Buildings Materials List



As this is predominately a concept course to help you see buildings better, there are no special materials requirements for this course.


It is recommended that you use the tools and materials that you are most familiar with.


Download PDF: SkN BuildingsSD Materials List

Basic Requirements

  • A medium to hard pencil (HB-2H).
  • A fine pen – such as a 0.3 fineliner or fountain pen (EF or F nib) with permanent ink if you plan to add watercolour washes over the top. More about Fountain Pens here.
  • Some form of colour (watercolour pencils or watercolour paint or coloured pencils or markers).
  • Paper suitable for your choice of medium.

Optional: Grey markers to do some value studies in Lesson 4: light, medium and dark. Such as Pitt Artist Brush Pens: Warm Grey III, IV and V. You can also do these using a 2B pencil as listed above

Listing of what Liz will be using during the course

Note: there is no need to use the same materials!

– 0.5mm mechanical pencil with 2H lead
– Faber Castell Albrecht Durer Brown Ochre watercolour pencil

– Lamy Joy (or Safari) with a F nib and De Atramentis Ink

– Stillman and Birn Alpha sketchbooks
– Moleskine Watercolour A4 sketchbook

NOTE: typically working at A4 size

Watercolour pencils:
this range of Faber Castell Albrecht Durer watercolour pencils

– Internal demos will be using the recommended basic palette in Daniel Smith paints.
– External demos using the ‘Europe 16 trip’ palette – more details here.

– Rosemary & Co Brushes R13 pocket brush (sable blend pointed round brush Size 8).
– Rosemary & Co Brushes Series 772 1/2 inch dagger brush (sable blend).


More details of Liz’s kit found in the Sketching Tools section of her website.