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SketchingNow Edges

4 Week Online Sketching Course – Starting Wednesday 2 September

ONLY $79 USD for 4 weeks of in-depth lessons and teacher interaction

Enroll Now: Edges Course $79USD

This course will explain how to discern different types of edges, to represent them in different media and to incorporate this understanding into our work.

Exploring edges • Interpreting Edges

We will be exploring concepts first with objects around the home and then applying this out on the streets – sketching on location.

This is a Weekly Course

Who is the course for?

This course is suitable for people with some drawing experience
– If you are a beginner, I recommend that you work through the first 6 lessons of my Foundations course first.
– If you are an seasoned sketcher, there will be plenty of content for you – new ideas and exercises to explore.

As this is a concept course it is suitable for any way of working – whether carefully and deliberately or faster and looser.

This is not a watercolour technique class, nor is it specifically designed as a sketching architecture course. However with my architectural background and predominant use of ink and wash you will pick up a lot of tips along the way.

Why is this course special?

– one essential concept per lesson,  each lesson building on the previous
– in depth content – the concepts are clearly explained and then applied
– specific assignment each week has been designed to explain the concept
– new examples as I sketch along with the class
– quality video demonstrations of indoor and out on location sketches
– an indoor and outdoor exercise each week – if you are busy, doing the simple exercise at home will give you enough understanding of the week’s lesson to progress to the next one

I want to share my personal approach which combines 20 years experience as an architect with the obsessive sketching that has filled over 100 sketchbooks in 7 years.
Loose spontaneous sketching but a strongly structured and conceptual architectural foundation.

I believe that the more we think about what we see, the richer our artwork will become.

How will the course work?

The course will be run through a private WordPress site with unlimited access.
– Each Wednesday during September a new lesson will be posted.
– The lesson will be rich in notated drawings and on location sketches as examples along with over 30 minutes of video demonstrations.
– Questions on each lesson will be answered in the Classroom and then summarized in a weekly Feedback post.
– There will be a private Flickr group for sharing the work. A Flickr group has been specifically chosen for the course community as it provides everyone with the means of creating their own portfolio of work. I think this is very important so you can review individual sketches in the context of a body of work and the development of each participant rather than just relying on a collection of images in a group setting.
– All homework submitted to the Course Flickr group during the week of the lesson will be reviewed and then summarized in a weekly Feedback post.

What each lesson contains

1. In-depth instruction with optional downloadable pdf of the whole lesson.
Each lesson contains a single concept that will be
– Clearly explained with notated diagrams
– Demonstrated by a specific exercise – high quality video demonstrations in the studio or out on location
– Applied and expanded upon by use of examples from my sketchbooks over the years – from simple applications to more complex (perfect for the ‘seasoned sketchers’!)
– Thought for the week to carry with you no matter how busy you are
– Two assignments. One indoors: applying the concept to a object or two, one outdoors: applying the concept to a more complex scene

2. A fresh step by step demonstration from the streets of Sydney.
During the first run of Foundations, I went out each week for a new sketching adventure in Sydney, showing how I put the week’s concept into practice with a specific step by step demo. I checked out numerous new suburbs and of course each weeks adventure included finding the best cafes in town!

3. Feedback posts
At the end of each week I will put together an additional post that summarises the weeks’ activities and questions. Addressing common issues via notated diagrams/sketches and bullet points for the main queries. This is the most efficient way of sharing my feedback with the whole class, so everyone can benefit.

4. Extras, surprises….
As the content is put together during the period of the course, there will be something extra added.

Teacher Interaction

– All questions about lesson content will be answered on a weekly basis.
– Instead of critiques on individual work each week a special feedback post (published on Tuesday)  addressing the major questions and issues from each week’s lesson. This way the instruction will be more efficiently shared with the whole group. One week at the end of the course will be devoted to a ‘Review Week’ – using examples done by others in the course.


The lesson demonstrations use a range of materials – mostly ink and watercolour with some watercolour pencils – but it is more important to use what you are familiar with. There will be no need to go and spend a lot of money up front getting any of my art tools!

More detailed material list will be available on registration.

This course starting on Sept 2 will be unique – never to be repeated with the same teacher interaction.


SketchingNow Edges

4 Week Online Sketching Course – Starting Wednesday 2 September

ONLY $79 USD for 4 weeks of in-depth lessons and teacher interaction

Enroll Now: Edges Course $79USD


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