Sketchbook Design – Intro Lesson 1

Why Keep a Sketchbook

Here is the first intro lesson for Sketchbook Design where I share a little about my background and reasons why I keep a sketchbook.

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Think about your sketchbook goals and create a page to record them – maybe include a sketch of one of your favourite subjects as well. Share your work on Instagram using the hashtag #sketchingnowsketchbook and/or tag me @lizsteelart – I’d love to see your work.

Once you have enrolled in the full course, you’ll find a gallery inside the classroom where you can post your work and comment on other people’s work.

Teacup Sketch Demo

For those of you who are interested… here is an unedited version at 2x speed.




9-week Live Version begins 04 January 2023 – including 6 livestreams

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