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Welcome to Foundations!  (new video to be uploaded!)


How this course works


All lessons are available on registration and accessed via the sidebar.

Each lesson contains the 6 parts:

A. Introduction – includes video overview of the lesson and downloadable PDF
B. The concept – explained by diagrams and examples of my own workC. Exercise and Demos – video demonstrations of specific exercises to explain the concept
D. Gallery – how I have implemented this concept  over the years with examples from my sketchbooks and recent SketchingNow adventure to a new part of Sydney
E. Your assignment – an indoor and an outdoor prompt
F. Extra Tips and FAQ – these will make most sense after you have done the assignment


Ask any question not addressed in Part F via the Lesson Question form or any gneeral questions in the discussion forum in the Flickr group.

Where to share your work and discuss among yourselves:

The Foundations community will exist in the SkNFoundations14 Flickr group.

Refer to the ‘sharing your sketches‘ section for more details – including a guide to setting up a free Flickr account

There is no Facebook Group associated with this course – sorry! Because of the way Facebook works, it is impossible to be sure that I see everyone’s work and that is a HUGE deal for me as a teacher. I prefer that we only have one place to share and that we are all there. Facebook is a time trap, so start sketching instead – ok!


Course Guidelines

As in any  any online course we will have large and very varied group doing the Foundations course so it is important that we create a supportive environment, one that will help us learn in a fun way. So here is my mini lecture to you!

A few of my teaching mantras:

We share but not compare
I can’t stress enough the importance of this attitude, especially for beginners. Don’t compare yourself with people who have been working at their craft for years. We’ve all been beginners, we’ve had many failures and struggles and continue to do so! We all still have so much to learn and re-learn. Be Inspired, not overwhelmed, by the work of others!

We have confidence in being ourselves
I’ll be sharing a lot of my work but I don’t want anyone to try to sketch ‘like Liz’. Be yourself! I’ll show my approaches in the hope that you’ll find things to personalise and incorporate in your own work. Trust your own responses and preferences!

We commit to “doing the hard yards”
We are all on a journey and there are no shortcuts.. There will be ‘stumbles’ along the way so the more you enjoy the process of learning, the better.

We accept it is only a sketch
I do believe we should be careful that every mark is deliberate, not a careless scribble, but in the end it’s only a mark on a page. What’s the big deal?

We love our mistakes
Mistakes are good and are the most effective way to learn and progress. Accept them and learn to love them because they’re yours and no one else’s (a loose quote from Picasso!)

We make friends with our Inner Critic
Every time we put pen to paper we do battle with our Inner Critic (IC). I don’t think it ever goes away! The more I sketch, the higher my expectations are, so I still often fall short. However, I prefer to think of it as BANTER rather than battle. I don’t ever want to silence or strangle my inner critic. My IC tells me a lot of truths I need to hear (eg. “You’re rushing and need to slow down”) but I don’t take it seriously when it accuses me irrationally. Ask your IC why it expects instant perfection and see what it says! I don’t ever want my IC to go away because I love the banter and I love asking it why. You might be surprised how helpful your IC can become after it is trained. A few more thoughts about this on my blog here and here.

and finally…
We have FUN!!!!

Sharing Your Work

Where to post your work

The Foundations community will exist in the SkNFoundations14 Flickr group.

640 FOundations Group

Here you can post your work and comment on others’ work. A guide to setting up a free Flickr account is included at the end of this page.

I have now opened up the Flickr group for everyone to enter. It is currently set as a public group with restricted access. Please indicate your real name when you fill in the request to join, as your Flickr username is probably different. I will be manually accepting requests to join the group so there might be a delay depending on the time of day – remember I am in Australia! Please do not share this group with anyone not registered for the course.

Feel free to introduce yourself in the Flickr group as well as on here in the classroom

Liz Flcikr 640

Occasionally, I will share a screen capture of the work in the group on the SketchingNow website. By joining the Flickr group you are agreeing to the inclusion of your work in a such a group image.

What to post

Please only post sketches that are done as homework. We want the Flickr group to remain focused on the course work so please do not post sketches that have no relevance to the homework.

I encourage you to click through to people’s own photo streams before commenting, so you can look at the individual piece in the context of their body of work. I think this will be a lot more helpful and meaningful for everyone. We will all be able to see each other’s journeys – not just one image at a time.

When adding a description of your sketch here are a few suggestions:

  • Share what it is about the subject that you really connected with. This is a good conversation to have with yourself at the start of drawing too!
  • If you struggled doing the sketch, don’t just say that was is a disaster and you are embarrassed to post it. Yes, acknowledge that it was a struggle, but ask yourself:  What specifically was the hardest part? What parts are you not happy with? What would you do differently if you were  to try again? And… if you have time… why not try it again? (I couldn’t resist throwing that in!)
  • Always turn your negative thoughts into positive goals for the future.
  • Tell us what you are happy with, even if it is just one part. We want to share the joy with you!
 Comments and Discussion

The discussion feature in the Flickr group is where you can discuss any sketching related topic. Anyone can start a discussion.

  • All comments and replies must be kind and supportive. Any provocative comments will be deleted.
  • If you have an issue with any comments or anything else relating to the course please contact me directly so I can look into it privately.
  • Can I request… please do not use any bad language or “OMG”,”God” or “Christ” in a way that is disrespectful – thanks!
 Sharing and Privacy

Please do not pin or share any of my lesson images, pdfs or the instructional drawings. I have created this content especially for you so it is unfair on all of us if you share it publicly or with others who have not enrolled.

I am very happy for you to

  • share your sketches in a public place – on your blog and Facebook, Flickr, Instagram etc.
  • share what would find helpful in the course content, particularly if you know others who may be interested in joining.
  • share what YOU learnt from a particular exercise e.g. “I realised doing this exercise that I work too fast, and am not really abstracting what I see to lines”. These types of descriptions are SO helpful to you and all of us!
Guide to Starting On Flickr

The following guide is designed to get you started with a Flickr account, uploading images and commenting. Please note: the PDF file is approximately 5MB in size due to the number of images contained in the instructions.

Download Getting Started on Flickr


If you have any technical questions, please check out this Support FAQ page.