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Learn how to take your sketching to the next level


• Do you want to become an Urban Sketcher but don’t know where to begin?

• Have you started sketching but are dissatisfied with your progress and feel as if you are getting nowhere?

• Do you want to sketch faster and looser?

The solution to all three problems is not to rush out and buy more art supplies,

but to learn to think visually – to learn to see!

SketchingNow courses explain the essential concepts for better visual thinking, for better sketching.

The secret is to have an on-going working knowledge of the three ways of visual thinking:

feeling edges • abstracting shapes • constructing volumes

It’s critical that beginners are grounded in these foundational concepts, and mixing them up is the key to speeding up your sketching.

The in-depth instruction gives you a system to follow and helps you see the world differently, in a way that will make it much easier to sketch, and to sketch quickly. So whether you are starting out or simply want to improve and sketch faster, there is plenty in SketchingNow courses for you.

Featured Course



Essential Concepts for Spontaneous Sketching

Self Directed 12 Lesson Online Sketching Course
Work at your own pace
This is a Self Directed Course

Learn the fundamental drawing concepts for sketching on location. More details….

for 12 in-depth lessons

Enroll Now: Foundations Course US$129


Other Courses


Self Directed Online Sketching Course
Work at your own pace

Learn essential concepts that every sketcher using pen and wash needs to understand. More details….

Enrollment is currently closed, but will be re-opening in 2017

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Self Directed Online Sketching Course
Work at your own pace

Learn how to understand buildings in a visual way which will empower you to sketch architecture with confidence, More details….

Enrollment is currently closed, but will be re-opening in 2017

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What people are saying about SketchingNow courses


“Thank you so much Liz. I have always wanted to sketch. I have gained the confidence to go forward and not give up.
I have learnt that I have my own style and should go with it rather than trying to sketch like others that I admire.It has been fun seeing what others do, we are all so different.”

Shauna – Foundations


“After all these years, I now know what people are talking about when they say, “find the shapes.”. I have never had a class that begins at the beginning and develops one skill upon the next.”

Dee – Foundations


“It was a hugely beneficial course and the thorough teaching and feedback from Liz Steel has been invaluable! Sometimes it is hard to articulate what it is you needed to learn until you are learning it and this is certainly the case with this course! What can sound like a rather conceptual course from the outside, has actually turned out to be a bit of a revelation to me! – full of hidden gems and ah ha moments.”

Liz A – Edges (For detailed review click here)


“Thank you so much for creating such engaging and informative content. I really appreciate the way you refer back to, build and expand on concepts from prior courses rather than simply regurgitating. I love the integrity in your teaching style.

I saw immediate improvement using your techniques and will now go back and review Foundations and Edges as I’m sure to absorb even more of what you presented.

Thanks again for your time and commitment in creating a wonderful resource.”

Julietta – Buildings