3C Abstracting Shapes: For you to do this week

November 26, 2014 at 8:00 pm


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Concept to absorb

Look at shapes, not objects.
Think about how you could combine objects with similar colours into one shape.
Look at shapes created by shadows.

Indoors prompt
Work your way through the three exercises described above focusing on shapes – using the form of colour with which you are comfortable. Don’t use ink lines this week for your initial line work.
LizSteel _COnnecting Coloured shapesOnce again, don’t be overly concerned with accuracy or exact colour matching for this week (we will look at measuring and how to achieve better accuracy in more detail soon).

Outdoors prompt

Go for a walk in your local area and look for the shapes of letterboxes on a sunny day (if this is possible!).

LizSteel _Letterbox shapesI used a combination of the three shape techniques for each. It was a hot morning and as I feel a little self-conscious standing on my own street at times, I decided just to stick with my watercolour pencils. I hope to do some more sketches during the week so keep an eye on my blog for some watercolour versions.

I know this exercise might not be possible for some of you, so here are a few suggestions:

  •  If it is an overcast day, can you still see variation in the different sides of the object?
  • If there are no letter boxes near where you live, can you find a similar small object with a strong form?
  • Looking out your window, can you see some interesting shadow shapes?
  • Can you find time to visit a museum this week?  Most museum objects are strongly lit and make great subjects for mapping light vs dark.

Seasoned sketchers challenge
No pen all week – just shapes!


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