Watercolour Intro Lesson 2

Here is the second of three Watercolour Intro Lessons where I talk about brushes! Enjoy!


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What is your go-to brush?

Swords and Daggers




When the course begins on 10 Jan you will be able to share your work inside the SketchingNow Watercolour classroom. But until then, if you already share your work on Instagram or Facebook, please post the sketch of your palette and use the hashtag #sketchingnowwatercolour 


PLEASE NOTE: The Intro Lessons are designed to be warmup exercises so that you have a snap shot of what your watercolour skills are like before the course starts and to get you thinking about what you don’t know. I will be going through how to pick up paint, when to use your water supply, how to mix lively washes in detail in Lesson 1.



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