Temp How to Share

Sharing your work

The Foundations community will exist in the SkNFoundations14 flickr group.


SKn Foundations flickr group640

Here you can post your work and comment on others work.
I will be reviewing everyone’s works each week and adding relevant comments/ instruction to the ‘Tuesday Feedback ‘post so everyone can benefit.

A guide to setting up a free flickr account is here.
If you do not intend to get a flickr account you may submit a link to your work on a blog (or other location) in the comment section of each lesson on the blog.

What to post

  • Please only post sketches that are done as homework. I want the flickr group to remain focused on the course work so it is easy for us to learn from each other.
  • The group pool is for any weeks exercises – post there whenever you can – don’t worry if it is a few weeks late or if you combine a few weeks’ concepts  into one sketch.
  • We do want follow your other sketching adventures and happy for you to include a link to further work in the description of your class sketches. We will check it out – but please do not post sketches that have no relevance to the course work – thanks!
  • I would encourage you to click to go through to people’s own photostream before commenting. Look at the individual piece in the context of their body of work. I think this is a lot more helpful and meaningful for everyone. We will all be able to see each other’s journeys – not just one image at a time.
  • Please don’t post any nudity or anything of a highly sensitive radical or political or religious nature.

When adding a description of your sketch here are a few suggestions:

  • Share with us what it is about the subject that you really connected with (Note: this is a good conversation to have with yourself at the start of drawing too!)
  • If you struggled during the sketch… don’t just say ‘it is a disaster – I am embarrassed to post it’. It is ok to acknowledge that it was a struggle – but ask yourself what specifically was the hardest part? What parts you are not happy with? What parts are ok? What would you do differently if you were to try again? (Note: if you have time… why not do try it again? Sorry, I couldn’t resist throwing that in!)
  • Always make your negative thoughts into positive goals for the future.
  • If you are happy with one part or the whole sketch please tell us -we want to share the joy with you!

Comments and Discussions

  • The discussion feature in the flickr group is yours to discuss any sketching related topic. Any member is welcome to start a topic.
  • All comments must be kind and supportive. Any provocative or harsh comments will be deleted.
  • If you have any issues with something posted or anything relating to the course please contact me directly so I can look into it privately.

Sharing and Privacy and Copyright

DO NOT pin or share any of my lesson pdfs or the instructional notated drawings.
I have created this content especially for you so it is unfair on all of us if you share it publicly!

  • I am very happy for you to share your sketches on your blog and Facebook, Flickr, instagram etc. hashtag #sknfoundations
  • If you find the course helpful I would love you to share that as much as you can!
  • I am happy for you to share what the lesson is about in general but please do not share a summary of the whole content ie. bullet point of all the headings and copying large slabs of my text or tips
  • I would love you to share what YOU learnt from a particular exercise e.g. “I realised doing this exercise that I work too fast, and am not really abstracting what I see to lines” These type of descriptions are SO helpful to you and all of us!


I encourage you to start following other peoples flickr accounts – making long term friendships with other and following all their work which can continue outside the context of the 12 week period.