Welcome to Foundations!

November 12, 2014 at 10:00 am

The lessons will be posted to this blog on Wednesdays at 8pm Sydney time.

I have added details about the course which you might like to review. They are also accessible any time via the buttons on the sidebar.

How the Site Works (see also below)

How this Course Works


Course Guidelines

Introduce yourself

Sharing your Sketches (including a downloadable pdf guide to starting on Flickr )

Materials List

The Foundations community will exist in the SkNFoundations14 Flickr group.

I have now opened up the Flickr group for everyone to enter. It is currently set as a public group with restricted access. Please indicate your real name when you fill in the request to join, as your Flickr username is probably different. I will be manually accepting requests to join the group so there might be a delay depending on the time of day – remember I am in Australia!

If you intend to join the Flickr group can you please do so during the first week as I will change the setting to private at the start of Week 2. You can still join the group after this but it will be more involved, so the more of you who get into the group during this week the better. Please do not share this group with anyone not registered for the course.

Feel free to introduce yourself in the Flickr group as well as on the blog but please do not start adding images to the Flickr group until the first lesson is given as the Flickr group is for course work only. Thanks!


How the SketchingNow site works

(this information is also found on the link on the sidebar)

The SketchingNow website has two sections – a public section and the private classroom for the Foundations Course. The menu bar along the top takes you to the public pages on the site. The sidebar is for all the private pages in the classroom (if you can’t see the sidebar menu you are not in the classroom).

640 Site Nagivation copy

The URL for the classroom is

If you lose this link the easiest way to enter the classroom is to use the link at the bottom of the homepage. Go to sketchingnow.com click on the image and follow the prompts. 640 Enter the classroom

And just a final reminder:

If you would like to receive the lesson in your email inbox please subscribe below. Otherwise visit the Class Blog at a time that suits you during the week.

There will be no other email notifications that the lesson has been posted each week, so I do recommend that you subscribe via this form:

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