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Online Sketching Courses with Liz Steel
visual thinking for spontaneous sketching


one concept a lesson – each lesson building on the previous
explanatory diagrams – notated sketches – video demonstrations
step by step on-location sketches from recent adventures


I am totally addicted to sketching! Since discovering watercolour in January 2007 I have not stopped recording my life in a visual way in my daily sketchbook.I never had any art training but as an architect I think conceptually about the world around me. This architectural background has helped me to sketch fast – resulting in the ability to record a lot of my life in sketchbooks in a fresh and spontaneous way.

My Approach:

– My definition of sketching is an instinctive and personal record of the moment on the page. It involves risk taking and has a time limitation.

– To have the confidence to take risks, to go for it, I am constantly relying on foundational drawing and painting skills – constantly sharpening my visual thinking. I never get beyond these fundamental concepts – I am always going back to them to strengthen my work and my sketching reflexes.

– The best way I learn is to take a little at a time and let it soak in (one concept at a time) At the same time I keep practising regularly. Eventually it clicks but until it does – I just think and sketch, and think and sketch…

– Exciting and unexpected things happen to me when I am out on the streets sketching! I love these adventures and I love sharing what happens on the page as a result.
I want to share all these aspects with you – so you can start SketchingNow


Each lesson we will explore a single concept that is foundational to the ability to sketch spontaneously.

This concept will be

– Explained with notated diagrams
– Demonstrated by a specific exercise with video demonstrations.
– Applied and expanded upon by use of examples from my sketchbooks over the years – from simple applications to more complex
– Put into action out on-location. A step by step demonstration of a sketch done during a recent sketching adventure – explore Sydney with me in my sketches.
Finally you will be given two assignments for the week.
1. indoors: applying the concept to a object or two
2. outdoors: applying the concept to a more complex scene

Two Types of Courses:

Weekly Courses

  • These are unique, one-off courses with a defined start date and each lesson is posted on a Wednesday (8pm Sydney time).
  • The lessons are put together at the time, giving me the opportunity to tweak the content to suit the group and to film an introduction video to touch base each week.
  • Step by step demonstrations from SketchingNow adventures that I put together during the period of the course.
  • There will be a private Flickr group for sharing the homework and commenting on each others work.
  • Student discussion forum will be provided in the Flickr group for lesson questions and any general sketching topics
  • Questions on each lesson will be answered in the Classroom and then summarized in a weekly Feedback post.
  • All homework submitted to the Course Flickr group during the week of the lesson will be reviewed. Instead of critiques on individual work, a special feedback post addressing the major questions and issues from each week’s lesson will be published 24 hours before the next lesson is posted. This way the instruction will be more efficiently shared with the whole group.
  • A few surprises along the way!

Available Weekly Courses : Edges September 2015


Self Directed Courses

  • A few months after the first weekly course has completed, all the lessons will be re-offered in a Self Directed Course.
  • All lessons will be available at registration meaning that you can work at your own pace.
  • A Self Directed Schedule will be provided once of twice a year so that you can work through the assignments on a weekly programme with others in the course .
  • There will be a private Flickr group for sharing the homework and commenting on each others work.
  • Student discussion forum will be provided in the Flickr group for lesson questions and any general sketching topics.
  • Each lesson includes additional tips and frequently asked questions(FAQ). These address common queries and trends that come up from the lesson’s exercises.
  • Further questions on the lessons and assignments can be submitted via a Lesson Question form.
  • Homework in the Course Flickr group will be generally reviewed periodically (no individual critiques) and the FAQ for each lesson will be updated from time to time.

Available Self Directed Courses: Foundations (Self Directed)


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I hope you can join me SketchingNow!