Foundations: Important Notices

Update: 2 Jan

Updates to the classroom

As part of the Run-through I am in the process of making the following adjustments to the classroom. These changes have been made to Lesson 1 and will be progressively made to the rest of the course over the next week or so.


  • A Before you start section has been added which contains a Current Sketch Gallery
  • Question Section to be added to each lesson
  • Ongoing Sketch Gallery to be added to each lesson
  • All videos are being migrated to a better platform which should make them quicker to load and play


New Features to the Foundations Classroom

1. Assignment Galleries in each lesson
Instead of posting to Flickr you will now be able to post your sketches into a dedicated gallery for the lesson homework. This will make it much easier to see and comment on other people’s work for the same assignment.

2. A takeaway/comment section in each lesson
This is a place to share your thoughts after doing the assignments – what ‘clicked’ for you or what you struggled with.

3. Bonus Material section in each lesson
This is a place where I will add new content over time – eg. extra PDF articles or new video demonstrations.

4. Discussion Forum
A place for introductions, connecting with other people and all general art conversations. This is the place for you to chat amongst yourselves

5. Breakthrough Gallery
A dedicated gallery to celebrate any breakthrough moments you have as a result of using the concepts in the course. Find out more about Breakthrough Moments here.

6. New lesson numbering system
In order to allow for the additional sections (items 1-3 above) all lessons will be re-numbered. This will change your progress bar – the percentage completion will go down – but it will not affect any lessons that you have ticked complete. Any lesson that you have already completed will remain so.


This image shows explains the changes, and what your lesson progress will look now with all the extra sections.

7. Individual Profile Pages
This is a place for you to share a little about yourself and include links to any places that you currently share your artwork online. If you make any friends during the class it’s great to keep in touch. You can get to these by clicking on anyone’s name in the comment section of forum. To edit your personal profile go to My Account – My Profile.

8. Email Reminders
Sign up to receive weekly emails to prompt you to do the next part of the course. More details here

Note: The Flickr Group will remain open indefinitely and you can get to it here.

(Please note you need to have a Flickr account to access the group. THIS GROUP IS NO LONGER ACTIVE.