How this course works


There are 2 locations for the Foundations course

1. The Foundations Class Blog
For all the lessons and feedback posts and for you to ask me questions.

2. The Foundations Flickr Group
For sharing all your work and discussions amongst yourselves.



Each week on Wednesday at 8pm Sydney time the lesson will be posted in three parts:

1. The concept for the week (contains video)
2. The concept in action
3. Exercise for you to do this week

If you would like to receive the lessons via email please enter your address in the subscription form at the bottom of this page. Otherwise visit the Class Blog at a time that suits you during the week.

Please note: The 3 parts will be posted 1 minute apart in reverse order so that they appear in the logical sequence on the site.



Ask your questions in the comment section of any of the 3 lesson posts on the Class Blog.
Please refer to the questions section for more details.


Answers and My Feedback:

On Tuesday at 8pm Sydney time a ‘Lesson Feedback’ will be posted. This will contain answers to the questions asked on the blog relating to the week’s lesson and further instruction addressing any common issues that have arisen from the work submitted to the flickr group. The goal is that all of my further comments each week be efficiently shared with the whole group.

My blog will be used as a resource for general questions outside the scope of the Foundations course.

The Foundations course is all about one concept a week and we want to try to keep it focused. We have 12 weeks to develop the whole framework, so let’s take one step at a time and build on that together!


Where to share your work and discuss among yourselves:

The Foundations community will exist in the SkNFoundations14 Flickr group.

Refer to the ‘sharing your sketches‘ section for more details – including a guide to setting up a free Flickr account

There is no Facebook Group associated with this course – sorry! Because of the way Facebook works, it is impossible to be sure that I see everyone’s work and that is a HUGE deal for me as a teacher. I prefer that we only have one place to share and that we are all there. Facebook is a time trap, so start sketching instead – ok!


Review Week:

The review week in Week 12 is an opportunity to submit work for individual critique – I will choose a selection of works to review.

More details as to how to submit your work will be given during the course.

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