Foundations 2014: Important Notices

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Update 25 June 2015: Changes to the SketchingNow site

 Please Note: During 25-26 June some of the images and pdf files will not load properly. All content will be up and running again very soon!

How has the Site changed?

There has been some changes to the configuration of the site that have been necessary to allow for the new courses:
– ‘Log in’ is now in the top grey menu bar.
– The sidebar has been removed but all the Course content is available via the Lesson Index.
– Please check out the new Support FAQ page if you have any further questions – please be aware that some of the features only apply to the new courses.


Is the Lesson Content still available?

Yes! The original Foundations Course which started in November 2014 will remain open indefinitely. All the course content is still available, accessible from the Lesson Index Page.
I am no longer answering questions relating to the Foundations Course so you will notice that all the comments sections are now closed.

The Flickr Group is still fully functioning and available for your use.


The Foundations Self Directed Course that has just been re-offered: is it new content?

No. It is exactly the same course re-packaged for a self directed course. People that sign up for this course are in a different classroom and also in a different Flickr group. They do not have access to any of the content or pages that you do.

When is there going to be a new course?

A new course called Edges will be announced in July. It will be a 4 week course with teacher interaction (like the first run of Foundations) starting on Wednesday 2 September. More details soon!

In preparation for Edges, could we do the lessons again together?


I have created a Schedule for working through the Foundations Lessons during July – Oct… so all the sketchers in the Northern Hemisphere can have summer subjects, and those in the southern hemisphere can have winter experiences.

There is a break in the Schedule after Lesson 7 to allow for the new course Edges.

This is purely optional!

I will not be reviewing the work or answering questions as a teacher, though I might join in with some of the exercises (as one of the gang), just for fun!


Self Directed Lesson Schedule – 2015

If you would like to do the assignments at the same time as others, this schedule provides a suggestion for working through the lessons.

Download PDF file: SkN Foundations Schedule 2015

The course is divided into two parts. Part 1: Lessons 1-7 and Part 2: Lessons 8-12. There is a proposed break in the following schedule to allow for people to catch up and/or to do the new course SketchingNow Edges which will run during September.

This schedule is completely optional – you can review lessons at any stage, and post your sketches into the Foundations Flickr group whenever you complete the assignment.


Lesson 1:  Wednesday 14 July

Lesson 2:  Wednesday 22 July

Lesson 3:  Wednesday 29 July

Lesson 4:  Wednesday 5 August

Lesson 5:  Wednesday 12 August

Lesson 6:  Wednesday 19 August

Lesson 7:  Wednesday 26 August

BREAK: Catchup and/or new course SketchingNow Edges

Lesson 8:  Wednesday 07 October

Lesson 9:  Wednesday 14 October

Lesson 10:  Wednesday 21 October

Lesson 11:  Wednesday 28 October

Lesson 12:  Wednesday 04 November


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