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[NOTE TO TESTERS: This page needs to be updated with new screen shots and instructions. The headings below indicate the topics that we plan to include. Can you think of anything missing that we should include?]

Please review the questions below to see if yours has already been answered.

For any other questions, please use the Contact form above and include a detailed description of your problem /question.

I answer every support query personally, so please be aware that due to time differences (I am in Australia) it might take 12-48 hours before I can respond. In the meantime:


Getting Started


Posting your Homework

Getting Started



> I enrolled in the first run of Foundations in Nov 2014 – where do I find this?

Follow the link “If you enrolled in the Nov 2014 Foundations Course click here to access” in the My Courses page.




> How do I add a profile thumbnail?

Go to My Account – Profile – My Profile or use Gravatar




> How do I change my password / email address / display name?

Go to the My Profile page. Here you change change your password, your email address and your ‘nickname’. Your nickname is how you want your name to be seen by other on the site. After you have changed this adjust the setting for “Display name publicly as”.

Note: Your username cannot be changed however it is only used for login and if you change your nickname, no one will see it.


> Why can’t I play the videos?

SketchingNow videos are hosted through Vimeo. Check out their troubleshooting here if you are having issues with playback.



> How do I manage what comment email notifications I receive?

If you want to get email notifications on replies to comments please follow these steps:


When you make a comment click the subscribe button – it will automatically be set to email you everytime someone replies to the page. This might fill up your inbox, especially for the “Introduce Yourself” page!


To adjust this (or any other comment subscription) once your comment is posted go to Manage Your Subscriptions. You can also access it here, or at anytime on Your Account page (from the top grey menu bar).


Once in “Manage Subscriptions” you can choose various options. If you only want notifications to replies to your comments select that.

Posting your homework

> How do I post into the image galleries?

Please refer to this pdf guide here.


> How do I access the old Flickr group?

Go hereĀ

> Is there a Facebook Group? Why not?

There is no Facebook Group associated with this course – sorry! It is very important that there is only one place that we share our work. Facebook favours the popular images and beginners sketches are easily completely missed – this is a HUGE issue for me as everyone’s homework should be treated equally, because every single upload IS as important as the next.

The focus of this group is to provide you with in-depth content and to urge you all to put the time in to working on your own drawing skills ie. time away from the computer!

A community will be created if everyone who posts just takes a little time to comment on other people’s work. It is easy when you are part of a very active online community (eg. on Facebook) to get so distracted with the chatter that you never do anything! Facebook is a time trap, so start sketching instead – ok?

We encourage people to share their homework publicly to Instagram or Facebook using the #sketchingnowedges hashtag. Please include the details where you share your work into your Profile Page here.