Reviews of ‘Foundations’ (12 week course)

“Thank you so much Liz. I have always wanted to sketch. I have gained the confidence to go forward and not give up. I have learnt that I have my own style and should go with it rather than trying to sketch like others that I admire.It has been fun seeing what others do, we are all so different.” Shauna

“I want to say how good this class has been. I have taught online and in an art school so I am a very difficult to please but you managed to do it. I will also return to your lessons as those key concepts should be ‘refreshed’ constantly. Thankyou for being such a constructive part of my creative journey and experience.” Sharon

“After all these years, I now know what people are talking about when they say, “find the shapes.”. I have never had a class that begins at the beginning and develops one skill upon the next. You are doing a fabulous job, and finding the abstract shapes is a completely new concept for me, though I see things forming as I paint and adjust to the situation, I just never understood until now that it is one of the steps in pre-planning and a mental thing.” Dee

“Liz, thank you for an inspiring and very informative class. Your instructions on learning to see are outstanding and unique. Bravo.” Sue

“Liz, I love your drawing and you’ve been one of my heroes for some time.  But your ability as an instructor is par excellence. I relate so much better to how architects think than those coming from a more ‘pure’ art background.  You actually analyze why and how to do art and your Foundations class really reflects this.  It’s amazing. You have a way of showing people much more than the lesson you’re teaching.  What you are teaching are lessons that I could not learn from books, mostly because while the concepts are often presented, the rationales are not, but also because there is more too it than just ‘here’s a blind contour’ll make you gooder at art’.  You are filling in those gaps nicely.” Larry

“Thank you so much for this sketching class. It has been just what I needed to get sketching again after many years away from it. The demos and reviews have been invaluable. You are so personable, genuine and encouraging. That makes for a great teacher and a great learning experience.” Ellen

“This has been my all-time favorite art course to date! Liz, you have a phenomenal method of clearly explaining concepts. Your videos are a delightful way of seeing techniques in action and the well-organized PDFs provide a superb reference, one I will return to time and time again. I enjoyed every last minute of this course. Cant wait for the next one!!!” Cookie

“Liz, thank you very much for this very helpful and well structured course. Finally a course that taught me fundamental sketching concepts in a fun way. I found the quality of the teaching to be exceptional and your effort in sharing so much of your experience in all your additional write-ups (plus the wonderful videos) outstanding.I particularly enjoyed the virtual “sketchingnow adventures” in and around Sydney that accompanied and illustrated every lesson.”Julia

“First I want to thank you for giving us such a thoughtfully organized series of lessons. Although I have drawn/painted on location in the past, I have not been comfortable with it. Now, thanks to this course, I have some excellent tools to help me develop more successful sketches. The videos with your voiceover explaining your visual thinking process were so instructive. The lessons on angles (my Waterloo) and working from a focus are on my top 3 list. Lesson 12 really did pull it all together with great sensitivity. Thank you for all the time and effort that you and your videographer put into making this such a wonderful learning experience.” Carmela

“Liz, thank you so much for your detailed and thorough lessons. I was ready for some concrete lessons with specific homework based on drawing and painting principles. Bravo you and I look forward to any future courses you may offer online. And your humour and enthusiasm were infectious. Really wonderful value for money. Heartfelt thanks.” Susan

“Months after completion of SketchingNow Foundations, I’ve found that much of Liz’s instruction has become unconscious practice. My drawings continue to improve in multiple ways as I experiment with various media and subjects. I’m continually discovering new territory, feeling out what’s important to me (or not), and taking great joy in the process. My art has evolved to an amazing degree since I started drawing about two years ago, and continues to evolve. SketchingNow Foundations was the most transformational for me of several excellent online courses I’ve taken to date. Thanks again, Liz!” Flory

“Liz this has been a life changing course. You have shown me a path to my own way of working. This can take years , but through your course I found rapidly my likes and dislikes, as well as, my natural tendencies to drawing. In addition to my way of working, I discovered my own weaknesses and strengths. It is by far the best course I have ever taken. I can’t wait for your next course because I am in!” Shelley

“Thanks, Liz, for a fabulous online Foundations class!  This course was packed with comprehensive content and great ideas; I would definitely count it as one of the best courses I’ve taken online. The combination of video, images from your own sketchbooks, and a downloadable pdf of the complete lesson was a great combination. Your thoughtful organization and attention to detail was very obvious, and so appreciated.  Thanks so much!” Mary

“You are such an enthusiastic, generous, tireless source of knowledge. You provided me with the right guidance at the right time. I don’t think anything that you taught us was completely new to me by now, but it’s like you took all the jumbled files out of my badly organized head, tidied them into a rational, easily digestible set of portions and when they went in again, they made so much more sense! I now have the confidence to sketch in public (not any place, any time but…) I know I’ll improve as I practice. Can’t wait to join your next course and to revise this one.” Ingrid

“Liz, you are a terrific teacher. I was delighted to have the opportunity to take a class with you after following your blog for several years. The whole class, content, teaching, flow, pace, homework prompts have been excellent, and so enjoyable. Every lesson was valuable. What I would like to say, as someone who is entirely self taught, though; what I valued most of all was the way in which you made us stop and think about what we were doing ,and why – and to question and consider with each core concept. This helped me understand why some things are not working for me – and enabled me to develop and to change my technique without fear of ‘doing it wrong’. Thank you so much!” Jules

 Reviews of Edges

“What a great online class! And I do not say that lightly because I am an online instructional designer by trade. Loved that you had 3 or 4 well defined objectives each week. Loved your transitions between lessons. You were always able to relate the material from the previous week to the current week.The videos were fantastic! Your peppy demeanor made them engaging along with additional scenes of people walking in the park etc. It was like a story, not just a tutorial! The over the shoulder shots were a godsend. The handouts were wonderful summaries. (I felt like I got a free book with this class!)You were always engaged with the the question and answer area.* And finally your feedback was quite detailed. You were truly present and listening. Thank you for such a wonderful class! ” Vivian

“Thank you Liz for such an excellent course – this has stretched me way beyond what I thought I could achieve!” Tabitha

“Thank you for a great course Liz, it’s very complimentary to Foundations. I have learned a lot in a very short time which feels great and is giving me the confidence to just get out there and sketch.” Meryl

“It was a hugely beneficial course and the thorough teaching and feedback from Liz Steel* has been invaluable! Sometimes it is hard to articulate what it is you needed to learn until you are learning it and this is certainly the case with this course! What can sound like a rather conceptual course from the outside, has actually turned out to be a bit of a revelation to me! – full of hidden gems and ah ha moments.” For detailed review click here  Liz A

“Thank you Liz for a fun, thought provoking, and informative four weeks. I also want to thank all my classmates for sharing your work, ideas, experiences, and aha moments. I learned a lot and it was fun to see such a varied world of places and objects.” Jim

“Thanks, Liz, for such carefully constructed courses, and for your poise and zest and “joie d’art.” I truly loved “coming to Australia every week” to learn from such a polished instructor. I signed up because I knew that both the watercolor technique and the architectural focus would be a stretch for me. I had no idea how meaty your courses would be, in terms of art principles. “ Joanne

“What I appreciate most about your teaching style, Liz:
1) Breaking down the elements within the sketch so each is clearly recognizable:
i.e., seeing shadow shapes and combining them, differentiating between planes, etc, etc . . .
2) Giving two ways to incorporate each of the concepts: indoor and outdoor exercises.
3) Giving us the challenge as class members to think and comment carefully when viewing classmates’ work: what is it exactly that I see in their work? what concept was keenly applied? what would be constructive and helpful? (Not just “Wow”, “Nice”, or “I like it”). This made the Flicker Group not just a gallery, but another place of instruction.
4) Being honest. (“I couldn’t cope with sitting on the sidewalk today”, “I got all set up and then a truck parked in front of me . . .”, “I got too cold to finish it . . .”) This has helped me so much in coping with all the things I used to see as roadblocks to sketching.
5) Being so accessible during this course. You addressed every question and often gave more instruction through your answers*. You did the homework, too! Thank you so much for leading and teaching by example. It has been so inspiring.” Mary Beth

* refers to the first run of Edges which was a Weekly Course with teacher interaction. Edges is now available as a Self-Directed Course and all the original feedback and answers have been collated into an Additional Tips and FAQ section for each lesson.



Liz Steel SketchingNow

Liz Steel SketchingNow

Liz Steel SketchingNow

Liz Steel SketchingNow

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Liz Steel SketchingNow

Liz Steel SketchingNow


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