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Reviews of Edges

“What a great online class! And I do not say that lightly because I am an online instructional designer by trade. Loved that you had 3 or 4 well defined objectives each week. Loved your transitions between lessons. You were always able to relate the material from the previous week to the current week.The videos were fantastic! Your peppy demeanor made them engaging along with additional scenes of people walking in the park etc. It was like a story, not just a tutorial! The over the shoulder shots were a godsend. The handouts were wonderful summaries. (I felt like I got a free book with this class!)You were always engaged with the the question and answer area. And finally your feedback was quite detailed. You were truly present and listening. Thank you for such a wonderful class! ” Vivian=

“Thank you Liz for such an excellent course – this has stretched me way beyond what I thought I could achieve!” Tabitha

“Thank you for a great course Liz, it’s very complimentary to Foundations. I have learned a lot in a very short time which feels great and is giving me the confidence to just get out there and sketch.” Meryl

“Thank you Liz for a fun, thought provoking, and informative four weeks. I also want to thank all my classmates for sharing your work, ideas, experiences, and aha moments. I learned a lot and it was fun to see such a varied world of places and objects.” Jim

“Thanks, Liz, for such carefully constructed courses, and for your poise and zest and “joie d’art.” I truly loved “coming to Australia every week” to learn from such a polished instructor. I signed up because I knew that both the watercolor technique and the architectural focus would be a stretch for me. I had no idea how meaty your courses would be, in terms of art principles. “ Joanne

“What I appreciate most about your teaching style, Liz:
1) Breaking down the elements within the sketch so each is clearly recognizable:
i.e., seeing shadow shapes and combining them, differentiating between planes, etc, etc . . .
2) Giving two ways to incorporate each of the concepts: indoor and outdoor exercises.
3) Giving us the challenge as class members to think and comment carefully when viewing classmates’ work: what is it exactly that I see in their work? what concept was keenly applied? what would be constructive and helpful? (Not just “Wow”, “Nice”, or “I like it”). This made the Flicker Group not just a gallery, but another place of instruction.
4) Being honest. (“I couldn’t cope with sitting on the sidewalk today”, “I got all set up and then a truck parked in front of me . . .”, “I got too cold to finish it . . .”) This has helped me so much in coping with all the things I used to see as roadblocks to sketching.
5) Being so accessible during this course. You addressed every question and often gave more instruction through your answers. You did the homework, too! Thank you so much for leading and teaching by example. It has been so inspiring.” Mary Beth

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