Do you need to do Foundations before Edges?


Edges is an extension of Foundations

I designed SketchingNow Edges to be an extension of Foundations – so to get the most of the course I highly recommend you not only review the Foundations lessons but also do the exercises. You only truly understand the concepts when you do the work.


Being able to focus on new concepts

The most important pre-requisite for Edges is to be comfortable enough with your own sketching so that you can suspend concerns about accuracy in order to focus on other art concepts.


If you feel you are constantly stressed or distracted about your lines being perfect then you might not fully benefit from the more advanced content in Edges.

What’s in Foundations?

To help people decide whether they need to do Foundations, I have been going through each lesson on my blog under the Foundations Friday series.


If have been sketching and painting for a number of years and are familiar with all the terms I refer to and have done similar kind of work yourself, then you will be able to do Edges without doing Foundations.


However, in most cases it is best to do SketchingNow Foundations first.

Who is Foundations for?

Just for clarification: Foundations is a mutli-layered course, which means that it has content for both beginners and more advanced sketchers.


On a personal level, I experienced a significant improvement in my own work while preparing the content for the course. I strongly believe that reviewing basic concepts is the best way to take your sketching to the next level. It’s easy to forget a concept you learned previously, and re-discovering it often leads to a richer application to your own work,

I hope this helps – but please email me if you have any further questions using the contact form above.






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