I have enrolled in a SketchingNow course. How do I access it?

Please use the “Log In” on the top grey menu bar and then click on “My Courses” and you will see all the courses that you have enrolled in.


How long do I have access to course content?

All SketchingNow courses are open indefinitely, so you can return to the lessons as many times as you want.


The Foundations Self Directed Course that has just been re-offered: is it new content?

No. It is exactly the same course re-packaged for a self directed course in a new classroom. People that have enrolled in the first Foundations 2014 course still have access to the original content and classroom.

Invalid Key Error when trying to reset password

That error sometimes occurs if you try to change your password twice in a short period of time.
Please try again after a little while and just wait for the email to come through – sometimes it can take a little while or go into junk.



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