I will be very far behind. I like taking photographs but nowadays am always struggling with time. This is just one way I hope I can inject some creativity back into my life. Thank you.

  11. Allyson says:

    Hey Y’all, I’m Allyson Roebuck. I live in the Southeast of the USA, Birmingham, AL. I’m a commercial interior designer by profession and do a lot of drawing both by hand and via the computer. I love drawing, always have since I was a kid. The technology shift (introduction of CADD) into the design world kinda took all of us in these kinds of professions away from physcial hand drawing for a while. However, it’s wonderful to see that skill being revived and celebrated again in new ways! I’ve been incorporating more and more hand drawing into my own work for a number of years and enjoy that more and more. Looking forward to working through the course! I’ve been literally swapmed with tenant space designs in the last few months! I saw the announcement of the class and just missed the date but made it now!! I do have a Flicker site where I’ve been posting work. I’ve also just discovered Instagram!! It’s just divine! Not sure how you cite Instagram—but I tried!
    Instagram: allyson_evans_roebuck

  12. Hi, I’m Linda. I live in Seattle, Washington, USA. I’ve very recently retired from my last job which was as an administrator at a university. Before that I did a bunch of other things, mostly teaching and working in administrative jobs. After being convinced for my entire adult life that I absolutely could not draw, a little over a year ago, much to my surprise, I picked up a pen and started drawing. Since I hadn’t drawn since grade school I am very much a beginner and have *everything* to learn. I’ve been in Sketchbook Skool and a couple of Koesje Koene’s classes with some of the other students who are here in this class (~~~~~hi everybody!~~~~ ). I also take photographs and write a little but this recently-emerged passion for art seems to have taken center stage.

  13. urbanlogic says:

    Hi! I’m from Plano, Texas (near Dallas) and heard about Liz via my professor, Jim Richards (from my masters in landscape architecture classes at UTA). I’ve always been interested in sketching but have never done much of it. I’m coming in late but am looking forward to the lessons.

  14. Hi
    I’ve only just joined on the almost last day so I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. I live in Lane cove in Sydney Australia, a nice leafy suburb and I started water colour painting classes with Jane Blundell back in 2008. I love it, it’s the highlight of my week. I joined the Sydney Sketch Meetup group last year which I also love and I try to get to urban sketchers whenever possible. Late last year I did an architectural drawing course with Liz Steele and got a lot out of it.
    Jennifer, did you go to South Dubbo HS in the 1960s? I knew a Jennifer Foreman there then, she was in the same year.
    Anyway, I better get down to some sketching.

  15. HI Jennifer, I really enjoyed looking at your creative experiments! What a treat 🙂

  16. Hi – Jennifer here – I am a late starter in this course but hoping to catch up over the Christmas holidays. During the week I am a legal secretary, film goer, theatre attendee etc but on the weekend I turn into an enthusiastic “art-er” (and sometime workshop participant) since I discovered drawing almost 4 years ago. My holidays these days are with like minded people and so far have taken painting excursions to Outback Queensland and Spain/Portugal. I am honoured to be involved with Sydney Sketch Club and have met many clever and inspirational local artists at the meetups. A few of my creative experiments are at:

  17. emaryami says:

    Hi, I’m Maryam. I live near Melbourne. I just started painting and I love watercolor. I also would love to improve my drawing skills and have a sketch book with myself during our trips. I’m 30 and studied physics.

  18. Hi, I’m Debby and I’m a bit of a late-comer…
    I live in Canada. In Edmonton, AB in the winter and in Fraser Lake, BC in the summer.
    I’ve been sketching for almost a year and I’m hooked, although, I am still not in the habit of carrying around my sketchbook.
    I have a flickr account that I just opened and don’t know how to use yet
    and a blog, ditto, still learning –

  19. Renata says:

    Hello Liz, hello everybody

    I saw last week in FB that you where doing an online course and on Friday I enrolled… so I’m a bit in a harry… I have to catch up 4 courses !

    I’m a Swiss German who grew up in Bogota, met in England & married a french guy and living near Paris since 20 years.

    I’m a freelance graphic designer and since last 402 days I do a drawing per day! I’m now a blogger since 1 year :

    I’m (sorry, me again ^-^) very happy to start this online course!!!
    I love your shelfs Liz!…plenty of sketchbooks…

    Hasta la vista, Renata

    BLOG –

  20. skywilling says:

    Hi, I’m Rebecca, I live in Brazil. I attended your class on the 2014 USk symposium (i’m the girl who borrowed your scarf!) and I’m excited about learning more. I’m on the last semester of a degree in teaching Visual Arts and I draw and paint with watercolor, mostly on pocket sized sketchbooks. You can see some of my work here:

  21. elle says:

    Hi everyone! I’m a late arrival to course and enjoyed reading all the introductions. I have no drawing or art experience, and am so glad to be here and share this course with all of you.

  22. Tula says:

    I`m Tula, I live in Paris France, I’m brazilian. I was always interested in arts, I did graphic designer school in Brazil. I draw every day, some time just fice minutes,some times more…Very excited for Liz’s lessons.
    I write monthy in USK Paris – here my last post –
    My FB –
    Instagram –
    Flirck –

  23. PeterH says:

    Hi I’m Peter, living in Melbourne, Australia. I have heard good things about the course and jumped on board. I’ve been a keen observer of the Urban Sketchers website and it’s time to try my hand at it, particularly for recording my travels.
    And did someone mention coffee?

  24. smolloy says:

    Hi I’m Stephanie. I live in Sydney Australia. Now I’ve retired I have resumed drawing and watercolour classes and discovered sketching as a perfect travel companion and memory keeper. I want to draw more freely and frequently and not be so concerned with accuracy thus exploring colours and different materials. I have already met Liz at Sydney Urban Sketching outings and really enjoyed her stimulating ideas and group interaction. My passion is for good coffee but I can appreciate the “tea culture” too!

  25. Shaun says:

    Hi I’m Shaun. I also live in Sydney and have had an avid interest in arts and crafts all my life. I studied art at school and painted on an off through the years but recently found the set up and mess impractical which led me to sketching. The watercolour sketching and journal work of Liz’s on SketchingNow I am finding so inspiring. I look forward to joining the Sydney Sketch Club when I am a little more confident. I love to sew, knit, crochet, read, have an interest in history, family history, interior design. Hoping to combine these interests with sketching somehow. I taught primary school briefly many years ago but at present doing a Nursing degree. Oh yes….I love to relax with a skim piccolo in an interesting coffee shop and/or beautiful location!!!

  26. Nancy says:

    Hi, I’m Nancy from The Woodlands, Texas. I just “retired” from 15 years of teaching Art History and am excited about getting back to drawing.

  27. Anne timmins says:

    Hola, I’m anne or Anni and I live in Mexico near Puerto Vallarta . I have a great group if friends with whom I get together twice a week. Tuesday’s for beading and Fridays for art. Mostly watercolours but sketching is a high priority and we love to head out for plein aire, at least in the winter and spring.
    I just got home from a two week trip to the Copper Canyon so have a bit of catching up to do. I think I’ve finally figured out how to introduce myself but am still out of my depth when it comes to Flickr.

    • Welcome, Anne.

      It’s easy to get caught up in the social sharing. Put the art first and enjoy the lessons.

      We had 10 people for Thanksgiving and many trips to the airport so I am quite behind with the lessons. Two kid’s birthdays in the next five days too. After sharing this, will stick to drawing in little minutes and worry about sharing when I can …

  28. Rohit says:


    My name is Rohit Kulkarni. I am from Bangalore, India.

    I was always interested in arts. I had done a bit of sketching in the past. But things went very bookish when I sketched/drew as a student for knitwear design. Later I found the site wetcanvas and participated in their wde. It was fun. I have on and off sketched after that but never to my potential.

    Joining this course, I am hopeful that some of Liz’s energy dusts on to me 😀

    Some of my work can be found on

  29. doodlenomics says:

    Hi everyone! My name’s Yasra and I am an art and architecture writer with a special interest in the history and theory of art/ criticism and architecture. I enjoy sketching, reading, cooking and writing. I live between Dubai and India. I have been sketching for a while but not as consistently as I’d like. Hopefully, that should change 🙂

  30. Welcome Maria. Wish we lived closer. I think it would be fun to do a cycling trip that included stops to sketch AND drink coffee!! I live in Northern California.

  31. maria regina says:

    hi, i am maria regina. i live in singapore.
    i love sketching as a daily journal and an attempt to observe more by drawing.
    i am a broadcast designer and i am a percussionist playing brazilian samba, arabic and indian music. i love traveling, bookbiniding, cylcing and a bit addicted to coffee 🙂 i love drawing people and used to be so scared of buildlings. hopefully i get better with architecture…

    my flickr site:

  32. mickied says:

    Hello Snowdrop and welcome to the course!
    I think I have recently met your friend Dawn via this course and blog. It is good to know there are several of us in this locality. I am sure you will enjoy Sketch now and believe me, speaking as one who started at the beginning, I am still in dire need of repeating exercises! Thank goodness it is not a race and we all will travel at our own speed, enjoying the journey!
    Ironically, re lesson 3 looking at postboxes, we have an Irish one in our garage, made by my husband for our son’s recent wedding to a lovely girl from County Mayo. Telling you this as if a green one appears as a local sketch, you Norfolk people will understand why!

    • Snowdrop46 says:

      Hello mickied!
      Yes I think Dawn did mention having met up with a fellow course member. My real name is Julie by the way, but I do quite like being called Snowdrop! Thanks for the encouragement re catching up … I will try to not be agitated about catching up and enjoy the journey! The three lessons so far look brilliant. It’s amazing how many people are on this course! I will try and spot the green postbox on Flickr!

  33. Julie C says:

    Hi, my name is Julie and, like Liz, I also live in Sydney. Have been learning watercolour for a few years in a loose style, so sketching is a new venture for me. I’ve just registered for the course, so have a bit of catching up to do!

  34. Hi my name is Jessica and I live in the bushclad hills above Perth in Western Australia with my husband and cat, near my 2 adult children. I am 63 and in Jan this year stopped working as a psychologist and stopped everything else in my life to deal with breast cancer. Post surgery, post 4 months of heavy chemo, now 3wkly infusions of humanised mouse antibody, still badly fatigued but needing to get back into meditative activities that feel worthwhile and get me back in touch with the non-cancer-based world. I have done bursts of art study and work in the past: photography, printmaking, ceramics, and love drawing when I stop being rusty but am very shy while my hand-eye coordination is as badly out as it is now. I am not quite sure how to catch up: two lessons a week? just do what I can and trail behind? So glad to be joining you.

  35. Snowdrop46 says:

    Hi, I’m Julie. I am glad to see I am not the only late starter. So Trisha and Carla, I will be doing assignments late too.
    I live in a village called Mulbarton just south of Norwich. I see from other comments that there are others nearby.
    I sketch very occasionally maybe on holiday. I studied art at school and later on did some watercolour courses but that was years ago. Really want to rediscover my creative side and make sketching a natural and fun habit; I am apt to being a perfectionist and being negative and self-critical, aptitudes I want to eliminate.
    I was introduced to Liz quite recently by a friend Dawn, also on the course. I find her work and attitude inspiring and encouraging.
    Now just have to catch up 3 weeks!

  36. Welcome Trisha. I am a late starter as well – there are few of us laggers. We can support each other since our assignments may lag the others. 🙂

  37. TMCL says:

    Hello, I’m Trisha. I’m late in starting, but I hope to catch up gradually. I’m a very new beginner .. have played around with “How to draw” books recently, but without the support/commitment to a group I find the blank page beats me. I like what you say about making friends with your inner critic, Liz, and hope I can do that.

    I live in South Australia, am 63 and am a librarian. I like the outdoors and hope to have more time to be in it. My time is limited, and I hope to make some work that pleases me, but also to learn to SEE more and BE more in the moment.

    I hope to go to Spain in late 2015, and want to develop the ability to do some useful sketching while I’m there. I’m excited about developing a new part of myself.

  38. Hi, I’am Christien and I live in a little village in the neighbourhood of Antwerp in Belgium. My job is a businessdeveloper for an ict-business integrator. I followed a drawing education in the academy for arts but that is another way of drawing which I really love. 2 years ago I got in touch with the Urban Sketchers Belgium and I fell in love with sketching, sketchbooks, sketchcrawls and many many drawing tools:-). Unfortunately I have not so much time but now it is a challenge to sit atb my desk every night and make somen ”awesome” art:-)

  39. Agata says:

    Hi, my name is Agata, I’m from Poland and live in Warsaw. I’m forty something 😉 Last year I read Danny Gregory’s “The Creative Licence” and – out of the blue;) – started to sketch the world around me. I drew a lot when I was a child, but stopped in my early twenties. I started to read books about art and blogs of great sketchers. My life seems to be the same, but on the other hand it changed so much…
    I never met like-minded person in the real life yet, but – frankly speaking – it doesn’t matter: now I have a lot of sketch friends all around the world 🙂 Since Spring I have taken few online classes (SBS 1 and 2, Strathmore, Craftsy) but SketchingNow seems to be something special, because I’m a HUGE fan of our Liz:)
    My blog:

  40. Sugaron says:

    Hi! I am Susana, I am from Argentina and I am living in Beijing. I have been sketching for a while but not systematically. I need to put things in order if I want to see something starting to grow in my sketching. As I travel a lot I have good opportunities for sketching. I need to find my own way. I think I have arrived to the right place for learning how to. I am very happy for participating. I like also to work with watercolor, oil painting.

  41. Hi, My name is Jennifer and I live in Austin, TX.
    I am a teacher and a photographer. I love art and sketching and want to improve my skills. I’m excited about taking this class!

  42. DiAnnZ says:

    Well, my intro was marked as spam by Huh? Was it something I said? It’s because I’m a very late student, right? Duly noted.

    • DiAnnZ says:

      Well, I’ll try again tonight: I’m D’Ann from Idaho. I am semiretired from teaching, and I love having the time to devote to my artsy side now! I look forward to this new class with Liz (I was introduced to her through Sketchbook Skool).

  43. DiAnnZ says:

    Hello! I’m D’Ann from Meridian, Idaho. I’m new to sketching just this year, thanks to two semesters of Sketchbook Skool. I loved Liz’s class, and i’m looking forward to jumping in to SketchingNow! Yes, I know I’m late for class…

  44. DiAnnZ says:

    Hi, I’m D’Ann from Meridian, Idaho, USA. I am semi-retired from teaching/librarian/mom to 3. Sketching is new to me this year since taking two semesters of Sketchbook Skool, and I loved Liz’s class!
    Looking forward to learning new things from Liz again.

  45. DiAnnZ says:

    Hello, I’m D’Ann from Meridian, Idaho USA, semi-retired from teaching/librarian/mom to 3. I am new to sketchbooking this year, thanks to two semesters of Sketchbook Skool. I loved Liz’s class!
    I’m looking forward to this class too. 🙂

  46. A Native Northern Californian I live in Santa Cruz and am a Realtor by profession. Was introduced to a local Watercolor Journaling Group and they not only welcomed my inexperience but pointed me in this direction AND challenged me to do a sketch or w/c everyday w/o pencil, eraser or ruler for 75 days. I started 10/3 and figured it was the best birthday present I could give myself. Excited. Fearful and determined to put ego aside. I am starting this 2 weeks late and hope to catch up so I better get at it….

  47. elegia says:

    Hello, my name is Elena, I am Italian and I currently live in Rome, Italy, where I work as an Interior Designer. I often have to sketch a piece of furniture or a room but my sketching is childish. I can use Illustrator, Auto-cad and Photoshop but most of the time I end having to sketch because the clients and the artisans understand better hand-drawing than computer-drawing.
    I have a blog that speaks about decoration if you want to have a look
    Thank you Liz for having me in your course.
    (you can also download from the blog a free mini-guide of Rome where in the future I would like to add some sketches).

  48. Hello, I am Corinne. I live in Arnhem in the Netherlands. I love sketching and hope to learn a lot during this course. So far I enjoyed it a lot. Is there anybody else following the course, who lives in the Netherlands?

  49. aword61 says:

    Hi all, I’m Annette, and I am in the process of moving from deep south Texas (yes, we live 9 miles from the Mexican border and no, I am not afraid to go outside!), USA, to Louisiana, and am currently surrounded by boxes! I have been involved in photography, specifically nature photography, for several years, and, while I have enjoyed it very much, because I am outdoors all the time, I feel it’s now time to grab hold of my non-drawing ability and make it a drawing ability instead. I have an almost insane desire to sketch the world around me, and know that even though, right now, I am making rudimentary sketches, only practice will improve my drawing skills. Glad to meet everyone in cyber-school, and look forward to seeing everyone’s work. Liz, already, I have learned so much and thoroughly enjoy your teaching style. Thanks for making the time to create this course.

  50. ewormuth says:

    Hi everyone. I’m Elise, a fine art photographer branching out into sketching and watercolor. Just spent a fabulous 10 days at a watercolor sketching workshop in Tuscany with Brenda Swenson and am eager to continue the progress I made there. Looking forward to getting to know you all.

  51. I’m Kelley from Boise, Idaho and put down my paints and pastels for almost 7 years after many years in the galleries. It’s time to start again and I’m ready to roll.

  52. Hello, I’m Sandra and I live in the now FREEZING cold city of Libertyville, Illinois, USA. I have been doing art in one form or another for most of my life. I’ve spent about 35 years as a graphic designer and was a medical illustrator in the late 70’s (YIKES that was long ago!) I am also passionate about animal welfare, especially regarding feral and stray cats. I actually started a nonprofit that helps sterilize feral cats so they can live healthier lives and so the population of unwanted kittens is reduced. That and art fill me.

  53. mickied says:

    Hello Dawn hope you get to see this!
    I can be at Notcutts on Monday or Wedsnesday morning of next week if you can make it! I am enjoying the course and will bring my sketchbook to the coffee are, if you are able to come at anytime on those two mornings. I have lots to learn- I seem to be saying that for quite a number of years now!
    Best wishes

  54. Heather says:

    Hi all, My name is Heather I live in Sydney. I loved drawing in high school but was turned off by a couple of teachers. One that loved my ideas so much she would take over and make me loose my vision (and I found I had to ask her what the next step was which took the fun out of my creation). And the second who I loved, but she started doing adult classes only which I was not able to join. So I guess you could say I lost my way. I started again a few months ago, have filled 3 sketchbooks and hope to fill a lot more 😀

    It’s great to see some fellow Sydney siders!

  55. Paula.DZ says:

    Hello Everyone…My name is Paula and I live in Minnesota, a US state that borders Canada. I have always pursed art interests but was hooked on sketching about 2 years ago when I took an Urban Sketching class. It opened up big new worlds to me, not only in terms of drawing styles & public drawing (yikes) but the larger world with all of you sketchers out there. I have taken 3 Sketchbook Skool classes and a couple of Koesje Koene’s online classes as well. Love watercolor and drawing, music, travel and my family!. Look forward to learning and sharing a lot with everyone here.

  56. Sandra says:

    Hi. My name is Sandra and I live in Langley, British Columbia, Canada. I was raised on the Northern end of Vancouver Island in a small town called Port McNeill. I have always drawn or created something since I can remember. I studied Graphic Design and Visual Arts in the big city before settling down back in Port McNeill. I moved to the big city (Langley) about 12 years ago and make my living as a commercial artist in the architectural glass world. I love what I do but I spend all my time on computers. I have been looking forward to retiring soon but that is still about 20 years away. I have been trying to get back to working with my hands and pens/pencils for years. When I came across Liz’s sketching blog and class, I thought this is MY KICK IN THE PANTS and make that time. I love all forms of art but my passion is Watercolour sketching and Calligraphy as you can see on my Pinterest page (Sandi Stephens). Really looking forward travelling and sketching my way through life and retirement. Thanks.

    • Hi Sandra, I live in Whistler & get to the Vancouver area fairly regularly, tho’ not so much out to Langley, maybe one day we can meet up and sketch together 🙂 Or if you’re in Whistler, there is a group of us who meet regularly to sketch at coffee shops or in the evening go to a pub (Drink & Draw – we’ve just started with those), life drawing etc. So let me know if you’re in town –

  57. cerena says:

    Hi my names Cerena and I live in the country about 2 hours north east of Perth, West Aus. Great to read all about everyone and looking forward to improving my quick drawing skills. I have always done some sort of art during my life, though it was difficult when my kids were little. Now they have flown the nest I am just getting into enjoying time for me:)
    Found Urban Sketchers while surfing the net and it struck a cord with me. Really looking forward to the next 12 weeks.

  58. Dickie says:

    Hello, my name is Annette and I live in Germany near Cologne.
    It’s nice to see so many familiar names that I know from SBS already. I’m a big fan of Liz’ structured and lively manner to teach and am looking forward to the next months together!

  59. SimplSketchr says:

    Hi, I’m Jean. I live north of Seattle, Washington near Puget Sound. As my login implies, I’m a VERY simple sketcher. I recently retired from a career in engineering, love architecture and travel, and really want to be brave enough to sketch when I travel. Teacups are too small for the tea or coffee I drink and when I travel I buy a mug from my favorite places. When I have my morning coffee I just think where I’d like to be that day and choose that mug! It brings pleasant memories to the beginning of each day.

  60. maryfrantz says:

    Hi my name is Mary. I am retired but, still have a 15 year old to raise. I live in SW Mich. Hoping to move to Florida by next summer. I have taken a couple of drawing and watercolor classes and hooked on sketchbook skool for sure. I consider myself a beginner but, in spite of my lack of talent I have alot of enthusiasm. I just love drawing and painting. Watching the paper come alive. Can’t really explain it only to say I just love it. Looking forward to learning to really be able to draw and paint well. Glad to meet you all. Very exciting to see where everyone is from. Found out about Liz in SBS and I just love that she explains everything.

    • Julie says:

      Hi Mary, My daughter lives in St. Joseph, MI and I have a daughter that lives in Florida in Lakeland. I am a Michigan native but currently live in North Carolina. I have just started drawing and watercolor classes and I am still doing SKS beginnings, it takes me awhile to get things done while working. I love it all and am so excited to be able to be so creative! I am still working but we visit both Michigan and Florida on a regular basis. Good luck and maybe we’ll run into each other sometime.

    • Beth says:

      Hi, Mary. I live just a bit north of Holland, Michigan. Currently under a great deal of snow and wind! Perhaps when the roads are passable we can meet in the middle and sketch together some time!

  61. Jenny Ingham says:

    Hi this is JennyI. I live in Manly, Sydney near the harbour and Pacific Ocean. I’m loving reading where everyone comes from. Who would have thought years ago we’d be connecting this way. I took up sketching when 65 years mainly because I wanted to be able to draw for my grandkids. Now we all draw together. Aged 1 – 4. I was fortunate to come across Liz so have loved attending her classes and workshop….just love those pigments and the fact every drawing is special… And wonky lines add character. Ha. Cheers all

  62. I’m Laurie, I’ve lived in San Francisco for the last 30 years. Before that I lived in Australia for about 15 years, and a bunch of other places before that. Since 1985 I’ve been a graphic designer and illustrator. I’ve been working on the computer ever since the first Mac Plus came out. About 6 years ago I did a field sketching class in the Sierra Nevada with John Muir Laws and realized that I needed to get back to working without an undo button, getting my fingers dirty and looking at the world with my own eyes, without electronic mediation. I decided to develop a regular sketching practice, but could never get my friends to come out with me. So two years ago I set up a weekly Meetup group, and discovered that lots of other people also wanted to ditch their electronic devices and sketch on paper, in company with other people.
    I’ve admired Liz’s work on flickr and in her blog for a long time, and am excited to learn more about her approach to sketching.
    You can find me on flickr at

  63. Tyanne says:

    Hi, I am Tyanne (rhymes with Diane). i have been drawing for about 6 years now after being a long time quilter. i have always loved and felt confident with color but felt I could not draw. Slowly that has been changing. I have admired Liz’ work for years so could not resist taking this class. It looks like it will be fun.

  64. Mierseawen says:

    Dearest Liz,
    I am so excited to start your class, I love your style of art and that’s why I am so excited to learn from you.
    I am new to art, but right now we are moving from our home in Palmdale CA to Oxnard, CA. So I have been quite busy packing, but as soon as we get settled I look forward to starting my assignments. Liz I love it that you give us assingments to work on. Thank you for this class I really look forward to learning from you.

  65. Kalena says:

    Kalena here, I live in Anacortes Washington, I’m a member of Anacortes Sketchers ASk.
    I enjoy learning about drawing and water color. Grew having had someone tell me that I could not even draw stick people right…so spent many years not bothering to try! As a ‘grown up’ I realized that was a personal lie and decided to give it a try! I’ve done just about every other craft imaginable over the years so why not this!
    It’s fun and challenging and I have found it is possible to learn with practice and instruction and lots of patience!….and I’ve met so many wonderful people in the process! Now I can include all of you too! K

  66. Hello! I’m Melissa Wiley, a children’s book author and mom of six in San Diego, California. I have had a lifelong yearning to draw and paint, but my efforts to learn how have been few and fleeting. In a costume design class in college we read Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and spent a few class periods doing negative space exercises, and I was entranced–but I was busy doing other things and didn’t persevere with sketching after the class moved on. After I had children I began doing some nature journaling with them, but again I’ve been quite sporadic about my own work, much more a facilitator of theirs. My kids can draw circles around me! 😉

    This past year, I’ve been watching a lot of art tutorials on Youtube with my kids, and for the past couple of months, my youngest daughter and I have been enjoying working in our art journals together while listening to audiobooks. This past fall I took a short Line Drawing class with Lisa Congdon and an Art Journaling class with Dawn Devries Sokol, both via Creativebug, and those have inspired me be consistent about doing art on a daily basis. I am just about to finish my first course with Sketchbook Skool and heard about this workshop on the SBS Facebook page. I couldn’t resist! So here I am.

    I have been fortunate to have my books illustrated by some truly wonderful artists, including Erwin Madrid, Sebastien Braun, Ag Jatkowska, and Melissa Iwai. I admire and envy their talents! 🙂

    In addition to writing books, I have been blogging about my family’s reading life and other adventures for nearly 10 years at Here in the Bonny Glen ( ).
    Twitter: @melissawiley
    Instagram: @bonnyglen

    • Melissa,

      I enjoyed a peruse of your blog. I see you’ve read most of Helene Hanff’s books! I love all of those and reread them frequently. Took my teen daughter to London in the Spring (also homeschooling, originally 6, two now graduated) and we hunted down the much changed premises of 84 Charing Cross Rd. Many lovely old bookstores still nearby. It was good sketching territory. (I wrote to Hanff as a teen and got a postcard back with her famous address across the top … now a permanent bookmark in my beat up copy of “84”.)

  67. Anne says:

    I live in Balgowlah Heights, on the Northern Beaches of Sydney with my husband, our labradoodle and 2 ‘boomerang’ adult children. I was a primary school teacher for 30 years and loved creating art with children but I never had much time to do my own art. Now that I’ve retired, I have the time to follow my interests – sketching, painting, travel and coffee with friends.
    The removal of a benign brainstem tumour in 2008 resulted in the restricted use of the right side of my body. I have taught herself to paint and sketch with my left hand. As Liz says…I’ve decided to embrace this wobbly, loose style and develop it. I find that I get ‘lost’ in sketching and this helps me escape from dealing with nerve pain. So more art = less pain! The best medicine!

  68. I’m Carol and I live in Brisbane. I was born in South Africa and lived there until I immigrated to Australia 4 years ago. I went to art school and trained to be a teacher, taught for some time and then did a number of other things including book illustration, mosaic designs, running my garden landscaping company and finally I opened a retail shop with my son and daughter in law.

    When I moved here, I convinced them to buy my share in the family business and now earn my living from art. I teach and run workshops from my home studio; paint and undertake commissions.
    Sketching was always something I only did while on holiday, now I am making it part of my daily life.

  69. jmeetze says:

    I am glad to see you here Dale and looking forward to a great class.

  70. Dale says:

    Hi My name is Dale. I have always been interested in art, drawing and watercolor. No time for art through most of my life, with career and family. Now I have been in SBS Beginning, Seeing and Storytelling and now in Liz’s class. I have met some lovely people in SBS and we have formed a group East Bay Sketchers. We just got together again today. I live in Concord, CA.

  71. arubinst says:

    Hi, I’m Andrea. I also live in Louisiana and found out about this class through the Facebook Sketchbook Skool group. I started sketching a year ago last October after retiring and visiting an art museum while on vacation. I’ve taken all 3 SBS semesters & have really enjoyed them. Keeping a travel journal while on vacation a few months ago really opened up my eyes as to a new way to more deeply experience my world, both familiar and foreign.

  72. Angela says:

    Hello everyone,
    Wow it took me a while to get to the end of this list! My name is Angela and I live in Conway, PA near Pittsburgh. I am an elementary school teacher. I have always loved art; especially drawing and watercolor. I have taken all 3 Sketchbook Skool semesters and Awesome Art Journaling. Really enjoyed Liz’s Sketchbook class and looking forward to this one. I consider myself a life long learner of art. I am on Flickr and Facebook. See you in class.

  73. laoquinn says:

    Hello I’m Laura. I live in Louisiana. I love to sketch all the wonderful things around me. Learning all the time. Enjoy Liz’s classes before through Sketchbook Skool had to come back. Looking forward to class

  74. Hi, I am Susan Torgerson James and I live in Gainesville, Florida. I have a background of studying architecture, interior design, and textile design. I have worked at many things including my own children’s clothing design business, teaching, and I am now hand painting silk scarves and making a few women’s jackets and silk and linen tops.
    I have been sketching for awhile and am a part of Journey Daybook where we make illustrated travel journals. I was lucky to be able to attend the USK Symposium in Brazil this year and I took a workshop with Liz. I am looking forward to improving my sketching and becoming a better Urban Sketcher. I love being a part of this global group!
    I can be found at and on flickr Satorisilk.

  75. Gabi says:

    What an interesting and diverse group! I am so much looking forward to spending the next 12 weeks (well only 11 left) with you and Liz.
    I am from Vienna, Austria (Europe) and it’s really nice to see some other Austrians in this course – so maybe the sketchcrawls in Austria will have more participants in the future. And I also recognize some fellow quilters – hello Helen Conway and Gloria Hansen.
    I am so happy that Liz has finally decided to launch this course. I found her blog about 2 years ago and immediately realized that this is exactly the way I would like to sketch. I tried on my own and in some courses (yes – Sketchbookskool as well) and now I’m able to take a course with Liz.

  76. Ev Thomas says:

    Hi, I am Ev from Durban, South Africa. I am a stock photographer and food blogger , and haven’t really done much sketching since school days ( a very long time ago) so looking forward to this challenge. Have long been an admirer of Liz’s work, so I am hoping to learn a lot.
    My blog :

  77. dphock says:

    Hello all, I’m Diane, and I’m from Healdsburg, California which is in the beautiful wine country, about an hour north of San Francisco. I’ve admired and followed Liz for a number of years, and am so excited to be part of this group! I’m a lawyer by profession, working distantly for a firm on the opposite side of the country doing the written side of legal work. I live with my teenaged daughter, a dog and a cat.

    I sketch regularly with an Urban Sketchers group in my area (Urban Sketchers – North Bay) and have really enjoyed the Sketchbook Skool classes. I love seeing different styles and approaches to sketching, and I’m finding my way into my own style, I guess. I try a little of everything and see how it goes! I blog about my creative pursuits at , and you can see my sketches on my flickr page, too.

    So glad to be in this class!

  78. Jule says:

    Hi, I’m Julie, a Brit, living with my husband in Javea, Spain. I started watercolour painting 2 years ago and love it, but my drawing lets me down and is inhibiting my progress. Liz writes an inspiring blog and I look forward to learning from her wealth of experience. Already the first exercise has made me focus on the equipment I use, and forced sketching into my day.

  79. cilko says:

    Hi All,

    My name is Cecilia, I am from Hungary, live in a tiny village near Budapest. I am an illustrator, graphic designer.
    You find my blog here: or facebook/fellegajto – although I am quite a hectic blogger.

    I am glad to see so many passionate sketchers-to-be… My aim with this course is to improve my sketching, develop my own style and establish a routine of daily sketching… And also because Liz is a very inspiring person for me…

    Is there anyone here from nearby Budapest?


  80. bekahjan says:

    Hi everyone! My name is Rebekah and i’m a stay at home mom from the U.S. in the state of California. I have loved art since a child and am so excited to learn more!! Watercolor is my favorite media with mixed media being my second. I love to quilt, knit and crochet. You can find me at where there is also a link to my social media sites.

  81. Cmcfeely says:

    Hi, my name is Claire McFeely. I’m in San Jose, California which is in the bay area near San Francisco. I’ve been working for 36+years as a software designer, but as I approached mid-life and my 3 sons were getting older, I started craving doing something more creative and more with my hands. A few years ago I started watercolor journaling and fell in love with doing casual pages for myself (no place on the walls at home to hang stuff and I prefer being more private) which mix text and image. I am most passionate when my subject touches my family or friends – times spent together, memory pages of sentimental items, etc.

    I also love to walk, cook (for fun), sew, garden, listen to music, ….

    A few years ago I started a blog,
    I haven’t been active on it much this year, but I hope to start reposting to it and connecting with other artists. Stop by and take a look.

  82. Ann says:

    Hi, my name is Ann and it is nice to meet you all. I live in Sydney, Australia and I am looking forward to seeing your art works representing different parts of the world where you live. I have been sketching for one year and have a lot to learn so I’m really looking forward to the home work.

  83. meh says:

    Hi all. My name is Mary. I’m originally from Detroit, but I’ve lived in Chicago for 25 years. I’ve sketched for a long time, but I’ve never taken an online class before, so this should be fun. I also like to knit and crochet.

  84. Hi everyone, my name is Cheryl
    I live in Canberra. I work full time but really want to be an artist! My art passion is mixed media but I desperately want to be able to create a visual journal for my travel adventures. I’ve tried. I’m really not very good. AND I’m scared stiff of drawing in public. I’ve got so much to learn!!!

  85. nanameer says:

    I am Nancy and I live in San Diego , CA I in the USA. After my husband and I retired, we traveled through all 49 states in our Roadtrek 20 foot RV. I recorded our travels with a written journal and photographs but never had enough courage to illustrate them. I have many ideas from Sketchbook Skool and am looking forward to learning the skills from Liz to put them to paper.

  86. varaine says:

    Hi everyone,
    I am Marylou and live in Brunswick Heads, northern NSW. I have done one of Liz’s architecture sketching classes in the rocks which was invaluable. I am so grateful for the mighty internet to give me the chance to learn more! I love drawing & painting but tend to get caught up in the detail. Sketching helps to overcome the obsession for perfection!

  87. badelano says:

    Greetings. I am Barbara from Atlanta, Georgia in the USA. I found out about this course from Sketchbook Skool and also your blog, Liz. My Sketchbook buddy, my sister-in-law, and I are taking your class together. I am a novice artist, having taken drawing and painting art classes intermittently throughout my life. I am looking forward to the foundational aspect of this course, as I learn best by starting with basic and building on that knowledge. I know that I didn’t need to but I bought some watercolors yesterday and am already having some fun.

  88. karenmirande says:

    karen from the left coast USA. a landscape architect who found out about this class via .. i use AD markers instead of water color, and colored pencils instead of water color pencils, but the principals are the same. and interesting to use a blender marker instead of water…
    i hope to get better at sketching and colors while having fun 🙂

  89. Petra says:

    Hi! I am Petra and living near Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Started in May this year with drawing and currently following Sketchbook school “seeing”. I really need to learn a lot and also “to loosen up” with my drawings and draw more regularly. I have been following Liz’s blog with great pleasure and am looking forward to this course!

  90. Bruce Graham says:

    Hi! My name is Bruce and I live in Christchurch, New Zealand. Most mornings after breakfast, courtesy of the Internet, I have followed the sketches of Liz and others as they sketch round Sydney; The Rocks and CBD, and other places I remember from holidays. I have followed her progress and look forward to being part of it.

  91. Bruce Graham says:

    Hi! My name is Bruce and I live in Christchurch, New Zealand. Most mornings after breakfast, courtesy of the Internet, I have followed the sketches of Liz and others as they sketch round Sydney; The Rocks and CBD, . I have followed her progress and look forward to being part of it.

  92. clarissagg says:

    Hi, I’m Clarissa, a Brazilian/American living in a small farm in the countryside of São Paulo State, in Brazil. I love drawing and sketching, and I’m trying to practice every day (when life doesn’t interfere!). I’m an artist, a mother, a grandmother, a wife, a reader, and much more – who isn’t nowadays? My principles in life are my love of knowledge, my goal to be a good person and self-analysis. I hate gossip, stupidity, frogs of any kind and violence. I’m a feminist and I don’t live without dogs. I think that sums it up. Very excited for Liz’s lessons.

  93. My name is Dawn and I live in a small village in Norfolk (UK). I came across the idea of keeping an illustrated journal and although I don’t consider myself a skilled artist I’ve jumped in and am thoroughly enjoying it! I discovered Liz Steel a year or two ago and have been reading her blog which is such an inspiration. Apart from Liz’s wonderful style and contagious enthusiasm it’s great to find a Christian who is so comfortable about her faith and sharing it appropriately as part of her artwork and writing. Yes, I am also a Christian (and a vicar!). Enjoying week 1 of the Foundations course and really looking forward to the remaining 11 sessions!

    • Welcome, Dawn! I agree about the faith thing. Where are you in Norfolk? I love sketching on the North Norfolk coast, esp around Burnham Overy Staithe. I live in the States, by my mum still runs an art group at her church in Norwich, Surrey Sketchers, as well as one that meets in Hethersett. She also puts on art shows in Wymondham in the old library. Norfolk is such a fantastic place to draw.

    • mickied says:

      Hello Dawn
      The world has got even smaller! I actually live very close to Notcutts on the Norwich inner ring road! so pleased to see you and Brian are nearby and will look forward to seeing your work.
      Like you I have been following Liz’s blogs for several years and wished I was not so far from Sydney. Now we have the chance to join in online I am so pleased.
      If you fancy meeting up, maybe at Notcutts café sometime, do let me know. Would love to see your sketchbooks and very happy for you to see my scrawls-I assure you they are VERY amateurish! Now must get back to my homework!

      • Hi mickied
        I left a reply further up (takes ages to locate an entry on this thread!) – Notcutts sounds good. My sketching is also amateurish and not very prolific but I do enjoy working in my journal – looking forward to gaining a bit more confidence through this course!

    • Snowdrop46 says:

      Hi Dawn,
      Well I succumbed and although a little late I have joined up to the course.
      (For others reading, I am already a friend of Dawn’s and she inspired me to join in. So I am another one in the Norwich area, I live just south of Norwich in Mulbarton)

  94. Leona says:

    My name is Leona and I live in Canada. An academic historian by training, I have been enamoured for years by the tiny drawings found in some Victorian-era diaries. Just over a year ago, I took up sketching. My goals are modest: to improve and to have fun. I am confident that this Foundations course will help me achieve my goals. Cheers.

  95. Hi everyone. My name is Shauna. I live in Avalon on Sydney’s Northern beaches ( I was excited to see Liz visited my area this week). I co own an art supplies shop in this area and one of my lovely customers told me about this course.(ps Liz was right , access to a large amount of art supplies does not make you a good sketcher.)
    I grew up in a creative family and tried many forms of art and other creative activities, everything from stained glass to sewing to painting. The one thing I have stuck to and love is printmaking, mostly Lino cuts. I love the strong lines and colour. I have never been a drawer or sketcher but have always loved the idea of sitting and sketching, especially since my husband has retired and we hope to be able to do a few short getaways. I could sketch while he plays golf. I just have to get over the fear and self criticism. Hoping Liz will help with this. X

  96. sandra de says:

    Hello everyone, I’m Sandra from Sydney, Australia. I work in paediatric health and relax by creating with paper/paint/glue. I have had the privilege of taking two classes with Liz sketching and painting teacups and buildings in The Rocks. Absolutely love her teaching style. Signed up to Sketchbook Skool and recognise a few names from SBS. So looking forward to Liz’s class and sharing how we all see this wonderful world.

  97. Jim Blodget says:

    Hi everyone. I’m Jim Blodget.I’ve been drawing and painting for pleasure since I retired in 2008. I love to tinker with all kinds of media. Along the way I’ve been a photographer, film maker, TV producer, director, editor, instructor, media specialist, computer programmer, web designer, and blogger. I’m 66 and live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (Oregon, USA). Link to my blog: and to my Flickr photostream: .

  98. BarbaraBerry says:

    Hi Everyone! I’m Barbara from Vancouver, Canada and I am a Sketchbook Skool Skolar and novice sketchbook artist. I have just started sketching and journaling a few months ago and haven really enjoying the journey so far. I am a curriculum designer in higher education and work with health scientists and interactive arts academics including engineers and architects. I have always loved structure and patterns and I am really looking forward to this course with Liz. I have enjoyed other creative pursuits over the years from music to tailoring to knitting. I have a Flickr site and will soon launch my blog. Stay tuned….

  99. Beth P says:

    Hi, I’m Beth, and I live in Austin, Texas. I accidentally became a technical writer a long time ago, but I’ve always dabbled in art. My degree is in art history, minor in interior design. I’m here because I somehow stumbled onto your blog, Liz, and suddenly had found someone who paints and draws the way I want to paint and draw. Loose and expressive and communicating in real time. I was also toying with the sketchbook and journal ideas, so that’s a plus.

    Although I’ve certainly taken fine watercolor and drawing classes over the years, I finally realized that I’m not interested in doing full-blown watercolor paintings or especially realistic drawings. I really just want the suggestion of an experience, a prompt of the memory of where it was and what I was doing. I don’t want to spend gobs of time on it, and I want to move on. But I want to look back at it later and check in to that place. It’s so true that your memory of a place and time is much more vivid if you draw it, even quickly.

    And I’ll add that I’ve never felt the least confident with watercolor or with sketching in public places. I’ve done it, but not with brilliant results. 🙂

  100. Tony Pryce says:

    G’day, My name is Tony. I live at Wentworth Point in Sydney near the Olympic precinct. I have come to art late in life having spent the last 15 years making fine furniture after retiring from business and was looking for something to do. My main aim is botanic art but I am also interested in drawing/painting what is around me and appeals to my eye. I am particularly keen to draw any travelling that I do.

  101. Amanda says:

    Hi everyone, I’m Amanda and we live in a small village near Windsor in the UK and several months of the year in an even smaller village near Cognac in South West France (lifetime dream realised when I retired four or five years’ ago). So, more of a rural sketcher than an urban one, accompanied by an uncomplaining elderly Border Collie, though he’d probably be delighted if I speeded up a bit! Along with several other people here, I’ve just finished Semester 3 of Sketchbook Skool which was really pushing me a lot. Have admired and followed Liz for a long while, so hope some of her magic will rub off!

  102. Mel Scott says:

    Hi I’m Mel from Melbourne, Australia.

    I just started sketching and drawing at the start of the year after signing up for a one day watercolour workshop on a whim. From there I found Liz’s blog and Sketchbook Skool and have been having a great time. I’m a writer by trade so nice to have a new creative thing that’s just for fun again! Looking forward to the next twelve months hanging out and learning with everyone.

  103. Marion says:

    Hello, everyone:

    My name is Marion, and I live outside Toronto, Canada. I created a lot of art when I was much younger, but only in the last year have I taken it up again. I started sketching (with some measure of consistency) this past spring in preparation for keeping an illustrated travel journal for a trip I was taking to Italy in the summer. Now long back from the trip, I am hooked on sketching. I am inhaling books, courses, blogs, and anything I can get my hands on, related to sketching, especially travel sketching.
    I take classes on watercolour and acrylic painting, but often can’t wait to get to my sketchbook. I started a blog about a year ago that has a lot of my art, as well as some pieces by friends of mine. If you’d like to stop by and leave some words of encouragement, the blog is at

  104. Carmela says:

    Hi everyone,
    I’m as excited as all of you to be part of this group. I live in Sunnyvale, California, USA. I see that there are others in the group who live in the general area. So perhaps we can get together to sketch at some point during the class. I’m a member of and had a small group who sketched monthly in the South San Francisco Bay area. You can view our efforts here

  105. Yana G says:

    Well, I pressed submit to fast :).
    My name is Yana and i live in San Diegom CA. Very excited to attend the class.
    Looking forward to meeting you all.

  106. Mila says:

    Hi everyone.
    My name is Mila and I currently live in Israel.
    Loved Liz’s Sketchbook Skool class, so I decided to enroll.
    I’ve always done some kind of art and I’m looking forward to learning to sketch with more spontaneity.

  107. Heather says:

    Hi to you all. I am Heather, and I live in Encinitas California, which is a few miles north of San Diego. I am new to art and sketching, but am very excited to start this class. I am originally from New Zealand, and spend a lot of time in Melbourne Australia where my son lives. Gardening and quilting are my other therapies!

  108. Hi. Is this where I introduce myself? Am a retired English teacher with no art training, but have benn dabbling with watercolour and textile art for several years – but it’ s since I discovered Urban Sketching that I feel I may have found my ‘thing’. Belong to both Manchester Urban Sketchers and Yorkshire Urban sketchers. Have followed Liz’s blog and love her work. Hoping to get faster and loosed as I go through the course. My only worry is the technology…..

    • Bordertart says:

      Hello Anne,

      I’m Elaine from Carlisle, which in terms of participants on this course makes us near neighbours. If the techie stuff look daunting, the best I can suggest is – find a teenager, they just make light of it all and at their age they don’t worry about breaking anything. Good luck in the coming weeks.

  109. marjimarks says:

    To have left your IT day job for needlecrafts sounds like a dream come true. I work for an data center consulting firm and I also knit and crochet, so your story resonates with me.

    Best of luck in this class and your business.


  110. Bordertart says:

    Hello everyone, my word this list of greetings is getting very long!

    My name is Elaine and I live in Carlisle, Cumbria, close to the English/Scottish border. I’m delighted to see that I’m not the only sketcher from the far North planning to go out in winter. I started drawing just a year ago, but my local art class has lost its tutor, and If I found Liz’s wonderful work while searching for support and ideas on line. I quit my day job as a IT business consultant 2 years ago to teach needlecrafts on a freelance basis and have never been happier. Just planning to make some fingerless mitts to keep my hands warm.

    • MaggieB says:

      Can we put in orders? It is getting pretty nippy for outdoor sketching in the far west of Wales too – though I did manage a 5-minute sketch today wearing those silly gloves with special finger ends for using with a mobile phone.

      • Bordertart says:

        Hello Maggie

        I see from your intro that you’re way out west in Pembrokeshire – such a beautiful place, lucky you. I’m going to make the mitts from the sleeves of a treasured old sweater, which will be quicker than knitting.

        • MaggieB says:

          Yes, Pembrokeshire is lovely when it’s not raining….yesterday we had a picnic on the beach in warm sunshine. No need for gloves – and yes I did do a sketch too. I tried making wrist warmers from an old jersey last year, but they were a bit light-weight, so I may have to pinch one of my husbands old sweaters for another go this winter.

  111. Jan says:

    Jan from Milwaukee, Wisconsin (north of Chicago on Lake Michigan).
    New to sketching and happy to have found it!
    I work with Veterans with serious mental illness and have found my sketching adds to the “joy” side of my day—balancing me and giving me a good dose of quiet energy. Now I ask regularly: Why doesn’t everyone sketch and paint?!

  112. Sharon says:

    I’m Sharon from Western Colorado, U.S.A. I’m getting back into drawing many years after earning a fine arts degree.
    Loved Liz’s approach to drawing in her Sketchbook Skool class, so here I am.
    Anyone else from the West Slope out there?

  113. marjimarks says:

    Ling, I also crochet and knit. In fact, have crocheted longer than I’ve been drawing.

  114. hweeling_tay says:

    I’m Ling from Singapore. I have very little sketching experience, but recently tried to pick up watercolor journalling with my 4 children, whom I home-school. I’ve always found my perfectionist tendencies getting in the way of drawing and painting, so I’m hoping to work on those insecurities. I find it easier to crochet….it’s nearly always neat, and mistakes can be easily undone.

    • Snowdrop46 says:

      Hi Ling,
      Just to say your not the only one with perfectionist tendencies that get in the way of drawing and painting. It is going to be a real challenge for me to use a bound sketchbook and not tear any pages out! May need to just scribble on one page just to break the perfectionist spell! Here’s to a new freedom in our artwork!

  115. hgaitanis says:

    Hi all,
    I live in El Segundo, California. Started drawing again this past year (took a few semesters of architectural drafting in college). Interesting improving my drawing skills and learning more about working with other mediums.

  116. Fran says:

    Hi everyone. I’m Fran from Geraldton, Western Australia. I found Liz through Danny Gregory and Urban Sketchers. I’m looking forward to learning to sketch with more spontaneity, less procrastination and the confidence to sketch wherever I happen to be. Such a big group here. This is going to be fun!

  117. sharonb says:

    Hello everyone – iI am from Canberra Australia. I went to art school 30 years ago and trained in painting but life took me towards textiles and then teaching Photoshop, Illustrator and web design in an art school. I have always kept a journal and studio journals but after many years I am returning to drawing from life- in a sketchbook. Most of all after years of computer work I enjoying the rediscovery of ‘marks and stuff’ on paper. I am looking forward to this class after reading Liz’s blog for years.
    You can find me at
    and for textiles at

    If there are any other Canberrans out there – I would love to make contact

  118. Cateval says:

    Hi, everyone, I’m Cate, a lifelong Sydney resident. Most of my art experience has been printmaking and I’m quite new to sketching. Looking forward to this course!

  119. Liz Steel says:

    In regard to unsubscribing to comments

    To unsubscribe from this or any comment section you have subscribed to click the ‘unsubscribe option’ at the base of one of the emails you have received. (unchecking the “notify me of follow-up comments by email”below doesn’t work.)

    I have included an image in the questions page

  120. wow, what a group! I think the aussies may be bending the class curve!

    I live in San Diego California and have been drawing for about 6 months. I connected the same dots from Danny Gregory to Urban Sketchers to LIz. I am retired from marketing medical products and have fallen hard for my sketchbooks, pens and brushes.
    I am also just down the 5 from several folks and have gas money.

  121. Liz May says:

    HI everyone – It is so great to hear from you all!
    (I am testing how the unsubscribe feature – to check that it works)

  122. meclamp says:

    Ros!! Good to see you here too. This looks like it’s going to be lots of fun.

  123. Jim Blodget says:

    Hi everyone. I’m Jim Blodget. I’ve been drawing and painting for pleasure since I retired in 2008. I love to tinker with all kinds of media. Along the way I’ve been a photographer, film maker, TV producer, director, editor, instructor, media specialist, computer programmer, web designer, and blogger. I’m 66 and live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (Oregon, USA). Link to my blog: and to my Flickr photostream: .

  124. barkleigh says:

    Hi everyone, I’m Julia from Milton-near-Boston, I’ve been learning watercolors since 1998 and somewhere along the line started sketching, which is now my passion. I retired 5-6 years ago from a marketing-publishing-corporate management career and have been busier than I ever was when I was working full time. I collect published sketchbooks (Danny Gregory, et al.) as well as facsimiles of sketchbooks by “famous artists” (Prendergast, Sargent, etc.) and I also buy WAAAYYY too many art materials. Now it’s time to use some of them. I follow Cathy Johnson’s blog and also Liz, whom I discovered through Gregory’s and others books. Really excited about this course and hope to loosen up and speed up my sketching. I travel to sketch, and especially enjoy architectural subjects (though my buildings frequently lean like that building in Pisa …)

  125. Shirley Jenkins
    Duxbury, MA is my home. I trained as a landscape designer @ Radcliffe College and worked for many years for the Boston Redevelopment Authority. Finally I had time to take a watercolor course in 1992 and I have enjoyed painting greatly. I am looking forward to developing better fast sketching skills. Travel has been a big part of my life; the sketchbooks I have are a huge store of happy memories! Here’s to many more!

  126. Julie says:

    See above intro. I think I forgot to check the notify box!

  127. Julie says:

    Hi Everyone, I’m Julie and I live in North Carolina U.S., near Raleigh and Durham. I grew up in Michigan and I still have family there. I teach fitness and yoga to seniors. I have recently been exploring my interest in watercolor and now sketching with my teacher, Lin Frye. We are taking this class together. I’m excited to be here and know it will be fun and challenging. I am on Facebook too and I am also doing sketchbook skool beginnings.

  128. tama says:

    I’m Tama from Tucson and recently took the storytelling session of Sketchbookskool. For 24 years my husband and I have helped people self publish books. We mostly work in person, but have a website at, Everyone in thi group sounds so accomplished! My hobbies are art, spinning, rughooking and old-fashioned living. My claim to fame is that I won a Thanksgiving turkey a few years ago at a flintlock rifle shooting contest.

    I want to use my sketching to produce small books on topics I find exciting. I’m thinking a series on the Mexican restaurants of Tucson would be fun. I would like to improve my ability to sketch quickly and portray food and buildings. Now if I can just master the computer skills needed to upload and download, etc. Cast-iron cooking is a lot easier!

  129. Patty Ruthe says:

    Hello! This is Patty Ruthe in Pennsylvania. I am naturally curious, a nature journalist, and a Sketchbook Skool Skolar. I’m sort of “semi-retired” as I still teach environmental science at the local community college. I love journaling about nature so therefore I am trying to improve my sketching skills. Besides taking on-line art courses, I am participating in the Pennsylvania Master Naturalist Program.

  130. Lisa Layton says:

    Hi everyone, gosh what a lot of you there are! I am Lisa, I live near the coast in beautiful West Dorset, UK. I have been painting and drawing for the past few years with varying degrees of success! I work mainly in acrylics and watercolour and would like to gain confidence to sketch regularly out in public! I’m hoping this course will give me the impetus and direction to do this. I love Liz’s style and spontaneity and hope to capture some of this in my work! Well that’s the plan!

  131. emily says:

    This is wonderful that there are so many of us in the course, living in so many different parts of the world. Hello, everyone!
    I’m Emily. I was, as they say, – “born & bred”here in Kentucky. We make our home in Louisville.

    Though I painted some in oils growing up, it was not until 2007, (and after many, many years away from painting), that I picked up a watercolor brush. Such a different approach start to finish!

    I love keeping a watercolor journal, whether it’s just here at home or as we travel.

  132. Beth says:

    Hi, all. I’m Beth from near Holland, Michigan USA. I’ve tried to post here twice, and am not finding my post in the thread, so maybe the third time is the charm. I have been a college teacher and administrator for almost 30 years in literature and creative writing. I have published three mystery novels under the name Josie Gordon. I also sing and do a little readers theatre when there is an opportunity. I grew up as the one in my family who couldn’t draw! But when my creative interests led to me try working with comics, I decided I could learn something…enough to at least lay out storyboards for other artists. I’ve been practicing for a few years and joined Sketchbook Skool for all three semesters–the focus has helped my drawing really improve. That’s how I discovered Liz and I’m happy to be here with everyone. I am particularly loving people seeing all the posts timed and dated from the future!

  133. Carmen says:

    Hi, I’m Carmen I live in Girona, (near Barcelona) Catalonia (Spain). I work as a lawyer and I love to draw as a child. I’m a beginner sketcher but drawing makes me happy and it’s a very relaxing activity to disconnect from work. My speaking and writting English isn’t as fluent as I would like so I apologize for my mistakes specially spelling and grammatical errors. I’m really looking forward to this course.

  134. meclamp says:

    Wow what a lot of people!! Hello to everyone.

    I’m Michele and live near Boston, Massachusetts although I’m originally from England. I painted in high school but deviated into science for a fair few years until I decided to take up painting again a couple of years ago.

    I love Liz’s sketches, style and general approach to everything. And of course she is a devoted tea drinker – what’s not to like?

  135. yuskos says:

    Hi, I’m Norma and I live in Encinitas, a suburb of San Diego, California. I’ve done ceramics and other three dimensional art for more than half of my 68 years but just tried drawing a couple of months ago. I’m an avid gardener and traveler. For some reason, I’ve developed a burning desire to sketch/journal my clay projects, plants, and travel. I hope this course will get me started.

  136. Jenny says:

    Hello! I’m Jenny, hailing from San Francisco. Even though I’m an architect by profession, my previous sketchbooks have always been filled with more notes and diagrams than actual sketches. In fact, I think the only real drawings in my books before this year – buildings sketched on site in Brazil – take up a pitiful two pages.

    I discovered Liz’s blog and the Urban Sketchers site earlier this year and was amazed at the quality and quantity of beautiful sketches out there. The desire to make some of my own, combined with a trip abroad where I wanted to myself to fill up the pages of my empty sketchbook rather than filling up the SD card on my camera, led to me to rediscovering and relearning how to draw.

    I’ve always been overly analytical and precise when drawing – leading to me never doing it because it just took too long! So my journey into sketching this year has delved into exploring faster, looser, wonkier lines – and I still have a long ways to go. I’ve also started splashing watercolor onto my pages – something that I was absolutely terrified to touch before as I always just ended up making mud.

    When I’m not buried nose-deep in my sketchbook – which seems to be happening a lot as of late – I’m either out biking, exploring the great urban outdoors, or drinking way too much coffee.

    Excited for the upcoming few weeks ahead here!

    • Hi Jenny – I’m in SF too (Bernal Heights). If you’re ever looking to go sketching with other people you’re welcome to join the meetup group I organize
      We have something happening almost every weekend, mostly in the city but occasionally going to other parts of the bay area. We usually sketch for 2-3 hours then get together in a cafe to share sketches and chat.

  137. Hi all, my name is Kathleen and I live in Succasunna, New Jersey, USA. I started water color painting a few years ago and have recently started focusing on my drawing skills. I’ve taken some other great online classes and am really looking forward to this one.

  138. Elda says:

    Hello, my name is Elda. I live in Barcelona (Spain) and I have been teaching Biology and Earth Sciences in a Secondary School. Now I’m retired and spend much of my time painting, drawing and travelling. I love sketching outdoors and I’ve done a few sketchbooks but I would like to improve the composition, use of colour and speed.
    I’m a perfectionist and I am afraid to share my sketches on Facebook or Pinterest. So… share with you my drawings will be a challenge to me! Looking forward to begin and enjoy this course.

  139. mickied says:

    Hello Everyone
    I live in Norwich U.K. and belong to our local Urban Sketchers Group. I first came across Liz’s work in Cathy Johnson’s book which I discovered in Barnes and Noble’ s store in Clearwater, Florida, when visiting my brother. Started following her blogs and wishing I could go to one of her classes. (Ironically have been to Aus on a 6 month”gap year” trip- about 40 years later than most!- but this was before I knew about Liz! )
    Really excited about sketching, as since retiring have tried to capture travels, especially when in our camper van, here in UK or abroad..
    I went on a SketchCrawl day on my own in Norwich several years ago as could not find any others interested. How things have progressed!
    I need to work more quickly and not be so intimidated by perspective. Also to overcome a weakness for buying books about sketching and acting like a kid in a sweet shop when looking in art supply stores! Think I might not be alone in this! Good luck all- wherever you are!

  140. Laurzy says:

    Hello everyone. I live just outside Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I am a beginner at sketching and drawing. I have always wanted to learn how and now that my children are grown I am filling my empty nest with new learning adventures for me! Music is also an interest of mine and I love to sing, play piano and ukulele. I am excited to begin the course.

  141. marjimarks says:

    Hi, everyone!
    My name is Marj and I live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. I’m a writer and desktop publisher whose only art classes were in junior high and high school. However, since I read “Rendering in Pencil” by Arthur Guptill over 20 years ago I’ve been entranced with drawing. A member of the Colored Pencil Society of America since 1995, I attained my signature status in 2005 (which I achieved with abstracts, not my drawing skills :-).

    Like so many, I came to sketching after reading “The Art of Urban Sketching” in 2012. I’ve been sketching ever since, but unfortunately I too often allow work stress and pressure to keep me away from my sketchbook.

    I was thrilled to get the notice about SkNF because I want to learn more about sketching faster and better, and I need the accountability of learning with a group. My goal: to transform my intense, ongoing interest (with spotty execution) into an enriching life-long discipline.

  142. Nukiart says:

    Hi All,

    My name is Sue and I live in Southwestern Ontario. Although I’ve been working in watercolours for a few years now, my drawing skills needed some help and so I signed up for Sketchbook Skool and a whole new world opened up for me. My inner critic has been if not completely silenced at least muffled. I’ve sketched in public on a few occasions, limited by mobility issues rather than fear. I’ve even opened up my art blog, something I never thought I’d have the courage or desire to do. I’m looking forward to spending the early winter sharing and learning with you.

  143. Paddington says:

    Hi! I’m Debbe and live in the midwest of the US. I began sketching last spring. I have not drawn, sketched or painted before then. I kept a sketchbook journal on my vacation this summer and absolutely loved that! Looking forward to knowing how to show what I see, feel and imagine.

  144. Christine says:

    Hi everyone! My name is Christine and I currently live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I retired a few years ago to follow my passion and have been writing novels ever since. I’ve always done some kind of art in one form or another, mostly oil paintings and self-taught, and look forward to this course to help me be more involved in documenting with art on a more daily basis. In a few months, my husband will retire and we will travel full-time. This is the perfect medium to keep track of our travels. Looking this course!

  145. lotte says:

    Hi everyone,
    I am Lotte, living in Denmark with short days and winter coming.
    I began sketching in April after moving, and love it, love to try and capture my day and the world around me

  146. scribe300 says:

    Hello. I’m Theresa from Boise, Idaho. I have studied calligraphy as a hobby for a number of years. I began keeping a sketchbook after a class in San
    Diego from Jane Lafazio. Like a number of you, I found Liz through Sketchbook Skool. I look forward to this new sketching adventure.

  147. Eliza says:

    My name is Frankie (Eliza is my 8 year old granddaughter who also enjoys sketching). I live in North Idaho, near the Canadian border and work as a Hospice nurse. My son Rob, is an Urban Sketcher and sketches nearly every day. I’m hoping this class inspires me to sketch lots more!

    PS I also have a tiny bear who travels with me, in my car on daily patient visits…maybe I’ll do some drawings of him!

  148. Claudia says:

    Hi, my name is Claudia and I live in Linz, Austria. I’ve become interested in urban sketching after reading the book “the art of urban sketching”. I’m a beginner to sketching and looking forward to this course.

  149. Lynn Russell says:

    I’m Lynn. I live in South Burlington, Vermont. We’ve had a beautiful summer and fall and now winter and the cold weather are approaching. I was introduced to keeping an illustrated journal a few year ago through reading Danny Gregory’s Everyday Matters book. I just attended 3 semesters of Sketchbook Skool online(although I did not complete all my homework) and that is where I was introduced to Liz Steel. I love Liz’s work and promise to do all my homework for Sketching Now.

  150. Joanne says:

    Hello, I’m Joanne and I live in Santa Fe, NM. I’ve been painting in watercolor for a long time and have explored other media such as oils and watercolor pencils. In the past several years I have also spent time quilting and knitting creating my own designs. These days I spend most of my free time painting and sketching primarily in ink and watercolor. I work full time as a project coordinator for an Architectural/Engineering firm, so free time is limited but fun!
    I just can’t get enough of exploring, learning, and creating art:)

    I’m excited about this course with Liz Steel whose art I have enjoyed so much!

  151. Hello. I’m Charlene and live in Seattle, Washington. I’ve been painting and photographing for most of my life and am a full time artist. I started keeping travel sketchbooks about ten years ago but that was the only time I sketchbooked until about A year ago. Now I sketch every day and it has surpassed the time I spend on my paintings and photography. I love it. I’m excited to take Liz’s class as I love her style, her interests and most of all, how analytically she approaches all manner of art questions and goals. So looking forward to this!

  152. Anne says:

    Hello to you all. What an amazing group of people we are, and from so many parts of the world! I am Anne, and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I am a botanic artist, and am drawn to the fine details. However, I want to encourage that part of me that wants to be loose and expressive. I am very excited by Liz’s first lesson, and can’t wait to try those ‘juicy’ washes.
    My blog is

  153. Hanne says:

    I am Hanne and I live in Berlin, Germany.

    • Liezl says:

      Hi Hanna! So nice to see some one from Berlin! I just visited Berlin in September and had an awesome time at a live workshop with artist, Stephanie Levy. It was also love at first sight on our Berlin city experience!
      Kind regards from Cape Town in Sourh Africa x

  154. kerstin2014 says:

    Hi, my name is Kerstin Engström and I live in Sweden (northern Europe). I live on the countryside on a small farm. We have Icelandic horses, cats and dogs. Calligraphy, painting and drawing have I during the last year tried to do on a daily basis. I also do some bookbinding, partly because it is hard to find good sketchbooks in Sweden.

  155. Hi Everyone

    I’m Brian, and live in the beautiful city of Norwich, England. I am retired now after a career in the Printing industry, and more recently in University administration. I have been interested in art for a long time, but only started seriously sketching and painting about 10 months ago. So far I have taken all three SBS classes (which were great), and I am really looking forward to this class with Liz. I love drawing architecture, and am hoping to learn more about sketching a bit more quickly on location, as my current drawings take me a long, long time!

    • Hi, Brian. I grew up next to the UEA (on Bluebell Rd) though now I’m in the USA. My parents still live in Hethersett. Very much miss beautiful Norwich. I loved sketching the Cathedral cloisters as a young person. Look forward to seeing your sketches.

      • Hi, great to hear from you. I live in Costessey (not that far from Bluebell Road) and spent six years working at the UEA before I retired. So lucky to live somewhere with all that great medieval architecture to draw! Looking forward to the course, and seeing some of your work from the USA.

        • mickied says:

          Hi Brian
          I am just down the road behind Notcutts! Also saw there is a Dawn from Saxlingham Nethergate on the course too! trying to track down where she is amongst all on this site!
          Do you go to Norwich Urban Sketchers too? They are meeting tomorrow, Sunday 16 Nov, at1pm at Britannia Café- adjacent to Norwich prison. you would be very welcome if you are not already a member. Hope to go but have had foot op recently. Looking forward to seeing your Norwich work!

          • Hi Brian – I know what you mean about trying to track someone down on this list! I tend not to look at e-mails on Sundays or Mondays so quite a build up since then. Great to know there’s a Norwich Urban Sketchers! Would be good to get together over coffee and sketchbooks at some point with you and mickied… my contact details are on the Diocese of Norwich website! (use Find a Person to search)

    • Snowdrop46 says:

      Hi Brian,
      I am another one in the Norwich area. Have been friends with Dawn for years. It great to hear that there are others close by. Sketching is rather new to me.
      Snowdrop46 aka Julie

      • Hi micied, Dawn and Snowdrop46

        Great to hear from you all. Sorry about the time it has taken me to reply – I haven’t looked at this page recently. There is indeed a Norwich Urban Sketchers group – details on the web site – (I usually go – although I missed the last one at Britannia Cafe. I would be happy to meet up for a coffee with you all and perhaps a bit of sketching. As well as the Urban Sketchers, there is a weekly Norwich outdoor painting group which meets every Wednesday in the Forum at 10.30. We decide on a location in Norwich every week, and then walk there and spend two or three hours sketching and painting it. Everyone is very welcome (beginners and experts included) and it is a really friendly group. Just turn up if you are interested. If you would like to get in touch directly, my email is

  156. Carolyn says:

    Hi, I am Carolyn from Cairns in the Tropical Far North in Qld Australia. New to sketching but really enjoying going out with the Cairns Plein Air group. Looking forward to the course.

  157. Alex says:

    Hi I’m Alex and I live in Bridgetown, Western Australia. I kept a journal back in 2009 (before I moved to Australia) and loved creating it and found it such a therapeutic thing to do. Unfortunately, life took over and the habit was broken but I’m hoping to use this course to get back into my art journal ways. I’m a beginner and have no technique at all so I’m look forward to learning lots from this course and from the community too. Not sure how well I’ll keep up with the weekly tasks as we’re heading into end of term madness at school (I’m a teacher) and then we’re heading to the UK for a wintry Christmas holiday, but I am fairly determined to carve out a bit of ‘me’ time for sketching.

    🙂 Alex

  158. Kathy says:

    Hello fellow sketchers. I’m Kathy from San Diego and I began sketching for the first time as a student in the online Sketchbook Skool. I liked Liz’s approach to teaching and look forward to learning more from her. I’m a retired librarian and enjoy cycling, cycle touring, birding, good food, and now sketching.

  159. lenageda says:

    Hi, I’m Lena, live in Kyiv, Ukraine. I’m a journalist and a pianist. I have never before done any sketching, but I always wanted. I like watercolors, but no practice with them also. I’m interested in architecture, modern art and classical music.

  160. simonstuart says:

    Hi all – My name is Simon and I live in Melbourne Australia. I took up sketching a year ago and did a weekend course with Liz. It was a great learning experience and lots of fun. I am back for more inspiration, tips and techniques.

    • Hi Simon, At last count there were about 5 from Melbourne. Welcome. Sandi

    • TerryChase says:

      Hi everyone. I live in Melbourne, born in New Zealand and grew up in Auckland. I did Art at high school – 40 years ago sigh – and have been using Sketchnoting techniques for the last 2 years. I am very rusty art wise but am renewing my interest. I have never used watercolors so that will be interesting. I work in I.T. and to satisfy my creative side I build furniture and am currently building a 15′ sailboat too :-). I’m really looking forward to the next 12 weeks as I am very impressed with urban sketchers.

  161. Laura says:

    Hi, my name is Laura and I live in Victoria on beautiful Vancouver Island. I am a newbie to sketching but intend to commit to a daily practice despite taking care of my lovely grandbabies. How is it that after you retire you are busier than ever?

  162. JanetS says:

    Hi everyone – I live in Warrnambool (on the south coast of Australia) and I retired this year. I am very interested in developing sketching and painting skills and am particularly interested in sketching buildings. I am very much looking forward to the next twelve weeks.

  163. Glebegirl says:

    Hello everyone, my name is Toni. I live in Sydney, Australia and have enjoyed watercolour for several years. This year I discovered urban sketchers and the lovely group who attend and sketch our wonderful city. I’ve wanted to join one of Liz’s workshops but time poor! Really looking forward to learning from liz .. Many thanks liz… We are in for a fun ride

  164. lydiatjia says:

    Hi, my name is Lydia and I live in Southern California, USA. I love drawing, doodling, and hand-lettering but never really got serious into it. I started getting into it more the past few months and started art journaling too. I look forward to learning new things from you!

  165. Hello, I live in Whistler, British Columbia; I’m a therapeutic yoga teacher & facilitator. I’ve been sketching for about 4 or 5 years now, mostly life drawing sessions, some watercolour painting workshops. In the last year or so I’ve become interested in sketchbook journals and have been trying to get going in that, in fits & starts. I just recently signed on to do the SketchBook Skool so getting quite a bit more sketching done in the last few weeks, it has definitely sparked my sketch journal habit! So I was delighted to see this course and am hoping it will help me continue and expand my sketching habit 🙂

  166. Sounds good! I know the ferry is very limited this time of year!

  167. Piper says:

    Hello! I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico and I joyfully stumbled on Liz’s work on pinterest. I am fairly new to sketching but I tend to document in my head and I would like to do more on paper. I am really looking forward to this class.

  168. Angela says:

    Hi, I am Angela. I live in Birmingham, Alabama. I am new to sketching. I am fascinated with Liz’s work. My interest keeps growing as I follow Urban Sketchers in Pinterest and I find so many beautiful examples of architectural drawings. I am a busy engineer. I love traveling, photography and spending time with my family. I am looking forward to learning from Liz and some day creating my own travel sketches. I feel a privilege to be part of this class.

  169. I live in Anacortes, Washington on Fidalgo Island in the NW corner of Washington state. We have a sketching group that meets each week. I’m really excited to learn all that I can through Liz’s class. This will be FUN!

  170. ruthk says:

    Hello to everyone. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. I am new to sketching . I expect that I will gain a lot of insight from Liz’s class and my fellow classmates.
    I have enjoyed Liz’s blog for months.

  171. JSturr says:

    Greetings to the group — I was born the U.S. to a family of Oak Park, Ill., Architects and Artists and grew up on the shores of Western Michigan.

    I’ve eventually settled in Salt Lake City with my wife after a Baghdad tour with the US Army, and work as an Architectural Specification writer with a large firm here.

    I also and share time with my other profession as an Architectural photographer –

    I discovered the magic of watercolor last week — and did some searching and came up with Liz’s site — how cool is this — all of these people taking this class !

    The world has become a small place all of a sudden.
    Go easy on me — JSturr.

  172. If you are close enough to Portland OR to want to be invited if we get together send me an email and I’ll put you on my list. Then I can organize something. As we have our own business it is an easy place to meet up. email is

  173. ernestine says:

    hi everyone! I’m Ernestine from Las Vegas, NV (originally from the Philippines).
    I started learning watercolor two years ago and have loved it since. I love loose and spontaneous (impressionistic) style painting and have no patience for too much detailed work.
    I also learned calligraphy and I love handwritten notes and I keep a gratitude journal which I write with Lamy Joy calligraphy pen.

    Painting is my “me” time and I can say that I’ve found my passion!

  174. CarrolT1 says:

    I’m Carrol and live in the beautiful state of Oregon. Right now we are in a deep freeze which is highly unusual. I started a sketching a few years ago. How I lament the fact that I could have been sketching views and scenes while traveling around the world. However it is the present and having had Liz’s fantastic class in Danny Gregory’s Sketchbook Skool, I look forward to learning everything I can from Liz.

  175. JenM says:

    Hello! I’m Jen Mak, from Sydney Australia, originally from Hong Kong. I’m a traffic/road engineer and a mummy of two gorgeous boys (a toddler and a terrible 3-er). I have recently awaken my drawing itch after attending a 1-day watercolour course. I had no formal art training (except for some chinese painting classes during childhood), currently trying to self-learn how to sketch properly and absolutely love the feel and dynamics of watercolour. Being a time poor mum, it is hard to go out and sketch. However, I love the feeling of losing myself in the drawing space – enjoying the moments of ‘me’-time during night. The prospect of learning how to sketch quick and capturing the essence of the sketch attracts me to the course. I’m really excited about this – my first online learning experience (thanks Liz!) and looking forward to learning from Liz and sharing with fellow sketching friends from all over the world!

  176. jmcarth1 says:

    Hi from Baltimore, Md
    I am new to sketching and looking forward to this course!!

  177. debmh says:

    Hello from Alberta CANADA. I am a beginner sketcher and started this journey with SketchBook Skool where I was introduced to Liz and her style. Thought I would explore more of her “loving the process”.

  178. Ruby S says:

    Hi everyone! I’m Ruby from Singapore. It’s always been my dream to learn to sketch. While in school many years ago, I tried very hard and wanted to love art but became disillusioned when I received mediocre grades. I’ve grown to really like stationery (especially fountain pens! ) and art supplies, and even hoard some art books though I’ve never drawn regularly. Consider me a complete novice!

    Got to know about Liz Steel–someone posted her comments about an ink–through a post on Fountain Pen Network. I’m really excited to finally learn the concepts of drawing through a fellow leftie teacher, and all the interesting classmates!

  179. MJCLovedahl says:

    Hello! I am Jane Lovedahl. . . I live in Fort Worth, Texas. After retiring, I wrote some outdoor education units for a local camping organization. This experience connected me with a Master Naturalist, and this led me to beginning a nature journal sketchbook, documenting the incredible things I found during hikes, camping, and exploring. This work led me to discovering the incredible online resources and opportunities in journaling and recording everyday experiences through drawing and painting! I am thrilled to have the opportunity to experience the next 12 weeks with Liz!

  180. Leslie says:

    Hi. I’m Leslie, and I live in Germany. I loved art and drawing as a child and have dabbled in it off and on over the years. A few months ago I started keeping a sketchbook regularly to give myself a bit of a creative outlet while raising my children. I want to increase my confidence and my ability to use short snippets of time to record what I see/observe. Looking forward to the next 12 weeks with you all!

  181. I’m Ruth Anderson. I’m a retired college English teacher, living in San Diego, California. Along with sketching, my other interests are jewelry making and training my two Australian Shepherds. I don’t remember ever drawing as a child and didn’t take art classes in school, but I started sketching in Sketchbook Skool last April and now I can’t feel like a day is complete itself unless I’ve found time to sketch. I’m a real novice, but Liz’s approach in SBS Seeing made so much sense to me that her offering this class seems like serendipity.

  182. Ricardo Inke says:

    I am Ricardo from Paraty (Brazil). Yes, this is the beautiful place that hosted the 5th Urban Sketchers Symposium ! I am a graduate civil engineer but have been painting Watercolors professionaly for about 10 years. I look very much forward to Liz’s sketching course as a way to improve my own abilities. I am organizer and one of the participants of the local Urban Sketchers group. We get together every other Sunday morning to sketch around

  183. Good evening,
    Roberto Stocco, from Milan, Italy. Currently living and working as a teacher in Manchester, UK. I have been drawing for a while after many years of distractions in different directions. Thank you to Liz for this stupendous opportunity. If anyone in the Northwest is interested in meeting please let me know. Ciao.

  184. tallartist says:

    I forgot to mark the box about being notified about comments. If anyone in the Portland area reads this and is interested in meeting to sketch together, please let a comment. My main note is above this one. :o)

  185. tallartist says:

    Hi! My name is Cheryl.
    I am a “tallartist” because I am 6’3″ tall! :o)
    I live in Hillsboro, Oregon-a small town west of the larger cit of Portland, Oregon.
    I have been drawing and attempting sketchbooks for about 5 years. I am a self taught artist. I had a desire to draw and create as a child yet it has only been the last few years to really let myself explore my desire. I like a quote by George Eliott that says “It is never too let to be what you might have been.” I am 65 years old and going to keep on seeking my creative soul. :o)
    I first learned about Liz through Sketchbook Skool. I am eager to learn more from her classes. I want to learn how to be more expressive with my drawings-aiming to capture the moment without such a fuss about being “precise” and “perfect”.
    I would love to connect with other sketchbook artists in Oregon and abroad.

  186. sabinew says:

    Hi, I am Sabine, I am German, but living – for the moment – in Johannesburg, South Africa. I have been drawing for quite a while and I always take a sketchbook on our family trips, but when I come back home after a week, it is still mostly empty and so I sit down in front of the computer to write about and sketch all those things that we did and we saw from my photos. So – I really want to speed up my sketching, my dream would be to actually come home with a finished sketchbook that looks like Liz´ books- and that´s what I hope to learn in this class!

  187. ludo says:

    My Name is Ludo. I’m French and I am living in the south of France near Aix-en-Provence. I’m an engineer. I’ve started to draw with my wife last summer (august) while trekking in the mountains. I also took a 5 days watercolor course in october that was interesting from the technical point of view, but what I really would like to learn is sketchning fast on location. I’m really excited to take part in that course with many students from everywhere in the world !

  188. Aikya Param says:

    I am Aikya from Oakland, California. Online I often use the name Menukon, which means “rainbow” in Lenape, a native language originally from the US East Coast states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware. I just started sketching and sketchbooks in Sketchbook Skool but, since my father was a commercial artist, drawing and painting have been an integral part of my life. For about 15 years, up until Sketchbook Skool, I stopped creating art (se peculiar) but I’m BACK now. I am retired from medical research, serve in my church and run two prison ministries. Art keeps me sane.

  189. Géraldine says:

    My name is Géraldine. I live in Belgium. I regularly draw and paint since I was 13 but I had to stop for many years. I’m drawing again since 1 year only.
    I don’t do it everyday and I’m not so prolific as I would like to be.
    My other passions are the travels and photography. I follow Liz’s blog since a long time. i’m feeling really enthusiastic being part of this class with Liz as teacher.

  190. Sketcherpat says:

    I am Pat from Southern California. I love to sketch and journal! I’m looking forward to taking this class with Liz and you all.

  191. Gabriella says:

    Hi, I’m Gabi from Budapest, Hungary. I’ve four children and very little free time, which I want to spend well. I started to sketch just a few months ago, but I’ve been following Liz’s blog for long time. I hope my English will be enough, I have problem with it, but this course could help to improve not only my sketching skills, but also my English knowledge 🙂 I’m looking forward to learning from Liz and all of you.

  192. inksea says:

    I’m Laura, from Austria. I’ve recently been getting back into watercolor and stumbled across Liz blog – and was hooked. I have no prior experience when it comes to sketching, but I’m intrigued by the concept and I keep a journal – I should have thought about urban sketching way earlier! Excited for this class!

  193. Dklo says:

    Hi, I am Diane and I live in NYC . I love painting in watercolor and have recently become addicted to sketching and watercolor journaling via Sketchbook Skool and Just Draw It . I love Liz’s blog and am looking forward to sketching with you over this 12 week course.

  194. wizel10 says:

    Hi everyone. My real name (not the ID) is Jose-Miguel and you can guess from the name I live in the sunny Barcelona.
    Fully amateur on sketching for the last 2 years, think is time to move to a next step and no one can be better than Liz.

  195. Michelle says:

    Hi Everyone, my name is Michelle and I live in Sydney, Australia. I used to do a lot of drawing and painting at school, but haven’t done much for many years now. I’m excited to start something new, but I’m hoping it will be a little familiar. I also love any arty crafty pastime (I’m currently crocheting a rug) and learning to play the flute.

    Nice to meet you all.

  196. Diane says:

    Hi, my name is Diane Harvey. I live in Irvine, CA about 50 miles south of Los Angeles (and probably one of the least creative areas around.) 🙂 I’ve been an architectural interior designer for longer than I care to remember and my husband & fellow designer own a firm that designs interiors for seniors communities – Alzheimer’s & Assisted Living. I’ve become burned out working in this field, (meeting deadlines, tight budgets & demanding clients can put a crimp in your creativity). I joined SBS for the very first Beginnings class and every one since, hoping to recapture some of the joy I knew drawing as an art student in college. So enjoyed Liz’s class in the Seeings semester and want to expand on what I learned from that! Looking forward to drawing more buildings and drawing some of our wonderful historic missions & Victorians here in California!

  197. blackrobin says:

    Hi, I’m Kathleen. I live in Canada but am originally from Singapore. I’ve dabbled in art for most of my life but have been taking it seriously in the last 10 years after I took early retirement with the move to Canada. I stumbled upon Urban Sketching 2 years ago and love it! I really enjoyed Liz’s course on Sketchbook Skool and hope to improve my skills and spontaneity in this course. My Blog:

  198. angie willis says:

    Hi all. I’m Angie and from West Sussex in the south of the UK. I first heard of Liz when I did Sketchbook Skool and love her approach. I am looking forward to (hopefully!) learning how to sketch fast and loose – in fact how to sketch at all would be nice 🙂
    I’m also doing an online course on Tapestry Weaving with Rebecca Metzoff so both ends of the spectrum as tapestry weaving is definitely a slow process!

  199. olgairb says:

    Hi, 🙂
    My name is Olga and live in Mexico City with my husband and two children. I’m a computer system engineer and had discovered drawing last year, while attending a technical training course. I found out that if I was drawing, the tiredness disappeared (my training course was after work, until very late). I love drawing and having a sketchbook as a journal is my “escape”. I have also taken Sketchbook Skool (the three current courses) and… I love being here.

  200. Shelfaye says:

    My name is Shelley and I am from Nova Scotia Canada.
    It is a bit of a daunting prospect of winter sketching considering I am ALWAYS frozen!! Looking forward to the next 12 weeks.
    I can not remember a time I did not draw. I did the last three sessions of SBS and discovered Liz in session two. No real formal art training. Trying to find my own way of doing. Often it seems slow going on my own. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s progress over the next 12 weeks!
    I enjoy drawing with my kids. Yoga, hot or regular, knitting, watching mysteries and riding my bicycle.

  201. Ann Sinasrki says:

    Hi, Ann Sinarski here. Live in Virginia, USA. Dabbled in the arts all my life. Graduated with an art degree many years ago. Have been with Sketchbook Skool since April 2014 and have also taken courses with Koosje Koene.

  202. jojobagal says:

    Hello, fellow sketchers,
    I stumbled upon Liz’s work at Urban Sketchers and signed up as soon as she announced her class. I have drawn and sketched off and on throughout my various careers (travel guide (scenes, etc), teacher of basic art (class examples), detective (crime scene sketches!). Although I enjoy linoleum block printing, I love the challenge of quick sketching. Now I want to sketch for fun, have a reason to practice and a way to improve. My home is in Tucson, Arizona-a fortunate climate for outdoor sketching, even in winter. Excited to participate with you all!

  203. Katiddwht says:

    Hello, I’m Katie and I live in the US in a suburb of Sacramento, California. I am retiring on December 1rst from a 35+ year career in finance. Over the years I have dabbled in quite a few different arts and crafts hobbies. I have always admired those who could capture the moment in a quick sketch and now I will have time to learn the art of sketching. I am so looking forward to this class!

    • Aikya Param says:

      Hi, Katy. I live in Oakland, CA so we are not too far away. I retired last December. I was always very busy so I had no problem knowing what to do with myself. Hahaha. I wondered how I ever found time to work in fact. Glad to be on this journey with you.

    • Dale says:

      Hi Katie, I live in Concord, CA. Several of us, including Aikya, have started sketching together. Maybe you can join us sometime. We are EastBay Sketchers on Facebook.

  204. Gerda says:

    I’m Dutch living in Germany in the moment. Always liked to draw, started a few years ago with oil and acrylic paint and for about a year discoved watercolour. Love horses and dogs and not to forget my guitar.

  205. Pat says:

    Email overflowing removed from comments

  206. Jo Reimer says:

    Hi, I’m Jo and I live in Cedar Mill, a suburb of Portland, Oregon. For most of my life I was a fiber artist. The first time I drew on location was in Adelaide Hills, Australia, in 1991 and was immediately hooked on drawing as an aid to memory of place. My primary art medium is collage and i paint and draw as well? I’ve taken all 3 sessions of Sketchbook Skool and look forward to studying with Liz.

  207. Nedlace says:

    My name is Lorraine and I live near Coupeville, WA, USA which is in the center of Whidbey Island north of Seattle. Right now I’m in the third month of a cross country rode trip and am passing through the southwest on my way to San Diego before heading north along the coast. As a novice sketcher, my challenge until next month will be to keep up with the class while traveling and visiting friends. I’m really looking forward to the learning and experimenting. I’m also a textile and fiber artist currently working with my own computer enhanced photos on fabric.

    • Hi Lorraine. I live in Anacortes. We have a sketching group that meets on Mondays. Maybe you can join us sometime when you get back from your trip. (Anacortes Sketchers).

      • Nedlace says:

        Hi Missy! There’s a sketching group on Whidbey too but thanks for the invitation. I’m hoping to use what I learn in this course to improve my visual record keeping for design ideas and not so much to just sketch so likely won’t be joining a group. Lorraine

  208. Anne says:

    Hello All, I’m Anne from Monte Sereno, California (between San Jose and Santa Cruz). I have a husband of 44 years, two sons, two grand kids, and a ESS named Riley. I love art and took courses in college, but did not do much until I retired about 10 years ago. I love sketching, watercolor, bookbinding (wanted to make my own watercolor journals), and quilting!
    Several years ago I started a sketching meet up group that meets every Friday in our area. I loved SBS and here I am!

  209. Gwen says:

    Hi all! I’m Gwen, I’m French but living in the Netherlands, in Amsterdam.
    I started to draw at the start of this year and since then, I have been obsessed with drawing (almost) daily and keeping a sketchbook. This addiction has been fed by Sketchbook Skool (1, 2 and 3… and I know I will sign up for 4 ;)).
    I’m here mainly because I draw neither fast, nor (very) spontaneously and so I’m very curious to see what this class to do to me 🙂
    I hope to loosen my lines at least a bit and to get more confortable drawing outside. And I’m happy to be in such an international group!