Buildings Group Run-through 2020


What will happen during the Run-through?


The Run-through is simply a suggested timetable for working through the lessons starting on Wednesday 15 January 2020.


As there is a lot of content in the course, and it’s hard to keep up, we are proposing 2 weeks per lesson.

We will also be working the warm-up exercises contained in the Intro Lessons during the month of December.




Lesson 1 (Indoor Exercise) – Wed 15 January
Lesson 1 (Outdoor Exercise) – Wed 22 January
Lesson 2 (Indoor Exercise) – Wed 29 January
Lesson 2 (Outdoor Exercise) – Wed 05 February

Review 1 (Liz will choose new work to review) – Fri 14 February

Lesson 3 (Indoor Exercise) – Wed 19 February
Lesson 3 (Outdoor Exercise) – Wed 26 February
Lesson 4 (Indoor Exercise) – Wed 04 March
Lesson 4 (Outdoor Exercise) – Wed 11 March

Review 2 (Liz will choose new work to review) – Fri 20 March


An email will be sent out on Wednesdays at 8pm Sydney, Australia time to let you know that it’s time to move onto the next lesson.


As a warmup to this Group Run-through we will be working through the Intro Lessons during December.

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Can I participate even though I am in a different time zone to Sydney, Australia?


Yes! There is no live component, so you can log into the classroom at any time to view the lessons, ask questions and/or upload your work.

Is there anything I need to do before the Run-through starts?


If you sign up before 15 January, there are a few warmup exercises to do. You might also want to brush up on Foundations Lessons 1-5.


Full listing is available on registration.

Basic requirements:

  • a medium to hard pencil (HB-2H)
  • a fine pen – such as a 0.3 fineliner or fountain pen (EF or F nib) with permanent ink if you plan to add watercolour washes over the top
  • optional: some form of colour (watercolour pencils or watercolour paint or coloured pencils or markers)
  • paper suitable for your choice of medium

You could also do this course using your iPad (or other tablet) if you are more comfortable sketching digitally. Any instruction will be focus on architecture sketching techniques rather than tips for using the device/app.

I prefer to work at my own pace, can I do that?


Yes, of course! This timetable is totally optional and you can work through the lessons whenever it suits you.

Teacher Interaction during the Run-through


During the Group Run-Through Liz will be in the classroom at some point each day (Monday – Saturday) looking at the work uploaded, answering questions.


She will also choose a selection of work posting into the classroom to comment on during the two Review weeks. Please note: She will not be commenting on individual homework.



New features are being added to the classroom:

  • bonus videos with new examples and ways to apply the concepts
  • a question section in each lesson so that you can more easily ask me questions related to the lessons.
  • an additional homework gallery for ongoing work so that people who are re-doing the course can post extra sketches which use the concepts from the lesson

What happens after the Run-through finishes?


If you get behind during the 10 week period of the Run-through, you can finish off the lessons at any time.


The classroom will become quieter but there will always be some people working through the lessons at any time. And yes, you have lifetime access so you can come back to the lessons whenever you want.


I have already enrolled…


How do I find my course?

If you haven’t visited the site for a little while you might be wondering how to find Buildings.


It’s easy – simply go to My Courses you will be prompted to log in. You will see Buildings in either your active courses or in your completed courses!


If you would like to reset your progress, please email us and we will do this for you.

If you were part of the first 2016 version of the course, you can transfer to the new classroom for free.


Simply go to My Courses and enter the Buildings 16 classroom. The instructions for moving to the current classroom are listed on the Buildings 16 Course welcome page.


We really hope that you will join us!

We hope you will join us!


Enroll Buildings (Self Directed) Course $179USD

Buy as a gift