Sketchbook Design

New course! Sketchbook Design – coming 01 Jan 2021

create a unique visual narrative of your life



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Any sketchbook page can be made pleasing by spending a little time designing the layout, adding notes and other elements. In this course I want to share with you all my top tips, strategies and techniques for creating beautiful sketchbook pages.



We will look at

  • how to create a regular sketchbook practice
  • how to think about placement of your sketch on the page before you start
  • how to add text to your page (including tips for architect style handwriting!)
  • how to add elements to your pages such as headings, frames, maps, collage etc
  • how to design contained and open-ended compositions
  • how to make the most of different sketchbook paper, size and format
  • how to use different tools to create interest
  • how to create variety of layouts throughout a sketchbook
  • and much more!


These techniques can be used for any kind of sketchbook and by any level of experience. You don’t need to be producing ‘masterpiece’ sketches to create beautiful sketchbook pages!


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This course will be suitable for anyone who wants to keep a sketchbook – including beginners. It will not include any drawing instruction so if you want to learn some foundational sketching skills I recommend that you check out my Foundations course!