Edges: Important Notices

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This page will contain any general announcements and details regarding the course.
These announcements will also be emailed to every one that is enrolled in Edges

Lesson 3 Notices


Due to ‘technical difficulties’ this week, I have uploaded lower resolution videos. Please click the HD option for a clearer image.
Higher res versions have now been substituted.

3G Question Section wasn’t accepting comments Wed 16 Sept – but it is now fixed!

Lesson 2 Notices



Lesson Hashtags:
In order to be able to see all assignments together, it would be good to use some more specific hashtags in the Flickr group.
So for Lesson 1 please add to your sketches:
I will nominate the hashtags for each assignment in the future lessons.

Posting Photos of Your Subjects:
Whilst it is not a requirement, please feel free to post a photo of what you are sketching so we can all compare your sketch with what you were looking at. We are not aiming for ‘realism’ so there is no pressure for your sketch to be a perfect match with your photo.

Flickr issues:
If you are having any problems getting into Flickr or posting images please contact me (using the contact form) or post into the Flickr discussion group – this second option is the best as there are lots of people that can help you!
Video volume:
All Lesson 1 videos have been updated with increased volume and future lessons will be even louder.

Lesson Links:
The links to the next lesson at the base of each page were out of order. I attempted to fix this three times – and they seem to be behaving now. Please let me know if that isn’t the case for you, and I will add some manual links.