Lesson 1 B: In Action

Examples from the Archives

These sketches explain the development of my sketching kit. I need a kit that will allow me to ‘go for it’ and sketch in different situations.

Lisbon 2011:

640__Wed20 03 Arco da Rue Au copy
My traditional approach is to use ink and wash – what I have used for years and it requires at least 30 – 45 minutes to complete a sketch of a complex building. I used a red pencil lead for visible setup lines. I had the luxury on this occasion to take my time and work at a pace that felt good.

During this period when I didn’t have a reasonable time to sketch I just worked faster and some of my results felt rushed.
Full Lisbon sketchbook is here
Barcelona 2013:

640_BCN08_05 Placa de Rei copy
In Jan 2013 after I left my full time architecture job I strangely gave up using my lamy pen and started using a variety of pencil and water-soluble pencils. In July that year while travelling in Barcelona I sometimes wasn’t sure what to use for my lines – more options means more decisions to make – more potential indecisions!

My fall back position is to start with ink first but sometimes ink makes me worry about accuracy. If it is at the end of the day that worry can be greater. Here I started stressing whether I have the right number of arches – 5 down, 8 across? I am not sure that I got it right.
640_BCN08_05 Placa de Rei 2 copy
I had a little spare time while my sketching companion was finishing her sketch to do another quick one. I know I had done the hard counting on the first sketch but for some reason using the watercolour pencil for linework made me relax. I still got the number wrong but I didn’t seem to care as much.

Perhaps ink brings the architect out in me and that means pressure to be accurate?