Edges Videos

Lesson 4

Edges04_00 Introduction from Liz Steel on Vimeo.

Edges04_01 Teacup from Liz Steel on Vimeo.

Lesson 3 comments

Overhead camera.
Almost impossible to see what is in frame while solo filming…. but iphone remote set up again (its in the app menu on the phone)
Can’t see what I am doing at times with the overhead but the camera was ovr my left shoulder- would be better slightly to right over my right shoulder

Didn’t use the zoom audio due to time constraints…. got to work out an easy way to use if for the B-roll context stuff… leave it running after the demo?
Don’t use zoom for voice over – and unplug all my external drives so no backup running in the background!


Lesson 3

Indoor Exercise 1



Indoor Exercise 2


Indoor Exercise 3

Outdoor Demo 1



Outdoor Demo 2


Unedited Version at 2x speed

Lesson 2 Videos


Lesson 1


SKN Video notes


  • make sure camera memory card is empty!

Outdoor Demos

  • Need more footage for the beginning of my demo when I talk about what I am going to be do with the exercise
  • Need more general video showing the view of the subject – either with me in the shot or just close to the view I am sketching. Particularly for the beginning it would be great to have video of the scene with movement (cars/ people walking past)
  • Maybe do a pan from the spot that I am sitting- after all that is my view.
  • No talking while I am doing the video, maybe do 3 claps if we do say something of necessity so it is easier to find the place in the audio and remove it.
  • Mute B-roll camera so dont pick up it turning off and on!
  • Separate short clips for B-roll is good
  • Sync time and date of all devices
  • A-roll maybe zoom out a little so that my head is not in the way and I have more freedom to move while sketching. Looking forward to have the horizontal side arm!
    Notes after Mosna:What worked really well for me when editting was all the footage with different cars going down the road – the subject matter with movement across it (vs the birds etc in the gardens)
    And the front view of my first mix of the green.
    From then. having an angled side view for most of the rest gave me lots of options for B roll when cutting.
    I am expecting my side arm on monday so the A-roll can be more vertical and B roll the angled side view.


  • Need to write script for the intro!
  • Need to ensure that the learning points are clear in the VO

Indoor Demos

  • Monopod is no good- too shakey – Tripod with side arm will be better!
  • Look at a better long term solution for lighting
  • B-roll – slightly higher and better composed… more like CV’s shots!
  • try to monitor volume of voice – generally ( move mic a bit closer- maybe can be on shelf) and particularly when making a correction
  • B-roll showing me sketch in context would be nice….

Lesson 1


Edges01_00 Lesson 1 Introduction from Liz Steel on Vimeo.