Foundations: Important Notices

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This page contains a summary of important updates & announcements

A few general announcements:


Foundations Fridays on my blog – February 2016

I am currently doing a series on my blog revisiting the Foundations lessons. You can find them all here. Would love you to follow along with me – it’s extra content related to this course.


Lesson 1 PDF

SkN Foundations 01 Knowing your Materials
Updated Feb 2016 with hyperlinks added to the Additional Tips section

General Housekeeping – Dec 2015

I am working on making the site fully tablet-compatible over the next few months, but in the meantime have added a few features that should help tablet users (particular Android ones).

  • if you experienced images being cropped on the right side, you can now click on the image and it should appear in full screen. You might find that rotating your tablet (ipad) also fixes this cropping – vertical might work better.
  • If the dropdown menu on the sidebar isn’t working please refer to the Lesson Index Page which includes links to the first page for each lesson. You can then scroll through the parts of
    each lesson using the arrow at the base of each page.
  • Smaller versions of each videos are included at the end of the demo sections with a full screen icon visible. Clicking on this should enable you to view the full width of the video.