Lesson 4: Overview and Questions

December 3, 2014 at 8:06 pm

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This week we will be looking at ‘Constructing Volumes’Β 

It is the last in our 3 week series: Ways of Visual Thinking.

Volumes 3 ways of seeing


Lesson Links

The lesson is broken up into 3 parts:
4A Concept: Constructing Volumes – includes videos
4B Constructing Volumes: In Action
4C Constructing Volumes: For you to do this week

A Feedback Post will be posted on Tuesday 09 December at 8pm Sydney time.

PDF Handout

Download PDF Handout: SkN Foundations 04 Constructing Volumes


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Please upload your assignments to the Flickr group and include your thoughts about the process not just the end result.


If you are not part of the Flickr group and have posted your work in another location online (eg. a blog) please share a link to your work in the comment section below.

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Lesson Clarifications

(to prevent people from asking the same questions, the following points are important clarifications of this week’s lesson and will be updated during the week)

A quick sketch describing more fully the difference between adding and subtracting volumes.

640_AddingSubtracting Volumes


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